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Endovenous Laser Treatment

An Overview

Endovenous laser treatments utilize guided laser energy to close off faulty veins with virtually no scarring. Endovenous Laser Treatment, also known as ELT or EVLT, provides patients suffering from varicose veins with an alternative to traditional vein removal surgery or "vein stripping."

The Future of Vein Removal

Vein removal surgery is now considered by many vein specialists to be an outdated and even obsolete technique for vein removal. Not only is surgery invasive, but it usually requires a significant amount of recovery time. One endovenous laser treatment generally last about 45 minutes and patients can usually resume their everyday activities right after this state-of-the-art varicose vein treatment. More and more vein centers will need to turn to advanced laser vein removal as the technology becomes available.

Getting Started with Endovenous Laser Treatment

Before any vein removal specialist can map out a treatment plan, they must look at the underlying cause of a patient's varicose veins. The first step of varicose vein treatment is an ultrasound evaluation. Because a person's vein network is so complicated, ultrasound technology gives the medical professional a detailed look at the varicose vein system and most importantly, helps them locate the faulty veins. Ultrasound examination can zero in on veins that are deep beneath the surface which will help your professional determine the safest and most effective treatment for you.

Endovenous Vein Treatment is available at local vein treatment center such as Vein Clinics of America.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Reviews:

Fairly Quick ELT

Posted by MELISSA D. on .
When I had a reaction to the medication, the staff checked on me frequently to ensure I was OK. They even called me the next day to follow up. Procedures were fairly quick.

Doctor Thoroughly Explained Endovenous Laser Treatment

Posted by MAURINE D. on .
Very personable staff. The doctor explained what he was doing as he did the procedure.

Looking Forward to Summer Shorts

Posted by DAVID T. on .
I've been living with pain, swelling and ugly legs for 20+ years. I am happy this far with my treatment and my symptoms have gone away. I would highly recommend this facility to friends and family who have vein problems. Dr. Harden and his technician have great chemistry and made me feel comfortable during my treatment. The ladies at the front desk are always friendly and welcoming. I'm looking forward to wearing shorts this summer.

Recommend Vintage Parks VCA to Everyone

Posted by RUTH M. on .
Dr. Salazar was absolutely wonderful. He explained everything that he was doing. His staff is really top-notch. I would recommend this facility to everyone. Before I had a thing done, everything was explained to me.

Good Comfort Level During ELT Procedure

Posted by GINA K. on .
Everyone in the office was very professional and friendly, including the office staff, technicians, nurse and doctor. Staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable. Comfort level during procedures was good.
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Great Follow-ups from the Doctor

Posted by JUDY S. on .
Extremely professional staff, always on time and caring. Had a minor scare with some swelling after one procedure, so I called the office and they gave me the office number of another office that the doctor was at. He returned the call immediately and assured me that what was happening was normal and if I wanted to come in the following morning he would see me. I followed his suggestions and everything was fine.

Best Endovenous Laser Treatment Team

Posted by STEVE D. on .
The whole team is extraordinary. They were the best at applying the laser treatment.

Pleased Despite Wait Times

Posted by JACQUELINE J. on .
I'm pleased with the results. The staff was professional and friendly. Only issue was that sometimes I had rather long waits.

Technician Caught Bloodclot

Posted by PAMELA G. on .
I had a blood clot from the laser, but the technician caught it quickly. Unfortunately, treatment was suspended for two weeks.

Staff Remained Polite and Clearly Explained the Procedure

Posted by SALLY B. on .
Minimal pain accompanied the procedure. The staff always made sure that I was comfortable and always remained polite. Several of my family members have also been to the clinic and have had very good results. I have also recommended Vein Clinics of America to other people that I know. I was very satisfied with the doctor and the staff. All procedures were clearly explained, so I knew what was being done.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Ended My Pain

Posted by KRISTI W. on .
The pain and cramping in my legs is gone thanks to the endovenous laser treatment. Before deciding, each procedure was carefully explained to me.

Experienced Great Results from ELT

Posted by RICHARD B. on .
I'm very satisfied with the entire process. I experienced great results from the endovenous laser treatment. Dr. Lutz and his staff were great.

Would Prefer Options Other Than Stocking

Posted by NYDIA L. on .
In the area where the stocking support is (the band with the plastic dots) I had a bad skin rash. Will be nice to have more options to choose from. Excellent provider and staff!

Dr. Harris Was the Best Possible Choice

Posted by LIDIA A. on .
Dr. Harris, was the best doctor that my mom could have. It was a pleasure to talking to him every time my mom had a procedure done. I also felt that the staff really cared.

