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If you're still spending countless hours with razors, waxing kits, or expensive skincare creams, it might be time to explore the long-term cosmetic solutions awaiting you at American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Rochester.

Laser Hair Removal has come a very long way in recent years, and American Laser Skincare of Rochester has been right there, leading the advancement of new technologies and new treatment methods to maximize the procedure's effectiveness. The fruits of these labors can be found in the remarkable new Laser Hair Removal Protocol in place at the American Laser Skincare clinic. Not only have American Laser Skincare's licensed technicians made great strides by adding radio frequency technology to the finest in laser energy, but the protocol also makes each treatment customizable to the needs and characteristics of the patient in question. No matter what your skin type or hair color might be, Laser Hair Removal in Rochester is now guaranteed to leave your skin smooth and cease hair growth with their Lifetime Appearance Promise. Plus, the treatments themselves are relatively painless, with little to no risk of scarring.

Thanks in part to New York's often brutal seasonal weather changes, there is usually a great demand for Skin Rejuvenation in Rochester, as well. Wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, rosacea, and cellulite are all common conditions that come from the onset of age, and can be accelerated by one's environment. Fortunately, there are better ways to counteract these effects than ever before, and many of the finest are offered by American Laser Skincare of Rochester. Photofacial treatments are certainly one example, as technicians use intense pulsed light therapy to help smooth and tighten the epidermis. For other patients in Rochester, Microdermabrasion or Laser Skin Rejuvenation is the treatment of choice. Meanwhile, when the challenge is cellulite removal or advanced body contouring, more and more people are going with the infrared/radio frequency massage treatment, VelaShape™.

Rochester wrinkle treatment patients can also undergo Botox injections, Juvederm injections and Radiesse injections at American Laser Skincare! Irondequoit, Brighton, Rochester and Pittford's wrinkles, thin lips and aging skin can be treated in no time, with one of the Rochester American Laser Skincare's dermal injectable solutions!

Rochester friends, you can be sure that American Laser Skincare has a treatment that can handle whatever nagging imperfection has been affecting you. And with most treatment sessions taking little more than 15 minutes, with no recovery time, there's nothing to hold you back. So call for your FREE consultation with American Laser Skincare of Rochester, New York, and see what services could be right for you.

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
An exciting new skin rejuvenation solution is coming to American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers). The eMatrix™ system uses sublative rejuvenation™ technology to treat underlying damaged dermal tissue, without harming or removing surface skin. Customers in greater Rochester, Upper Falls, Brighton, and Gates Center interested in eMatrix can find it soon at American Laser Skincare of Rochester.

Patient Reviews:

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
Ematrix has shown the best results of any treatment have purchased from American Laser. I am not crazy about the how swollen my face looked for about 6 days after, but it was worth it for the result.

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
Megan, Kelly and Patricia are very kind and professional and always make me feel like a valued customer. These women are the main factor that has made me feel comfortable doing business with American Laser. I would have been very turned off by high pressure sales techniques, but I am pleased with the services I have purchase and with the experience when I am attending an Open House or receiving a service, as well as with the results.

Posted by PATRICE R. on .
Both the office staff and technician were very friendly and welcoming. Very professional and good about explaining everything clearly.

Posted by PATRICE R. on .
Length of session was good, not too long. No pain. Felt terrific after, very smooth.

Posted by JEANETTE M. on .
Clear and concise directions. I did not feel rushed.

Posted by JONI I. on .
Megan and Kelly are one of the reasons I joined American Laser. Megan took so much time with me explaining the meaning of "skin tightening" and answered every question that I had. I don't think I could have been any luckier that having Kelly to do my treatments. She explains everything she is doing and has such precision with her skill. I am hoping and praying that I see the results I have wished for because it took me a long time to decide to have this done because it is a little hard financially for me but with your financing program it has helped so much.

Posted by KERRI R. on .
As I mentioned earlier - The office has greatly improved - no more waiting and they are very quick. Professional is one thing they have always been. I also want to point out they are knowledgeable.

Posted by MELISSA M. on .
Has exceeded my expectations! Aestheticians are great! They are: friendly, knowledgeable, and offer good suggestions for post-procedure care.

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
LOVE the staff there - Megan and Kelly are awesome!

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Treatments are great - will continue to do them!

Posted by MICHAEL K. on .
Great equipment and even better people. Your staff is excellent at making the appointments as comfortable as possible.

