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Much like King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the fields of Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation have been developing at quite an accelerated rate in recent years. Keeping up with every advance along the way, American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) is still the name you can trust when it comes to the absolute finest in cosmetic services.

At American Laser Skincare's facility in King of Prussia, Laser Hair Removal specialists make their Lifetime Appearance Promise for any patient who completes the necessary series of treatments. It doesn't matter what your skin tone or hair pigmentation might be. American Laser Skincare can custom format your hair removal procedure to be most compatible with your exact characteristics. It's all a part of American Laser Skincare's unique hair removal protocol, which is changing the shape of Laser Hair Removal in Pennsylvania today. Gone are the days of painful, risky laser surgeries. Instead, you can expect leisurely, totally safe treatments that utilize radio frequency energy in league with precision lasers. These forces combine to get rid of unwanted hair and keep it gone for good.

And let's not forget about the services available in Skin Rejuvenation! In Pennsylvania, the weather can do a number on your skin. So why not reclaim your youthful glow by fighting back against premature wrinkles, age spots, large pores, and other skin imperfections? At American Laser Skincare King of Prussia, Photofacial treatments are used to tackle these common flaws in the face, increasing the body's collagen production and adding fullness and smoothness to the skin. For other customers in King of Prussia, Microdermabrasion and Laser Skin Rejuvenation are the anti-wrinkle treatments of choice. For exciting new treatments in body contouring and skin tightening, American Laser Skincare offers VelaShape™ and Refirme™ in King of Prussia. VelaShape™ shapes the skin by deep massaging the area and stimulating the skin with infrared and radio frequency energy. The results rarely disappoint.

For effective wrinkle removal, lip augmentation and facial rejuvenation in King of Prussia, Juvederm injections, Radiesse injections and Botox injections at American Laser Skincare might be the answer!

It's easy to put yourself in line for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation in King of Prussia or the greater Philadelphia area. Just make the call for your FREE consultation, and see what American Laser Skincare can do for you!

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
An exciting new skin rejuvenation solution is coming to American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers). The eMatrix™ system uses sublative rejuvenation™ technology to treat underlying damaged dermal tissue, without harming or removing surface skin. Customers in greater King of Prussia, Bridgeport, Colonial Village, and Kings Manor interested in eMatrix can find it soon at American Laser Skincare of King of Prussia.

Patient Reviews:

Posted by PEG C. on .
They made me feel comfortable and welcome without being overly welcoming.

Posted by DENISE G. on .
Need to wait for fall/winter season when I do not have any sun exposure. Also, this will give me time to save up.

Posted by ED H. on .
Everyone was friendly and professional. The minimum characters for this section of the survey should be smaller.

Posted by JANNA Y. on .
I plan on doing this procedure but in time. I didnt like how the procedure was one flat rate. They told me over the phone I had to come in to get poricing for my individual self and that was false.

Posted by FIAZA K. on .
Nice staff and very professsional.

Posted by TONYA S. on .
I scheduled my first eMatrix appointment in the next few weeks. I have moderate - severe acne and I feel like I have tried almost everything (with the exception of Accutane), so I am excited to try this and I pray that it works!

Posted by ROBERT H. on .
everything seems o.k. just hope to get the results i'm looking for.

Posted by MELISSA Y. on .
"The office was easily accessible, easy to find, and convenient parking." ... When I scheduled the appointment, received the confirmation email and received a confirmation phone call a day or two before the appointment, the address of the facility was confirmed. When I arrived the day of, I went to the address provided to me all three times, but had trouble locating the office within the building. Finally, someone unrelated to the facility informed me that the office had moved to another building. I eventually found the office and made it to the appointment, but the run-around started things off on a negative note.

Posted by WENDY M. on .
I would have liked to have been offered other payment opportunities than just a set plan of by appointment. I feel the number of appointments in my plan will be over the amount necessary to complete the procedure. I am not unhappy at all with the procedure, but I would have liked to have been presented with other options than just set plans. Thank you.

Posted by JASMINE M. on .
Jasmine is too young for the procedure. We will wait until she reaches the age of 12. We were fully satisfied with the consultation and will come back in due time.

Posted by MICHAEL K. on .
The office manager, christine, was the highlight of the visit. she is warm and charming and genuinely made me feel comfortable. however, I will be choosing another facility because i was not impressed with the waiting room and the surrounding offices.

Posted by PAULETTE P. on .
I spoke with Beckey, She was very nice but the price was $2500.00 more expensive than another local laser hair removal company. I appreciated the time that she took to explain the procedure. I just do not see the need to spend the extra money if I can have the exact same package for such a lower cost.