Great Work at Trevose Vein Clinic

Posted by SHARON M. on .
Everything went great at the Trevose clinic. So far, everyone has been pleasant to be around.

Best Follow-Up Practices

Posted by DEBBIE G. on .
Love the staff and the procedure was explained as I was having it done. Follow-up and staff are the best!!!

Southlake Vein Team Enjoys Their Work

Posted by PATRICIA H. on .
It was clear from the moment I walked in that the entire staff enjoys their work. Arguably more importantly, they enjoy working with one another. Good experience, all-around.

High Standards in Plano Vein Clinic

Posted by DENISE T. on .
Most procedures were quite tolerable. The physician readily explained procedures and sets high standards for staff.

Procedure Good for Better Circulation

Posted by SUZANNE E. on .
I have had work done on my legs before at a different clinic. These procedures were slightly different. I am hoping for better results this time. The staff made me very comfortable during the procedure. Sarah and Dr. Gariti kept my mind occupied as they worked on my leg and I appreciated that. I would recommended this procedure to anyone who is in need of better circulation in their legs.

Recommend Endovenous Laser Treatment

Posted by JANE Y. on .
Yes, I would recommend it. Tech as well as Doctor explained everything very well.

Would Recommend Location to Friends

Posted by BRYANT S. on .
I like everyone there. Very nice location. Very professional. I would recommend it to my friends. The doctor explained what was going on in detail.

Dr. Salazar Catered to Me

Posted by JENNIFER E. on .
Dr. Salazar is great. He made sure I was very comfortable, understood what he was doing as he did it and he did follow up after to see how I was doing. The procedure was not painful. There was soreness later but after a few days it was gone.

Painless Endovenous Laser Treatment

Posted by JENNIFER E. on .
The procedure was not painful. There was soreness later, but after a few days it was gone.

Outstanding Team in Arlington Office

Posted by DAVID S. on .
The staff takes great care of you and thoroughly explains everything. The staff is outstanding!!!

Love the Schaumburg Vein Doctor

Posted by SHARON P. on .
Great staff. Love the dr. Made me comfortable.

Wouldn't Change a Thing

Posted by BONITA S. on .
I can't think of anything that I would like done differently. Office staff, Doctor, technicians were friendly and professional.

Highly Recommend Canton Vein Clinic

Posted by WANDA A. on .
Great Staff. Great results one b/l legs, still numbness, soreness comfort during procedure went well. Staff is very professional, very friendly they makes you feel at ease. They explained in full before procedure so I would know what to be be expected. The whole Canton office from the front desk ladies to all the nurses, tech, ma, and doctor.. Will highly recommend this office to friends.

Very Helpful Staff

Posted by MARGARET F. on .
Was advised before procedure what to expect and what results to expect. All staff were very helpful.

Already See Results

Posted by MARY M. on .
Dr. McChord and the ultrasound tech are fantastic and always make me feel comfortable. I can see results already, and look forward to completing my treatments in the next few months. The staff is amazing, I always feel comfortable in the office and during the procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Generally, endovenous laser treatments take 45 minutes to perform, however, more extensive vein cases may require more time.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Side Effects:

The side effects of endovenous laser treatments are usually quite mild but may include minor bruising and some tightness in the area treated. Generally, these symptoms last between 4-7 days.

Length of Endovenous Laser Treatment Results:

While considered permanent, your vein removal specialist cannot guarantee that new veins will not form. With this in mind, follow up vein removal treatments may be required in the future.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Recovery Time:

There is little, if any, recovery time associated with endovenous laser treatments. Most patients can resume normal activities the day of their varicose vein removal treatment.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$2,000 - $3,000 per treatment

Typical Maximum Cost:

$2,000 - $3,000 per treatment. Vein removal is permanent, however, new varicose veins may form.

Can Insurance Cover Endovenous Laser Treatment?

Yes, insurance is often accepted but this is determined on a case by case basis. During your initial consultation, you can talk with the office team regarding your insurance coverage and they can help you determine what benefits you may be eligible for.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

You may feel slightly sore after vein treatment, but this is usually mild and can be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Endovenous Laser Treatment can be Combined with:

If you are suffering from smaller spider veins, Sclerotherapy may be combined with EVLT.

Other Names for Endovenous Laser Treatment:

Endovenous laser treatment, endovenous laser therapy, ELT, EVLT, laser varicose vein removal.

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