Posted by JONI I. on .
I have had only one session so I cannot really give an opinion yet. I am very happy with the person who will be giving me all my sessions - her name is Kelly. For my first session, Kelly explained everything that she was doing and what the effects would be. She is really professional and truly cares about her clients. I don't know how long the session is supposed to last but I wish it lasted forever. Also, the manager, Morgan Loria, is such a personable, friendly person - so far I am happy with American Laser and I ONLY HOPE the sessions work.

Posted by JONI I. on .
The staff at American Laser is one of the reasons I joined - Kelly and Morgan are helpful, professional and have assured me that they are there when I should have any questions or problems. I was so confident in my decision to join that I called my girlfriend and told her that I was truly happy with my decision to get the skin tightening sessions and she should also join - which she did. So, I am looking forward to my face looking younger again because it has taken me quite a long time to make this decision but your financing has made it affordable for me.

Posted by MELISSA M. on .

Posted by MELISSA M. on .
Great so far! Very professional staff!

Posted by JESSICA H. on .
I wasn't aware that laser hair removal could or would be painful. It is not super painful, but it is very itchy and I wasn't prepared for that either. I am enjoying the decrease in hair growth but I did think that I would have more results by now.

Posted by JONI I. on .
I have not started the treatments as of yet. The staff at the Rochester, NY Laser Skincare are the most helpful people I have ever met. Meagan (Mgr) and Kelly were so thoughtful and answered my questions thoroughly. They both made me feel comfortable and excited with regard to signing on to my skin tightening sessions. Both of these women are definite assets to the American Laser Skincare company. They deserve accolades and they both are the reason I truly believe that I made the right choice. Cannot wait for my first treatment!!!!

Posted by JONI I. on .
The staff (Meagan and Kelly) at the Rochester American Laser Skincare are so professional and totally explained in detail the procedure of the skin tightening sessions and the costs of the treatments. These two caring women are an asset to your company and deserve many accolades. They both went above and beyond to sit with me and talk about my concerns and made it easy to listen to their advice on the treatment they chose for me. I am so excited to start!

Posted by LISA C. on .
Kelly was very helpful in explaining all of the services available. She was very gentle during my treatment. I am hoping that the laser hair treatments will be a success.

Posted by HELGA H. on .
The new equipment is way better, the technician was very thorough.

Posted by DANIELLE C. on .
Super quick and easy, all of my questions were answered on the spot.

Posted by RHONDA R. on .
The Silk peels are wonderful, thorough, but pricey. They are better than the basic microdermabrasion sessions I did prior to trying this.

Posted by ELLEN P. on .
so far I am very happy with the services I have received.

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
Everyone is so friendly and makes me feel so comfortable. I enjoy coming for my treatments! Excellent staff!

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
I have enjoyed all my vela treatments so far and am seeing some results.

Posted by RHONDA R. on .
New version of microdermabrasion without use of crystals is much more thorough, less messy. Nutrients infused into skin. See results already after one session.

Posted by JACQUELYN B. on .
Patricia is very thorough and pleasant to be around.

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
Megan is awesome. She explains everything in such a thorough way and is so sweet, professional and an asset to the company!

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Great staff...well trained!

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Kelly is awesome!

Posted by REBECCA E. on .
Professional, easy to talk to, very helpful, caring.

Posted by RUBY R. on .
I was very pleased with the results of my treatment. My skin feels soft and smooth and there are no dry patches. The acne scarring has reduced by a lot. I had a little redness for a day and my skin felt irritated for a few hours but I had no major problems. The staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and even made suggestions of products and other treatments.

Posted by PATRICE R. on .
All were very friendly and accommodating.

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
The staff are VERY kind & friendly and do a thorough job w/treatments.

Posted by JENELL A. on .
Great staff, great products and procedures!!! Costly though...

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
The staff are sweet, friendly and do a very thorough job w/ treatments

Posted by MICHELLE R. on .
Staff is very good at explaining what they're doing and checking the intensity of the laser vs my pain threshold, etc. Sessions are quick.

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Kelly at Rochester location is awesome!

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
I would like to say Kelly at the NY-Rochester location is a great asset to the location. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough with the work she does. She also takes the time to make follow up calls and reach out to me when they are running promotions.

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Kelly is AWESOME! She is friendly and professional and very knowledgeable about all the procedures and treatment options. She is a real asset to American Laser!!