Posted by MIKE D. on .
Misleading - The call center that setup the consultation explained my procedure will more than likely take 2 treatments at just under $500 each. So I was expecting to spend under $1000 for hair removal on my back. The first price given to me was a $2500+ figure. I would not have wasted my time or yours for this. Sale Tactics - Quoted hair removal on back and abdomen. Back was at $2500+ and Abdomen at $1800+. Decided against both, so they through the Abdomen in with the Back. Great, but my response is still way to high. I expected full price for both to be about $1000 each. Therefore, my expectation for both is $1800 - $2000. I would rather have Laser Eye Surgery.

Posted by JESSICA B. on .
Everyone was very friendly and I look forward to the procedures and what they will do for me. Thank you very much!

Posted by STACY H. on .
The cost was higher than another place I visited. But chose this place only because they have other locations across the country that I can transfer the package I purchased to. I was dissappointed that they did not gaurentee their work for life. I had my first treatment and was also surprised that the technician told me it would take up to 12 visits to complete the process but during the consultation I was made to believe that it would be very unlikely to need more than 6. I liked the office staff, they were very friendly and helpful. I know that I chose hastily because I wanted to just get started.

Posted by CAROLYN M. on .
The consultant explained the procedure but I did not meet with any of the people who actually do the procedure. She did not say if she actually does the procedure - I assumed not. Did not see any before or after pictures. Thank you.

Posted by CARLOS C. on .
not an ideal candidate for the procedure with questionable outcomes anticipated

Posted by LINDA K. on .
I can not remember how much it cost. I do remember I got 25% off. ($1000??) I just want this hair removed as quickly as possible. I have had 2 sessions so far and my third will be in October. Thanx

Posted by MEG V. on .
They were very helpful and worked with my budget

Posted by MARIANNE V. on .
Staff was friendly and professional

Posted by STEPHANIE B. on .
Can't wait!

Posted by CAROL V. on .
Regarding this question asked of me: "The consultant gave me the opportunity to review the credentials of their laser operators and I feel comfortable with their qualifications." I was told that the procedures are done either by a licensed physician or would be supervised by a licensed physician, but I'm not sure this was the case. A very nice woman by the name of Linda performed my first laser treatment, but I don't really know much about her...i.e. Is she a licensed physician? Erica was quick to point out during my consultation that great care is needed when choosing a laser hair removal company, because pretty much anyone can acquire the necessary equipment. But after having talked to Erica, I felt confident I was in the right place. Now, since I've been given a day to think about everything, I'm not sure about the qualifications of the individuals. Don't get me wrong....they were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They made me feel very comfortable about the whole thing. However, I wasn't made aware of Linda's qualifications, and I would like to know I am receiving what I was told I would be by a licensed physician. Or at least, care supervised by a licensed physician. Thanks.

Posted by ELIZABETH M. on .
The only "complaint" is that the manager who consulted me told me that I would see results within a few weeks and the woman that actually did the procedure told me that it would take all six treatments to see results. I'm not sure which is the case. I did get to have my first treatment directly after my consultation because there had been a cancellation. That was great. Everyone was extremely professional and curtious. It was an overall great experience.

Posted by TONY A. on .
Too Expensive.

Posted by MICHELLE F. on .
My first appointment for the procedure is today and I am very excited :) Erika was very nice, informative and helpful.

Posted by MEG W. on .
clearly this consultant is my best geographic answer. I respect and trust the manager who interviewed me, however I need to do more research and feel totally comfortable before I make a commitment as I live 3 hrs drive away and need to build in scheduling and financial issues as best I can.

Posted by ANGEL V. on .
My opinion of my consultation is the following: 1)I felt a bit of a hard sell at the end of my consultation, ex. $50 off for this week, holiday gift cards being offered at the present time, and after I wasn't making a decision today it became clear that there may be different discounts that I could inquire about when/if I made a decision in the near future. 2)when I arrived no one was at the front desk and I waited a while maybe 5-7 minutes, in the defense of the office manager she said she called me but unfortunately at my home #, and I was at work. But what upset me was a technician came out & didn't even acknowledge me. And while I was in my consultation we were interrupted twice, once by a technician, and once we ignored the knock. 3) conflicting info: when i called I was told the company had been arround for 7 years, the woman I spoke to at the center said about 4. 4) no doctor on premises, when I thought differently. 5) this isn't the offices fault, but 2 voicetress clients in reception area, and they didn't reflect well on your clientele. 6)Was told if I went for the payment plan which I wanted, (not because of the cost, but because I didn't want to pay for a yearly procedure that I may not like, I didn't think I would be getting a refund if I didn't care for the results) I would have to pay in advance since the centers time was valuable. This really wasn't the thing to say after I just waited. 7) center was clean, office manager was knowledgeable, she also was a statisfied customer, she was respectful. 8) I thought the center would resemble a doctor's office, the office wants to look medical, but it doesn't seem authentic. I apologize for any mispelled words or bad punctuation. At this time I personally would prefer to have laser hair removal preformed in a doctor's office.

