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IPL PhotoFacial

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IPL PhotoFacial

An Overview

IPL Photofacial treatments utilize the latest advances in laser technology to help treat everything from sun damaged skin to rosacea, age spots, premature wrinkles, pigment problems, bags under the eyes, and large pores on the face, neck, and chest. Photofacial (aka fotofacial or photo facial) treatments center around the patented Florescent Pulsed Light system, which penetrates deep below the skin's surface to help start the production of new collagen and other connective tissues. This process leaves the skin rejuvenated and smooth, starting from the very first treatment.

The typical IPL Photofacial treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and they are typically scheduled across three week intervals. Most patients need between 5-8 total treatments to get the best results. The actual Photofacial session itself can be somewhat painful for some, as the feeling of the laser beam on the skin is usually akin to that of a snapped rubber band. However, the pain usually subsides very quickly after treatment, as is rarely anything more than mild.

IPL Photofacial is an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a non-surgical procedure with a proven track record for being safe and successful. IPL devices have also been used as methods of hair removal.

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IPL PhotoFacial Testimonials:

Customer Rating... 4.6

"The young lady who performed the foto was wonderful. She made me very very comfortable"
DIANA M. - Coram, NY

Customer Rating... 4.4

"I purchased a package that I have not yet completed so it's hard to say if I am satisfied with the final results. However , the staff is wonderful and the service I've received has been really exceptional."
JOSLYN M. - Lakeland, MN

Customer Rating... 4.8

"Jennifer was very attentive and I felt very very comfortable with her. She was honest with me and she invited me to try another option for my skin. I do have expectations to improve my skin. I'm trusting her and I understand that there is not 100% good results."
MARIA A. - Hayward, CA

Customer Rating... 3.2

"I had procedure done yesterday. No results at all. Complete waste of my time and money."
KATARZYNA (KASIA) S. - San Francisco, CA

Customer Rating... 3.1

"I bought a series of IPL and microdermabrasions and chemical peels. I rotate thru these 3 procedures every 2 weeks... Grace is a great manger and seems very caring and knowledgeable of the products and procedures. the cost was a good value for the money but I like to see the same practitioner every time instead of a new person every time. This request was taken into consideration and placed in my file. I only had 1 microdermabrasion that was not well done and the tech did not check what tip or settings I had been using and the whole experience was unpleasant and left my face red and irritated. However to Grace's credit, she remedied the situation and credited me with another treatment and made sure I did not have that tech again."
MAGGIE K. - Houston, TX

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Customer Rating... 5.0

"i made my decision and i started the treatment and i am very satisfied."
JOEL G. - Vista, CA

Customer Rating... 4.2

"Although the consultant was very nice, I got the impression the procedures were a one size fits all versus charging for a single session to see what happens. The single session was discussed but did not come with a discount."
BOB L. - Virginia Beach, VA

Customer Rating... 4.4

"I was very happy with the consultant that helped me. She was very honest and used the laser she thought would provide the result I was looking for!"
KRISTINE Y. - Schaumburg, IL

Customer Rating... 4.6

MONICA K. - Phoenix, AZ

Customer Rating... 4.1

"I have some red discolored areas on my nose due to incompetent laser procedures I had in the past which damaged my skin. During the course of my photo facial sessions with your company my areas of discoloration may have diminished somewhat. I think your photo facial is great and did what it is supposed to do as far as that procedure is concerned but for my condition I'm thinking I may need to undergo a different type of procedure to resolve my particular condition. I don't think you need to do anything to improve. I just think I may need to consult a cosmetic dermatologist to remedy my particular issue. I have one more session next week which is my 3rd and final session. I think and I'm hoping it may help a little more, but I'm also thinking I may need more sessions if it does start to work. However, at this time I'm not financially able to do more b/c of the cost of 3 sessions at $1000 is expensive for me."
CHRIS V. - Corpus Christi, TX