Posted by PHILLIPA W. on .
I think the length of sessions were good. The staff is excellent, they are very considerate. It was a relaxing session.

Posted by PHILLIPA W. on .
I think they have wonderful communication skills. They have the ability to motivate me, encourage me. Looking at it positively.

Posted by CHERYL B. on .
I can't think of any areas of improvement. They are all fantastic. Kelly, Monica, Trisha I am very pleased.

Posted by CHERYL B. on .
I had a few different things. I love Zerona, I am very very pleased with results.

Posted by DONNA E. on .
I really like the new laser. The old laser was very slow. I have seen an 85% reduction.

Posted by ERIK B. on .
I think overall the staff members were friendly. I did have a new person doing my treatments each time, it was fine.

Posted by ERIK B. on .
I think the recovery time was great! I did expect more hair to be gone after my treatments. I do like the new laser, it's much better.

Posted by RHONDA R. on .
The staff was phenomenal! They all waited on me and it was great.

Posted by RHONDA R. on .
The treatment improved my skin

Posted by CHERYL B. on .
All 3 girls who have given me treatments have been wonderful. They answered questions, made me comfortable. The only critique I have would be that they each perform the Vela part of my treatment differently. The length of time is different and the amount of pressure. Sometimes I feel satisfied with it and other times I do not.

Posted by CHERYL B. on .
Everything seems to be going well so far. My final results are not visible yet. So I'm hoping to improve them at this point.

Posted by WILLIAM (BILL) W. on .
I felt very pleased and comfortable with the technician.

Posted by LYDIA M. on .
I really like how short the treatments are

Posted by SUSAN G. on .
The most recent laser hair removal technology produces significantly better results than the previous equipment available.

Posted by MICHELE M. on .
Very accommodating office staff as far as scheduling is concerned. Very pleasant people with whom I feel comfortable & confident in their abilities.

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Expectations were met

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
The actual staff at the Rochester clinic has been fantastic - very informative, helpful and knowledgeable. The folks that make the calls from whatever American Laser Skincare corporate location however need some training and direction. They seem disconnected with the actual clinic locations and not at all knowledgeable about services.

Posted by ANGELICA P. on .
I've been going for the past 2 years every month and still have to shave everyday. There is still hair grown and I thought I would have been gone!

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
A staff member who stood out to me was Kelly from the Rochester, NY location. She has always been kind and extremely helpful. I always like when she is there!

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
The Zerona treatment is wonderful. I have seen the best results and have lost weight and inches. I have gone down 2 dress sizes as well. Family and friends notice how much weight/inches I have lost and it is so nice to hear people commenting on how great I look! There is no pain what so ever and no recovery time which is another amazing aspect of the Zerona treatments.

Posted by STEPH B. on .
Quick, efficient and easy. Monica is quite the pro!

Posted by SUSAN S. on .
the people are very nice and helpful. I am happy with my results and looking forward to my face peel.

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
The staff are very friendly and thorough

Posted by DOUG F. on .
All the staff are excellent!

Posted by DOUG F. on .
Skin tightening was somewhat helpful. Vela Shape did not work for me at all. Botox did not produce the desired results either. I might do fillers in the future, but right now I have eyelid surgery scheduled for this October, so I wait until after then. Very friendly staff. Extremely professional and competent staff. Excellent ambiance.

Posted by MARIA W. on .
Nice job but I didn't expect the long down time. Turned out great. thanks

Posted by JULIE P. on .
excellent people skills

Posted by MICHELE M. on .
Technician was very gentle & thorough while doing the peel; I could've fallen asleep during it.

Posted by MICHELE M. on .
I wish I had had before photos taken; I just didn't happen to think of it due to the wealth of other information I received. Also, the technician didn't tell me her credentials, but there was a certificate for her I noticed on the wall.

Posted by NANCY B. on .
I am basically happy but I just wish people would stop leaving. I just get comfortable with someone and they leave. I've had 4 different people work on me, and they have all been very different. I hope the new folks are as good. As far as how I look, I think I expected better results than I got, but I did notice an improvement.

Posted by LINDSAY G. on .
I loved the calming music in the waiting room and the staff were amazing. Great women working for you guys :) Every question and concern I had was properly and politely handled by Monica. If I am able to go forward with the laser hair removal it would be so awesome!

Posted by MARISA H. on .
Monica was wonderful, professional, helpful, and answered all my questions clearly. Pricing seems high, but honestly I didn't do any price shopping to compare because I liked Monica well enough to go through with the commitment without further research.

