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Microdermabrasion in New Canaan, CT

Listed below are the New Canaan Microdermabrasion specialists currently scheduling consultations in the Healthy Skin Portal network. Click a location to read more about that skin care clinic or to schedule your free Microdermabrasion consultation in New Canaan. Our customer service liaisons are standing by to answer your questions and offer any additional assistance. Contact us today!

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Microdermabrasion in New Canaan

You exfoliate.  You have a loofah, a file, maybe one of those stone things- but that is just for dead skin.  It doesn't do anything for acne, sun spots, age spots, or anything else.  Well, as specialists in New Canaan know, it actually does do quite a bit- but only in the concentrated form of microdermabrasion.  This safe and effective treatment can, without surgery, help with the above listed problems. 

In New Canaan, this is an easy procedure, taking no more than an hour per session (up to 12 sessions).  There is no danger, as it affects only the top layer of skin.  If you are interested in restoring your skin in a safe and convenient manner, contact a doctor in New Canaan at your convenience.  The numbers are above!

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