Customer Rating... 5.0

"I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff. Carime Montgomery, Clinic Manager, was great-very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and told me all of the potential costs up front. Having checked out numerous other laser centers, I picked American Laser Centers and in fact, had my first procedure done the day I chose them. The totality of the experience amazing; I will recommend this facility to all of my friends and family."
MARY N. - Elizabeth, CO

Customer Rating... 3.6

"the staff is great, but the procedure did not meet my expectations. It did not remove the imperfections i wanted, where at another place with the same laser they were successful. However that place is no longer in business, Which brought me to your office. I have not completed my sessions and i feel i will have to find a new laser treatment facility. I very disappointed and feel i wasted $1700. I did let the staff know i was disappointed. They tried to hit me with the laser a bit stronger, but they also said there was a limit they could go. I have had this treatment at another place my face was a bit marked up, but in a couple of days i pealed and was left with the blemishes removed. I am due back June 22 and plan to discuss this and and possible ask for a refund of the treatments i have left. I think I paid for about 8 session and had three with no success."
THOMAS M. - Staten Island, NY

Customer Rating... 5.0

"Had my first procedure today, after about 3 hours I am VERY pleased with the results. The staff was very professional and made me feel comfortable. It is early, but at this point I am giving them a thumbs up!"
WILLIAM D. - Alpharetta, GA

Customer Rating... 3.3

"I purchased the photo facial service for $1000. I was to have 5 photo facials done to remove the age spots on my cheeks and nose area. The first nurse I spoke to when I went in for the initial consultation showed me some pictures and told me her experience in getting rid of the age spots with the photo facials. I thought this would work for me too. The treatment was only for my nose and cheek areas. However, I just went to my last and 5th photo facial yesterday. Overall, the age spots I had have gotten a lot lighter, but they are still there. They were not removed as I was told would happen. There was one particular freckle I have on my note that I specifically asked if it would come off, and the nurse told me it should come off since it was a freckle I got just 4 years ago after a pimple turned into the freckle. But that freckle is the same as when I went in the first time. The nurse that did my last 2 treatments told me that because it's not a flat part of my nose, it is very difficult to remove that freckle. This is something that should be told to the patients ahead of time. Do let future patients know that age spots or freckles on the nose may not come off since the surface is not flat, so it's hard for the lazer treatment to get it."
MARIA T. - Santa Barbara, CA

Customer Rating... 4.9

"Katie, the PA, was wonderful! She explained everything, pricing, etc. She helped me develop a plan of action which was reasonably priced and spaced out to accomplish everything I wanted to do. She gave me the Botox yesterday at the consultation. She put lidocaine on my face (I had Botox before and no one ever gave me the lidocaine) and gave me the injections. There was very little pain and the results were dramatic. The facility is housed in an 1800 home and beautifully decorated. The staff is so nice and friendly. There is no pressure to select any service. The medical director is very friendly as well. A great experience and I have already referred 2 people to the facility. Thanks for the wonderful referral!"
STEPHANIE C. - Cordova, TN

Customer Rating... 4.0

"The consultation was really helpful in my decision and I was happy to hear that I would not be dissatisfied and that there was hope for my problem."
MAI H. - Sheboygan, WI

Customer Rating... 4.8

"I had my first procedure today and all went well. I am optimistic my face will improve with more treatments."
KAY J. - Canyon Lake, TX

Customer Rating... 5.0

"I was totally happy with the consultation.... and even more so when I inquired about the financing. I had my first Photo Facial the same day. I'm anxious to see the results!"
CRYSTLE P. - Ann Arbor, MI

Customer Rating... 4.2

"i had a very positive experience and had my first photofacial appt on monday."
MICHELE H. - Lauderdale By The Sea, FL

Customer Rating... 4.2

"I have Rosacea and after five treatments my blushing has decreased about 95%. Nurses are very knowledgeable about the laser settings. I would recommend this office."
OLGA H. - Altadena, CA

