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It's not easy to get noticed in a city as aesthetically distracting as beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is especially true when your own personal appearance is marred by the onset of premature wrinkles, cellulite, or unwanted hair. There is no reason to let such conditions keep you from displaying your proverbial feathers, however. American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of San Juan has the expert staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and advanced treatment solutions to get you looking your best in less time than you think.

Laser Hair Removal in San Juan has become all the rage, as people are flocking to the one treatment that can put them back in their bathing suits and make shaving, waxing, and tweezing obsolete. To permanently reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair, American Laser Skincare's licensed technicians use a unique combo of radio frequency therapy and laser technology to accurately and completely remove targeted hair on any space of the body, regardless of a patient's skin tone or hair characteristics (pigment and thickness). Plus, the procedure is relatively painless with little to no risk of side effects.

Another specialty at American Laser Skincare of San Juan, Skin Rejuvenation treatments include some of the very best names in international cosmetic improvement techniques. For body shaping and cellulite removal, patients usually receive treatments of VelaShape™ in San Juan. Photofacial treatments, meanwhile, work fantastically in the areas of wrinkle removal, as well as clearing away age spots, large pores, or rosacea. Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Microdermabrasion can achieve equally dramatic results after just a handful of 15-30 minute, relaxed treatment sessions. The best procedure for you depends on all the factors of your condition and your own physical make-up, but you can be sure that the experienced American Laser Skincare staff will always lead you in the right direction.

Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal in Puerto Rico have entered a golden era, and anyone in the region is welcome to discover the incredible benefits of these procedures today. For starters, simply schedule your no-hassle, FREE consultation with American Laser Skincare of San Juan. It'll be the first step toward a new you!

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of San Juan, Puerto Rico is introducing a new treatment to its local facility. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system is a non-invasive, non-laser treatment that targets acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, improving the overall tightness and smoothness of the skin. If not in use already, American Laser Skincare will soon be rolling out this new treatment at its San Juan office, offering eMatrix™ to greater San Juan, Santurce, Catano, Levittown, Guaynabo, Candelaria, Bayamon, Trujillo Alto, Dorado, Toa Alta, Carolina, Aguas Buenas, Naranjito, Loiza and Vega Alta.

Patient Reviews:

Excellent Staff In San Juan

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The staff was so excellent. Overall everybody. The first one I met explained everything to me. I think her name was Kara, she was so helpful explaining everything to me.

Have Great Expectations

Posted by on .
Good service... I love to receive offers procedures. I have a great expectation that the procedure will improve my condition 4 sections of acne marks. This depends if I make a second treatment because my condition is severe.

Found Better Prices Elsewhere

Posted by on .
I did not purchase any services because I found better prices in other place with same results.

Satisfied With Consultation

Posted by on .
They answered my questions and offered me financing options. I was satisfied with the consultation and the special offer they provided. I think that the special offer helped me in my decision.


Posted by on .
I will start with the first procedure (face) the will start with the other procedure for cellulite reduction. I'm sacrificing, however will like a more convenient payment agreement since it is expensive for me.

Long Wait Time Turned Me Off

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I was at the office 10 minutes PRIOR to my appointment 10:20AM and I was the ONLY client at the office, they gave me some papers to felt, 30 minutes went with no answer. My appointment was at 10:30AM and by 10:50AM I was still waiting. I thought that if this is how the first appointment is going to be, the next visits are going to be worst, so I decide to have this procedure with a different specialist.

Don't Like Having To Spend Additional Money On Products

Posted by on .
The staff was very friendly and I have nothing bad to say but I didn't like that I was forced to purchase 64 dollar firming lotion. I guess it's part of the process but for paying over 2000 I think it should be included!

Quite Costly

Posted by on .
I had an appointment for my first treatment, the following week after the consultation and on my way there I called to check if I could arrive earlier and I was not in the appointment list so I could not go. The manager had given me that appointment, she apparently had not logged it into the computer. I think that if a business is that busy and doesn't have room for appointments, they shouldn't keep getting customers and give them bad customer service. I have waited more than a month to get my first arm and under arm treatment. This treatment isn't free, it's quite costly. I hope this will help in some way.

Service Varies Too Much

Posted by on .
The personnel was courteous. But the service provider varies from one to another, I mean very different. The firsts Skin tightening were performed poorly. The last skin tightening was done properly (March 20) on different areas of my face including the jaw line, the first one was not performed the same way, was performed randomly all over the face. This provider spent the time needed to perform this treatment, as it should be. I think there should be more supervision to insure properly service to clients.

Extremely Expensive

Posted by on .
extremely expensive and benefits for paying at appointments is unrealistic.

Pleasant, Clean, & Comfortable -- But Costly "Essentials" Are Annoying

Posted by on .
I would have liked for the specialist to know more about exactly how the procedure works, in particular, why the laser hair removal process also "evens out" the skin's appearance and reduces hyper-pigmentation. She said that it would, but seemed to have no idea why. Secondly, the procedure is very expensive, but of course I had a chance to evaluate the costs before making a decision. However, I was frustrated to find additional expenses tacked on after the procedure. I paid over $2500 for what was described as a "package", but then had to pay another $58 for a small bottle of lotion said to be "essential" for good results. If it's essential, it should be part of the package. These unanticipated costs, even though they are small compared to the total cost of the procedure, undermine my trust and make me feel taken advantage of. Other than that, the facility was pleasant, clean, and comfortable and the staff were professional and friendly. I hope the hair removal works.

Confident Treatment Will Be Successful

Posted by on .
Thanks to the information that the specialist give me, I was able to make a decision and felt confident about the procedure.

Experience Thus Far Has Been Good

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My Experience has been good so far. I am not seeing the results as fast as I would like but I will wait until all of the appointments have been done. Also because I am in Puerto Rico most of the technicians that are working don't speak english so the language barrier is a slight problem.

Beginning Treatment Today

Posted by on .
I have my first procedure scheduled for today. I hope the experience is as great as the consultation.

Performs the following procedures:

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