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Unlike the Liberty Bell, cosmetic flaws don't tend to be very flattering on people. However, there is a way to fight back against premature wrinkles, cellulite, and unwanted hair-- without the wasted time of over-the-counter products or wasted money of major surgery. The most advanced, least stressful, and longest lasting aesthetic treatments today can be found at American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Downtown Philadelphia, where your best wishes are their number one concern.

For the patients at American Laser Skincare of Philadelphia, Laser Hair Removal represents a hopeful new era in cosmetic improvement. Not to be confused with the painful, sometimes sketchy laser procedures of decades past, modern Laser Hair Removal in Philadelphia has taken on a new form, thanks to advances in laser technology, and the inclusion of radio frequency therapy in the removal process. Now, every patient can experience a hair removal session that is custom designed to effectively remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body, regardless of the person's skin or hair type. American Laser Skincare even gives clients their Lifetime Appearance Promise for total hair-free security.

The knowledgeable American Laser Skincare staff are also very confident about their treatments for Skin Rejuvenation in Philadelphia. Rather than trying to cover the wide range of skin imperfections with one static procedure, American Laser Skincare is prepared to adapt to any condition, of varying locations and severities. This is because American Laser Skincare has multiple, first-rate treatment options at their disposal. For wrinkle removal and the treatment of age spots, rosacea, or sun damage, many specialists will suggest IPL Photofacial. Philadelphia patients also benefit from the option of excellent alternatives like Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Microdermabrasion. In Philadelphia's American Laser Skincare clinic, you can even receive steady treatments of VelaShape™, one of the best high-tech, body shaping procedures to emerge in recent years.

Philadelphia wrinkle removal patients can also enjoy the benefits of Radiesse injections, Juvederm injections and Botox injections at American Laser Centers! Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, Washington Square and Downtown Philly's wrinkles, thin lips and aging skin can be corrected conveniently and beautifully, with one of American Laser Skincare's dermal injectable solutions!

Don't make excuses for your imperfections— erase them! It's much easier than you ever imagined, and it can start by scheduling your FREE consultation today with American Laser Centers of Downtown Philadelphia, PA.

eMatrix Comes to American Laser Skincare
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Downtown Philadelphia, PA, will soon be welcoming guests to try a new, state-of-the-art skin care solution. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system accurately corrects loose, sagging skin, minor wrinkles, and acne scars, all without the use of lasers or invasive surgery. In Downtown Philadelphia, American Laser Skincare plans to roll out this procedure in 2011, bringing eMatrix to patients from all around Camden, Yeadon and Upper Darby.

Patient Reviews:

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Thank you for all your help and guidance through my consultation process. I am very happy with experience so far. I'm already seeing results and look forward to seeing my facial lip hair gone forever!

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was fast, easy, nice, but just unaffordable at the moment i also think that 100 characters is a little too much for a comment for someone who only came for a consultation. I cannot really tell more.

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I would have liked to have seen before and after photos but she said because of HIPA she can't. I did not think to ask for credentials of the person doing the procedure and she didn't offer to tell me. It's a pain to park in center city and it can be helpful to tell people it's on the 21st floor. Other than that it was good, I am still going to do it.

Amy Was Polite & Helpful

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amy the clinic manager was very polite and helpful

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Pleasant experience looking forward to the procedure to see if I get the results I am hoping for.

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At first it seemed like things were misleading since I signed up to talk about mesotherapy which was not something that American lasers offers or really knew much about. However, then I later realized that American Lasers does the only FDA approved method of removing cellulite and firming the body, so I guess the expensive price is worth it if you really aren't feeling that happy. It is all still overwhelming, but everyone was very sweet and made me feel much more comfortable with my decision.

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I am looking forward to the procedure and services. Thank you.

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no comment

Confident In American Laser's Work

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My consultant was Kate McGowan. She was absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, and professional. I feel so confident about my procedures I selected. I am very excited cannot wait to see the results!

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I also was offered a package of procedures (10) which is beyond what I can afford, and they did not have a clear answer for the efficacy of a smaller number of procedures. I am checking prices and effectiveness of smaller number of procedures to take an informed decision if this will be worth it.

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They were very nice and I felt okay about the credentials considering it's part of a national network. They were able to schedule the first of six visits that day, so I'm already in progress and have my fingers crossed that it will be a good investment. Very easy to set up the appointment. Thank you.

Wonderful Consultation With Jenny

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The meeting I had with Jenny was very positive. She was very friendly, pleasant and knowledgeable and allowed me to feel at ease in moving forward with the procedure.

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Nice experience so far -- Hopefully the procedure goes as well!

The Whole Philly Staff Put Me At Ease

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The office manager at the Philadelphia location Lauren was a huge help to me.. She explained every little step to laser hair removal and it definitely calmed my nerves. I have already started the hair removal procedures and the nurse who did it Jenny was also a very nice person. She made sure that I wasn't in any unbearable pain and made my nerves subside.. The whole office was wonderful and I look forward to going back and completing my 6 sessions.. and than some.. Thanks again!!!

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I need more information about the doctors associated with this practice, their qualifications, their Board Certifications and their availability in the Graduate Hospital Office. I also feel that I need more info. from a doctor about the effectiveness and the safety of the procedure we discussed. I called the office back yesterday after my apptment. and was given an e-mail address for a doctor and told to e-mail her which I have done. I would feel more comfortable if a doctor or a nurse were available in the office to talk to either in person or by phone. The specialist yesterday said that the person doing my procedure would be sent to another state for a few days sometime soon to be trained before starting to do the procedures in this office. This did not make me feel comfortable or assured that I was in the hands of a Board certified professional like a doctor or a nurse. I also did not like feeling that this technician would have no prior experience doing this procedure. I would appreciate a phone call back from an administrator in this Association. Thank you. (856) 727-0858

Spotless Office

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I was very happy with my consultation, the staff and the office I visited. The office was spotless. I was seen at my appointed time. I was in and out of the office in no time at all.

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What are the risks for this procedure?

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During my consultation it was determined that I am not a candidate for the procedure.

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laser treatment not recommended at the present time as products are the 1st course of treatment, therefore the survey did not really apply to me.

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The consultation was good. They did a free pre-laser testing on my skin and I am excited to get one soon.

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The consultant was extremely warm, informed, and helpful. My current indecision is not about having laser hair removal done, it's that I'm not yet clear on the differences in laser technology among the different providers.

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I would like to have the procedure done, but at this time my finances can not allow me. I will Have the procedure done within this year.

Would Recommend Jill To Anyone

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Jill was very informative and helped me make the correct decision. She was so good that my boyfriend is now really considering getting hair removal done by American Laser Centers as well. I would hands down recommend her consultation to anyone.

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Other: is because for the money I'm paying I'd want a life time guarantee, not just a 2yr one. However, i'm still considering to get it done.

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I'm satisfied with the consultation.


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Very friendly staff.

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