Customer Rating... 4.4

"staff was knowledgeable and pleasant. the nurse who performed the procedure was excellent in handling the machine and was telling me what she was doing. the staff listened carefully to my concerns. i had a pretty good idea what i wanted done and they considered my suggestions. this is a large investment in my health and i appreciate their willingness to spend the time to listen to me."
OLGA H. - Altadena, CA

Customer Rating... 3.2

"I am having the Fotofacial/microdermabrasion procedures. I went for the microdermabrasion last Saturday. I was in the procedure room for maybe 15 minutes, probably more like 10, and they said they were done. It had to be the quickest microdermabrasion I have ever had. I hope the Fotofacial is better, this is the 3rd company I have gone to for these procedures, with no results. I was promised results from this company, I am not impressed so far."
TERESA C. - Hinsdale, IL

Customer Rating... 2.6

"My consultant was friendly and everything, and nothing personal, but she attempted to sell me skin products without any knowledge of other well-known popular products available on the market that might have compared to them. (Example, I told her I used MD Forte on my face, and she asked me if I had ever used any AHA products. MD Forte is an AHA product! A very popular one. She also didn't know anything about Renova and how her product might compare. Renova is massively used.) I'm not a difficult sell; if she could have told me something about how her product was better than the products I was using, I would have bought. Obviously training employees is not a priority at this facility. And she was the assistant manager. What a joke!! It did not inspire confidence with the place as a whole."
LAURA S. - Naperville, IL

Customer Rating... 4.5

"First FotoFacial treatment went well and extreme care was given. I felt very pampered and appreciated the extra time given to renurish my skin with the proper skin products after the treatment. I have had previous treatments at another unassociated facility and did not receive this type of care."
BETH B. - Sugar Grove, IL

Customer Rating... 3.3

"I went in for the photo facial consultation/ procedure. The length of time (20 weeks) for the procedure to complete, price ($2500.00) and only 1 packaged offered (10 photo facials and 10 microdermabrasion) discouraged me from using this facility. I have been looking into this for approx. 3 months. I have decided to go to a local spa that offers this treatment performed by a RN. I have light sun spots on my chest only and do not need 10 treatments. I have been told by 3 other doctors/ spas that I will need the procedure 1 or 2 times and the cost will be approx. $600.00-800.00 (photo facial only). Also, I will see immediate results in 4-5 days. I understand that this is more of a chemical peel but I prefer to have this over in a few weeks vs. 20 weeks. Furthermore, I do not want microbrasion done in between... I have had that procedure over the last 2 years on my face and wasn't overly impressed with the results. This other spa suggested a cream/ scrub to begin using that will help the results of before and after the photo facial. I feel like the laser center wasted my time... I had asked over the phone for some pricing and was told I need to come in for the free consultation. I was in and out of their office within 10 minutes."
JENNIFER G. - Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Photofacial is usually performed as a series of treatments, about 5 in total, spaced apart every 3 weeks. Actual Photofacial treatments take around 15-30 minutes.

IPL PhotoFacial Side Effects:

Side effects of Photofacial include temporary redness or swelling. Sometimes temporary blistering and bruising can occur.

Length of IPL PhotoFacial Results:

Photofacial results are long-lasting. After a couple of years, additional Photofacial treatments may be needed.

IPL PhotoFacial Recovery Time:

None. Some redness can occur after your initial Photofacial treatment, but can be easily covered.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$400 per treatment area

Typical Maximum Cost:

$800 per treatment area

Average Cost of IPL PhotoFacial:

$477 per treatment area

Can Insurance Cover IPL PhotoFacial?

Due to the cosmetic nature of Photofacial, insurance will not involved.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Photofacial treatments are described as being similiar to being snapped with a rubber band. After your treatment of Photofacial, it's common to experience minor discomfort, but can be easily controlled with standard pain medication.

IPL PhotoFacial can be Combined with:


Other Names for IPL PhotoFacial:

Photo Rejuvenation, Photo Facial, FotoFacial, Fotofacial Rejuvenation, IPL, photorejuvenation.

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