Posted by BARBARA B. on .
As mentioned, the staff did their job. I have no problem with them. The results have not met my expectations or promises.

Posted by LISA G. on .
I only had one treatment of Microdermabrasion, it seemed fine. In the past, when I have done facials/spa treatments at such places like Scott Miller or Aveda, I received care packages which included samples of products used. It is a nice feature b/c it allowed me to determine which product was best matched for me, and helped my future purchasing selections. They did not offer any samples of suggested products after my treatment.

Posted by MISTY G. on .
I am very excited to get started. Just think for what I ended up paying I think I should've got the full waist down.

Posted by AMY S. on .
I was made to feel very comfortable despite the personal nature of the procedure. I did expect to be hair free after the first session, as that is what I had been told by other laser hair removal places. I'm hoping by the end of the treatment, I won't ever have to shave again.

Posted by PAT B. on .
satisfied with everyone

Posted by TINA P. on .
Friendliest people I have ever dealt with!

Posted by TINA P. on .
I like the new laser because I did not need to have the gel applied first.

Posted by PEGGY L. on .
The new staff is very nice...I was a client a few yrs ago & felt totally ripped off for what I payed for....The new manager their called me & is totally going out of her way to make it up..I was very pleased was my appt & the staff..

Posted by PEGGY L. on .
very pleased

Posted by PAMELA T. on .
I have bought a package of laser hair and have had many treatments with out a lot of difference, I am hoping the addition of the new laser machine they have in Rochester NY will give me better results

Posted by PAMELA T. on .
Staff has always been professional and friendly, knowledgeable

Posted by NANCY B. on .
Good experience. I think there needs to be a little more flexibility in your packages.

Posted by NANCY B. on .
Very pleased with aestheticism I currently have. She takes her time and is very thorough and professional.

Posted by REBECCA J. on .
A very interesting procedure. Staff was very friendly and very informed.

Posted by KRISTIN R. on .
Everyone that I have had an appointment with has been really friendly and makes you feel comfortable even in some uncomfortable situations.

Posted by SUE D. on .
The treatment is going well except I seem to break out with pimples after.

Posted by SARA M. on .
I definitely feel that the level of professionalism could be higher at this clinic along with the training of the technician I had for this last treatment.

Posted by RAINA S. on .
I am not seeing any results with the fotofacial or the skin tightening and I have been coming for monthly treatments over the past 4 months. I do see immediate results with the laser hair removal of my underarms and am very happy with that treatment.

Posted by RAINA S. on .
The staff at the Rochester, NY location are wonderful and are very flexible with scheduling. They are experienced and answer any questions I may have about procedures and results. They always inform me of current monthly or weekly specials on services and I appreciate that.

Posted by DEBORAH B. on .
Did not get the results I was anticipating with the body shaping. Also, taking a LONG time for the hair on my chin to disappear. The laser hair treatments on my bikini are working great and I do love the glycolic peels.

Posted by LESLIE S. on .
New laser is much more effective.

Posted by PAM M. on .
The new equipment is working great! It is a great improvement over the old machine. It has much better results.

Posted by MICHELLE LOUISE M. on .
Every technician was very nice, professional and made me feel at ease.

Posted by MICHELLE LOUISE M. on .
Very please with the results especially the new laser. The results from treatments with the new laser are great!

Posted by SHEILA E. on .
I have been doing hair removal for almost two years with the old lasers. they didn't work, they hurt, and i was not happy. The new lasers are excellent and are showing great results. What a waste of money and time with the old ones! I was going around telling everyone not to waste their $.. but with the new lasers, it has completely changed me

Posted by SHEILA E. on .
it seems like every time i go there is brand new staff there making it hard to have any sort of comfort with getting naked in front of them or any sort of one on one personal treatment... but with that said they do try their best to make you comfortable

Posted by DOUG F. on .
They were all extremely friendly! A truly great bunch of people.

Posted by DOUG F. on .
VelaShape did not work at all on me and was a waste of money. Skin tightening has helped some. Not sure what the botox did. Microdermabrasion was nice. Laser hair removal on my back was a pain, but in the end the result was excellent.

Posted by MICHELE R. on .
Kelley did everything to make me comfortable and I'm extremely pleased with the results so far.

Posted by MICHELE R. on .
Kelley was excellent, very professional and provided outstanding service.