Posted by MANISHA V. on .
I've had a bad past experience with this type of procdure, so I am weary about doing it again. I want to be sure I am comforatble with the equipment being used by the facility as well as the people using them. As well, I don't want to be over charged for a procedure that could be done by another facility at a cheaper price. Time and money are both very important to me and I can't afford to waste either.

Posted by CURT C. on .
Very professional and helpful. If I do plan on having this procedure, I will go through this company.

Posted by QUIANA H. on .
everything is great and i look forward to having an ingrown hair free life. However, i will not be able to afford this procedure until another 2 or so months. i am in the middle of finding a new job and my husband is taking care of all bills for now. But i will DEFINITLY be getting this procedure.

Posted by MAUREEN M. on .
Everybody that I met in the office seemed very personable and professional and I can't wait to get started on the procedure!

Posted by JOYLYN B. on .
I went for the consultation and had my first treatment that same night. They worked out the financing with me there, right over the phone. Everything was great!

Posted by SERPIL O. on .
I will have this procedure in my home country, because it is much cheaper.

Posted by ANTONIO H. on .
everything was just fine

Posted by JENIFER S. on .
I did schedule to have the procedure done. However, I don't understand why you can't pay every time you go for a visit. It's very expensive to pay in one lump sum. I also questioned if the practice wasn't a little shady. I felt as though they wanted all your money upfront in case they go bankrupt. That way they have your money and you are out of luck with the following procedures.

Posted by ROBERT F. on .
As impressive as the technology is, it is a let down that the program would take me 3 yrs. to complete.

Posted by VICTORIA S. on .
The staff was polite and helpful.

Posted by FRANK T. on .
I feel the benefit of this procedure does not out weigh the cost of the procedure.

Posted by LAURA O. on .
I had already scheduled my first treatment prior to my consultation based on the information given to me over the phone. I did have a complete consultation just prior to my first treatment and was very satisfied with the professionalism of the staff and company. The only thing I was a little thrown by was the cost. I was told on the phone that it would be $599 per area for 6 visits each and 2 yr guaranty. When I got there, it was $599 for an upper lip treatment and twice that for the other areas I mentioned on the phone. She did work with me and came to what I felt was VERY reasonable. The office was clean and comfortable and the staff was very friendly, professional and made me feel at ease and welcome - even on a hot Saturday morning! Thanks to them and I look forward to my second treatment in July!

Posted by JOSEPH E. on .
The staff was very professional and very helpful. It was a pleasure meeting them all and I am looking forward to continuing my treatments with them.

Posted by KRISTEN V. on .
I went on two other consultations before hand, and another consultation after this one, totaling 4 consultations all together at 4 different facilities. The price for the last doctor I saw was approx. 65% less than the office I am surveying about. Also, the office I am surveying about had a flat-rate for the entire face, however, I only wanted to get part of my face treated. Because of this, I felt like I was paying for treatment that I did not want and was not getting. The facility I decided to use also uses the same high-tech equipment, and is done in the same way, and like I said before is much less expensive. The facility I am surveying seemed pushy about scheduling 6 sessions and pre-paying up front, or getting financing through them. The facility I decided to go with lets me pay as I go, at my convenience, and only scheduling treatments as they are needed. Despite all of the mentioned above, the office personel was very nice and personable, and did make me feel comfortable.

Posted by SARA F. on .
I was dissapointed because I was told over the phone when I scheduled the consultation that if I like everything, I could have my first treatment that day. She even said she put me in for a 45 minute slot because I was pretty sure I was going to have it done. This info was never communicated to the King of Prussia office however and I now have to drive another 2 hours later this week to have my first session. Erica at the KOP office was wonderful, and I in no way blame her at all for the snafu, I was just dissapointed.

Posted by MARIA A. on .
I was made to feel very comfortable with my consultant during our meeting. It was alot of information and after I left there were a few questions that I wish I could have asked again or gotten further clarification. I'm sure that is to be expected though. I did go onto the website as advised and sent a form with a few more quesions that way. I am waiting to hear back with some answers.

Posted by JENNIFER M. on .
Being an esthetician I cannot have any hair growth showing on my face and not waxing or tweezing would not be suitable in my line of work. Will hold off on my decision. Also cost is high when waxing is cost efficient for me personally and hair growth return is comparible.

Posted by ERIC R. on .
Erika was very pleasant and very helpful. I had my first procedure today and it was wonderful...thanks to the specialists and Erika. I will recommend American Laser Center to all my friends.

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