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With so many aesthetic skincare treatments available, it could be hard to decide what you want. Do you want VelaSmooth® cellulite reduction? Do you want Laser Hair Removal? American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) in Chesterfield, MO, can help make that decision a little easier. One of American Laser Skincare’s highly trained aesthetic experts will analyze your skin and help you come up with a skincare regime that fits with your needs and lifestyle. American Laser Skincare uses the best equipped and the most experienced staff, so whether you want VelaShape™ in Chesterfield or IPL Photofacial, American Laser Skincare provides the best services.

American Laser Skincare of Chesterfield can treat wrinkles, age spots, and adult acne in St. Louis. Skincare treatments offered to Chesterfield include VelaShape™, IPL Photofacial, Laser Hair Removal, and Microdermabrasion. VelaShape™ in St. Louis is the newest craze body shaping. American Laser Skincare, Chesterfield’s VelaShape™ machine uses infrared and RF energy to break apart your unwanted fat cells. The results are tightened skin with less noticeable cellulite.

Chesterfield wrinkle removal patients can also enjoy the benefits of Radiesse injections, Juvederm injections and Botox injections at American Laser Skincare! Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Frontenac, and Town and Country's wrinkles, thin lips and aging skin can quickly be corrected with one of American Laser Skincare's dermal injectable solutions!

For a procedure that provides all around skin protection, Chesterfield turns to IPL Photofacial. Photofacial in Chesterfield uses intense pulsed light to renew tired skin. If you’d like to find out more about IPL Photofacial or VelaShape™ in the St. Louis area, or want a free skin consultation with American Laser Skincare, please contact us today.

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
An exciting new skin rejuvenation solution is coming to American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers). The eMatrix™ system uses sublative rejuvenation™ technology to treat underlying damaged dermal tissue, without harming or removing surface skin. Customers in greater Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Ballwin, and Jacobs interested in eMatrix can find it soon at American Laser Skincare of Chesterfield.

Patient Reviews:

Pleasant & Helpful

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Katie was very pleasant and helpful.

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I was very impressed the the consultation and the consultant, but the price for the IPL photofacial quoted was more than twice what I've been quoted elsewhere ($135/session), and even significantly more than a friend of mine is paying in New York City ($250/session).

A good experience can lead a long way

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Everything worked out extremely well. Linda was very knowledgable and friendly. Made the entire experience a good one :-)

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I had never heard of this procedure and had no time to research it beforehand.There were only two before and after pictures.I did do some research afterwords that let me know that the "sale price" I was quoted was above the average highest price paid.

Fair Prices

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Love the prices

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A little scared but can't wait to get this started just to see the results. Great staff and team work. I like not having to wait to be seen. This is great I can get it done and head to work

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I felt very comfortable and informed with the staff. She offered a great deal but I decided againt this procedure for now. After consulting with my husband we are going to wait until I receive my tax return and get a second consultation.

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Thanks again

Great Staff

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great place & staff

Well Informed, Comfortable Staff

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I was very comfortable with the staff and felt very well informed about the procedures available in their establishment.

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Price was given without ever lookikng at the area to be worked upon.

I'll Be Back

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i would have been on time with plans for this month but i had some bad news set me back a lot so by June i should be able to proceed with this procedure and get my work done thank you i was very satisfied with what i saw and heard today i will do business here.

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I scheduled my first procedure. I am a litte nervous. A lot of money if it does not show improvement

Attentive To Patient's Needs

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The staff were great! I had previously contacted Ideal Image for a consultation, but the 'sales pitch' was very timeshare like. Something I cannot stand! I was pleased with the consultation given by American - it was straightforward, easy to follow and did not have any gimmicks attached. I believe the gimmick of the sale, was removed after I specifically mentioned how much I dislike that particular sales pitch. This shows great attention to my needs and is much appreciated. I'm sure the next person received the pitch, but I did appreciate that she did not do it with me!

Irina Is Absolutely Fantastic

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Irina was wonderful. She immediately found out what I knew and focused on the questions I had instead of wasting time on a canned pitch. I decided to go with American Laser because she did focus on my needs, not the needs of the business. She was very upfront about costs and easy to talk with about the procedure. I cannot stress enough how pleasant my experience with the consultant was.

Friendly & Welcoming

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The woman who helped me was friendly and welcoming as soon as I walked through the door. She was eager to help and make me feel comfortable. She told me my options and helped me figure out a payment plan.

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The email and follow up phone call to schedule my visit sent me to the wrong (an old) address. Apparently the office has notified the scheduling service of this since Oct 2009.

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I was informed by others whom have had the procedure that a numbing solution would be used. That was not the case , I was very uncomfortable with the process an am going to question the need for a more comforting way to have the pain be at a minimum. Bob Borman, 314-603-6219

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