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There's no shame in hiring a professional to take care of some of the vital aesthetic aspects of your life: a redecorated home, a freshly painted car, a landscaping design in your yard. Shouldn't you invest the same level of trust into your own cosmetic improvement? American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) is the leading, nationwide network of licensed aesthetic professionals in the country, and you can count on American Laser Skincare of Bucks County (located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania)to help you look your best, with the least amount of stress!

At American Laser Skincare of Bucks County, Laser Hair Removal is certainly a specialty. This is because the expert technicians use only the most sophisticated equipment and techniques to assure every customer the most precise, thorough, and risk-free procedure available today. Drawing people from as far away as Philadelphia, Laser Hair Removal treatments at American Laser Skincare of Bucks County are unique, in that both laser and radio frequency energy are used in the process. This combination approach gives technicians greater ability to adapt the treatment to the specific nature of your skin tone and hair pigmentation, optimizing the effectiveness of each subsequent session. Once you're last treatment is complete, American Laser Skincare guarantees that your skin will remain smooth, with reduced regrowth of unwanted hair!

You might also want to look into Skin Rejuvenation in Bucks County, where the American Laser Skincare staff has mastered some of the top treatments available near Philadelphia. Photofacial treatments in Bucks County, for example, gradually erase wrinkles, age spots, large pores, and other imperfections by stimulating the skin with an intense pulsed light therapy. The aluminum oxide spray treatment Microdermabrasion is also commonly prescribed, as are American Laser Skincare's unique methods of Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening. For anyone focused on body shaping or cellulite removal in Bucks County, VelaShape™ could very well be the perfect treatment for you.

For effective facial rejuvenation, lip augmentation and wrinkle removal in Langhorne, Radiesse injections, Botox injections and Juvederm injections at American Laser Skincare might be the best answer for aging men and women!

Obviously, American Laser Skincare is well equipped to handle whatever cosmetic conditions might be thrown at them by the people of Pennsylvania. Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation are more affordable and more effective than ever, so let the professionals help you look and feel better today. Contact us to schedule your free consultation!

eMatrix Comes to American Laser Skincare
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Langhorne, PA, will soon be welcoming guests to try a new, state-of-the-art skin care solution. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system accurately corrects loose, sagging skin, minor wrinkles, and acne scars, all without the use of lasers or invasive surgery. In Langhorne, American Laser Skincare plans to roll out this procedure in 2011, bringing eMatrix to patients from all around Bridgetown, Highland Park and Woodbourne.

Patient Reviews:

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Sherri said everything went really great and it exceeded her expectations. She is very happy with everything.

Looking Forward To Botox Injections

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I look forward to the appt. I had all my questions answered and felt that if I was not satisfied with the Botox after a week or two that I could get a tweak. I am limited on money so that made me decide to make the appt. If she did not offer that I would not have returned.

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I was very happy with my visit. The adviser was able to answer all of my questions and very helping to cover my every concern.

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Not worth the money for the procedure

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no comments

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Very professional; got a good understanding of what the procedure is like and what the end results could be

Thank You

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Thank you so much for your time and patience.

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The laser hair removal "specialists" at Levittown senter do not work professionally. They work too fast on my body, like they are always in a hurry, skipping some areas of my body (which I paid for), and acting that they don't care or do not notice. I paid big money for this service, and I would like these cosmetologists to take their time and work patiently, miticulously, and accurately. One lady I should menion, though - Rachel. She was really amazing, caring, helping, and working on my body wery well and accurately. I actually felt that I lost MUCH more hair after her session with me than after the sessions with other women cosmetologists working in Levittown office.

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The laser hair removal "specialists" at Levittown senter do not work professionally. They work too fast on my body, like they are always in a hurry, skipping some parts, and acting that they don't care or do not notice. I paid big money for this service, and I would like these cosmetologists to take their time and work patiently, miticulously, and accurately.

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I felt confortable with the staff

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It would have been nice if the esthetician looked or even ask me first what I truly would like to have done or looked at my face before slapping on cold cream. It would have been nice and would have been what I was looking for. The consultation sucked it was all about money. Not professional. Take some pride in the individual. I want a certain touch when it comes to my face. look at her from a lamp magnifying glass. I will let her know next time Im there. Exactly what I want her to do. Geeez

Appreciate The Information

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Alyssa did a really amazing job of fully explaining the eMatrix system. I am unable to afford this procedure at this point but appreciated the information and was impressed by the before and after pictures.

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Overall felt was good.

Lisa Is Awesome!

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I was very satisfied with the way Lisa explained things to me. I had a consultation with another company 4 days prior and they weren't nearly as informative as Lisa was. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to my treatments. Lisa is awesome!

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The visit was very informative. I felt comfortable with the overall environment in the offices.The staff was pleasant and professional. After the consultation, I began the process.

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I have a few more questions that I need to address. I am not saying that they were not already addressed, I may just not remember.

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Before and after photo album not available at time of consultation and signing of contract

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