Posted by BARBARA B. on .
I am treated very well - surroundings are clean and well maintained - staff is very helpful and competent. I am NOT seeing the results (after 3 treatments) that I was promised.

Posted by HELGA H. on .
The new laser is so much better

Posted by CHARLENE B. on .
I would like to see more of a comparison for before and after pictures, different age groups because everyone is not the same age.

Posted by JAGAN N. on .
Good experience so far. As promised by the consultant I want to get rid of at least 75% scars from my face. I appreciate if the specialist handles my case with lot of care as I have my wedding due in the next three months. Based on the results I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends too.

Posted by SHERRI P. on .
No comments at this time. ................................................................................................................

Posted by DELMUS T. on .
Your company failed to send me the email with the address for the appointment very upset I search my email spam incox all that and nothing very unprofessional of your company I see I have to go elsewhere

Posted by MARIE D. on .
Liked honesty of consultant and integrity of office.

Posted by KELLY C. on .
This place is a fraud!!!!!! The treatments do not work, the staff lies to get you to purchase the treatments and when confronted they will not own up to it. They destroy people. They should be ashamed of what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by AMANDA Y. on .

Posted by CHRISTI P. on .
The staff made me feel very comfortable and I am so glad I made the decisions to start this process.

Posted by MICHELE S. on .
I was told that, for my particular problem( dark under-eye circles), they could not offer any services that would remedy it aside from some topical applications, since they cannot laser within the orbital area of the eye and they don't offer thermage. I cannot use any creams, however, because I suffer from extreme dry eye (even with ductal plugs). I have tried creams, and they greatly exacerbate my condition. I was disappointed, but grateful that they were honest -- and I didn't pour my money down a hole for nothing.

Posted by DAVID G. on .
Specialist didn't have answers for length of procedure, or amount of pain with procedure. Seemed very confused about some of the terms. She offered me a plan for 4 treatments priced at $1750, or 4 treatments priced at $2000 with "free acne kit". There was absolutely no difference in the procedures except the $2000 treatment included "free acne kit". I didn't want to embarrass her and say it but it was quite obvious she was just charging me $250 for the acne kit. Kept saying "I'll throw in the acne kit". Also, no information packets or pictures what so ever regarding the e-matrix procedure. Felt very uninformed and unsure what the procedure would be like. Having an R/N perform the procedure versus an MD was also a major turnoff.

Posted by JOAN G. on .
After consultation with Jaime I had the procedure. I felt comfortable and have scheduled further appointments.

Posted by KERRI R. on .
I enjoyed the my visit and have recommended others already. I do on the other hand feel that I am not sure if I got the best for my money. I did see that it was buy one get one free so I am curious if I actually got a good deal. Either way I am happy so far with your services and have recommended others to visit you.

Posted by KELLY H. on .
I really enjoyed the staff at the American Laser center in Rochester. I did feel that the price was a little high but seeing as the product was at a "buy one get one" level at the moment and I also had $300 off because I signed up to check it out online, it seemed like a good deal. I haven't noticed much hair removal yet but I was well informed about how the product works so I am looking forward to it.

Posted by KELLY H. on .
The consult went great. I decided to go with the treatments because the services were buy one, get one free and I was also offered $300.00 off by signing up through this website. It was a great deal and they seemed very professional. They even performed my first procedures that same night.

Posted by MICHELLE W. on .
The people were very personable and honest about treatment procedures and I look forward to working with them.

Posted by DONNA M. on .
I scheduled the consultation and procedure for the same time, so I have already gone through the first session. I went ahead with the procedure based on the professionalism of the staff and my comfort level with them. They did an excellent job.

Posted by HENRY (HANK) G. on .
An all around awesome experience. A demonstration helped ease any feelings of discomfort that was causing reservations that would have discouraged having the facial procedure. I'm looking forward to the next time. the staff was friendly, very pleasant and I enjoyed the consultation.

Posted by LYNDSAY C. on .
Everyone was very pleasant and sweet, I've been back twice since then and each experience was comfortable and professional.

Posted by ROSEMARIE B. on .
I had a very positive experience. Too bad you couldn't help me because the hair on my chin is grey. Yet, Nicole sold beauty products to my daughter and this is young lady is very much in charge, very positive and knowledgeable. Beautiful skin too. We'll be back.

Posted by MICHAEL F. on .
The office staff was excellent and made the difference in my decision to proceed.

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