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Lincoln Park is easily one of the fastest growing and most exciting communities in Chicago. Unfortunately, many people can't fully enjoy a night out or a trip to Lincoln Park Zoo, solely because of the frustration and embarrassment of premature wrinkles, cellulite, or unwanted body hair. If this sounds like you, a long-term solution could be waiting for you at American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Lincoln Park.

There's an incredible demand for Laser Hair Removal in Chicago, as studies prove time and again that patients get the best results, with the least amount of hair regrowth, by choosing a laser procedure. On top of that, no procedures offer the same level of care, precision, and safety as Laser Hair Removal. Lincoln Park patients can expect nothing but the highest grade technology when they come to American Laser Skincare, where radio frequency therapy and powerful laser energy have come together to form the perfect, successful hair removal treatment.

American Laser Skincare also has the bases covered when it comes to Skin Rejuvenation. Lincoln Park specialists meet with prospective patients, assess their specific skin condition, and formulate a treatment or combination of treatments to fix the problem safely and painlessly. Many technicians prescribe Photofacial treatments in Chicago, to smooth away wrinkles and sunspots, but Microdermabrasion and Laser Skin Rejuvenation are equally legitimate choices. For cellulite removal, Lincoln Park staffers often recommend VelaShape™ treatments.

For anti-aging patients in Lincoln Park, American Laser Skincare also provides BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, Juvederm injections and Radiesse injections. Filler injections and Botox treatments in Lincoln Park can eliminate facial wrinkles, crow's feet and frown lines both quickly and easily at American Laser Skincare. Best of all, Lincoln Park patients may remain radiant and wrinkle-free for up to 3-6 months at a time post injection!

Botox injections in Lincoln Park utilize the botulinum toxin to relax tense facial muscles and smooth out resulting wrinkles. Fillers like Juvederm rely on hyaluronic acid to enhance facial areas where natural tissues and collagen have begun to degrade. American Laser Skincare has an excellent treatment for any cosmetic issue that's been bothering you. Contact us today to learn more about Botox in Lincoln Park, or to schedule your free consultation!

eMatrix Comes to American Laser Skincare
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Lincoln Park, IL, will soon be welcoming guests to try a new, state-of-the-art skin care solution. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system accurately corrects loose, sagging skin, minor wrinkles, and acne scars, all without the use of lasers or invasive surgery. In Lincoln Park, American Laser Skincare plans to roll out this procedure in 2011, bringing eMatrix to patients from all around Lakeview, Old Town, Gold Coast and Bucktown.

Patient Reviews:

So Far So Good

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I am not finished with the treatments, but so far I am seeing some results with the treatments I have had.

Started Treatment The Same Day As Consultation

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The consultation was helpful. I had a few questions going into. I was a bit uncertain so to what sort of treatment I'd need, but the staff provides the necessary answers that I was seeking. I was able to come in the same day as my consultation for my treatment, which is an upside to it because I wanted to get started as soon as possible.

Overall Good Experience

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It was an overall good experience. There was some confusion about pricing (I was first given a quote on old pricing) but she was very nice about it and printed out the quote so I could take it with me.

ALSC Worked With Me On A Payment Plan

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The office was willing to work with me with a payment plan which is why I have an appt on Tuesday. I just hope this works because this is not cheap and I want results.

Office Didn't Have A Warm Spa Feeling

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The office did not have a warm/spa feeling which is something that I would prefer. I didn't ask nor was told of the qualifications of the staff who will perform the procedure.

Happy I Chose ALSC

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I'm happy to have chosen American Laser for my procedure.

Am Moving Ahead With Treatment

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I thought the appointment went very well. Everyone was friendly, made me feel comfortable and were able to answer my questions. I decided to move ahead with the procedure on the spot and canceled my other consultation. I hope to quickly see the results they described. If so, I'm confident I will recommend to my friends.

Nice Consultant

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the consultant was very nice

Just A Pushy Sales Talk

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I was very disappointed because I went for a consultation and was given nothing more than a very pushy sales talk. My skin was not analyzed and the services the salesperson was recommending had nothing at all to do with my skin. Overpriced services.

Great First Visit

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My first visit was great. My second was very rushed and I didn't feel very comfortable. When I booked my subsequent visits, I ensured that they gave me ample time so I was not to be rushed again.

Love Karen!

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Karen is awesome!

Friendly & Accommodating Service

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Extremely friendly and accommodating. I might go back for a different type of service.

Felt At Home In Lincoln Park Office

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I really felt comfortable with the consultant. She made the effort to make me feel welcome.

Don't Want To Have To Buy A Package

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Since I have different areas to treat, I would like to have treatments for different areas when needed (e.g., some monthly and some quarterly), and not to buy a package to treat all of them simultaneously once per month.

Pleasant Techs

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All the technicians have been very pleasant and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Also, they explained the process thoroughly and patiently answered all my questions.

Louisa Is Delightful!

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Louisa who is my specialist is very courteous, knowledgeable. She has been a delight to work with.

Love My Results

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I love my results so far.

Wish The Prices Were Lower

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Very nice Consultation but very pricey for the actual hair that I want removed. It is not a lot of hair and I feel that the price doesn't meet the need. I really wish that it was lower because I would love to have the procedure soon.

Specialist Was Kind & Put Me At Ease

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I had my first treatment on Sunday, October 28, 2007 and it was great. I went in nervous and scary but the specialist made me feel comfortable and happy. Thank you!

Should've Seen This Coming...

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The service I have received has been such a disappointment. I've experienced five scheduling mix ups and after only one Affirm treatment the nurse left. I found this out when I showed up for my second treatment (that was the fifth scheduling mix up). Instead of receiving the Affirm, I did receive a complimentary microderm, so that was nice. It was still unfortunate that I didn't receive a call notifying me of this in advance. I've stayed out of the sun all summer so I could get these treatments and I have nothing to show for it, except the same old sun damage. I paid $2,000 in June and it's now September and I've only had one treatment! And, as I understand it, more than eight weeks should not pass between treatments and it's now been more than eight weeks. This is really disappointing, I had such high hopes. The service has been so poor that I can't help but feel like they were just trying to make a sales quota. Customer service and word of mouth goes a long way -- give great service and people are going to hear about it, give poor service and even more people are going to hear about it. I left another message today to see if I could make an appointment for the Affirm treatment, but received voicemail. We'll see when I get a call back. Prior to today's call, I called two weeks ago and was told 'we have you on our list to call, once the nurse starts.' I have no idea what the nurse's status is, but I'm very close to asking for my money back. Should have seen this coming ... two of the three times I've been in the facility, I've seen extremely angry people waiting to speak with the manager. I'm going to give it another chance in the hopes that it will get better -- it has to! Would like to mention that the two techs who have provided microdermabrasion service are great!

Totally Pleased With My First Treatment In Chicago, IL

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I had my first appointment with Cynthia on Saturday. And I felt very comfortable and at ease with all of her explanations. The laser was not as painful as I anticipated. And I was surprised that the visit lasted only an hour (as I had had previous experience with another office taking about 3-4 hours to complete the procedure. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the suites. I wish I would've had this experience with the previous firm, as I had invested a lot of time and money into getting just mediocre results. I love the fact that there is a 2 year guarantee in writing. I am looking forward to seeing the results! I just wished that I had heard more about your office through advertising or word of mouth, as I just happened to search the internet and stumbled upon your website.

Will Not Be Returning To American Laser

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I found the staff very pleasant and nice, but not very forthcoming with information. I had gone to a different clinic (not American Laser) the previous week for a consultation, and the comparison of the two consultations left a poor impression on me of American Laser. It seems much more like a mass produced, less caring environment. For this kind of money I expected more. The prices were shown to me, although I had to ask twice, and the price worksheet was not offered to me to take with, as it was at the other clinic. I definitely will have the procedure, and will begin treatments within two weeks, and will pay a little less than American Laser. But my treatments will definitely not be with American Laser. The analogy I thought of on the way out of the office I still think is a good one...if you are familiar with Health Clubs at all...American Laser is the general packaged Bally Health Club experience, while the other one I visited is more like a personalized health club that you would want to join.

Waste Of Time

Posted by on .
This consultation was a waste of my time. The website that I initial contacted had information for a chemical peel, which is what I was interested in. Also, the person that set up the consultation said I would have a skin analysis performed and would receive a recommendation on what I should have done. The office that I went to only did microdermabrasion and photofacials. I also never received any sort of skin analysis. I have looked into another service provider for options.

Nice, Open, & Honest

Posted by on .
The facility was clean, the consultant was very nice, open and honest. She gave me a great deal, my only complaint is that I felt pressured to make a decision on the spot if I wanted to take advantage of the deal. Another recommendation is to give some guidance around what areas would be most beneficial to treat. For example, share statistics on what areas most people treat or what areas have the highest success rates, etc.

Went To A Different Laser Center

Posted by on .
The strengths were that they were consistent in trying to work out a time to schedule a consultation with me. I expressed to them that I had a tight work schedule and finally was able to come in for a consultation. When I arrived I was told that the person who was supposed to do my consultation was not in yet and they did not know when she would be in. I never received a follow up call after that and was really disappointed that even though I was going to be charged a fee if I cancelled that no accommodations were made to me for wasting my valuable time. I wound up going to a different laser center who has been more than happy to give me good service.

No Worries With American Laser Skincare

Posted by on .
They made me feel real comfortable and relaxed. I had no worries they took care of me very well. Explained things in a very good matter to where I knew and understood everything.

Holly Was So Great I Already Referred A Friend!

Posted by on .
The consultant Holly was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the services offered. The atmosphere of the office was very relaxed and friendly. I have told another friend about this and he is thrilled about it and may be contacting you all for it.

GM Is Intimidating

Posted by on .
The general manager at the office, a woman by the name of holly i believe, has a personality that is VERY edgy and overwhelming. She speaks VERY loud, and is quite intimidating. After having signed the payment on my credit card, she treated me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable, and I thought to myself that I do not want to put up with that type of treatment for the next few months, but it was too late, I had already signed. I truly HOPE and strongly SUGGEST that someone has a serious talk with her about her interactions with clients and about the way she treats other staff members in front of clients. She makes the experience scary and intimidating, and gives the clinic a scary atmosphere. In fact, I hope that next time I go, there is a manager there who is friendly and warm and caring, and that this woman is no longer there. I am writing that you are not permitted to share my information with her because I am scared of what she might do. However, I do think that someone should have a talk with her about the way she establishes her presence when at work.

Informative & Friendly

Posted by on .
I thought they were great, very friendly, informative, and professional.

Looking Forward To Amazing Results

Posted by on .
Although the price was a bit high, I'm looking forward to a good, perhaps even amazing result. I wish the procedure could be done a little faster.

Claire Was Great!

Posted by on .
Claire was great! She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable with my decision.

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