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The future has arrived at American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Greenville, South Carolina! Backed by a national network of licensed professionals in the cosmetic field, American Laser Skincare has absorbed all of the latest advances in technology and techniques, giving customers the very best in modern Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal.

Greenville is a beautiful town with the pleasant Southern climate that entices its residents to spend a lot of time outside. Unfortunately, this exposure to weather and sun can accelerate the emergence of certain skin conditions, including typically age related flaws like wrinkles, age spots, and large pores. At American Laser Skincare of Greenville, Skin Rejuvenation treatments target these imperfections and help return the skin to a youthful smoothness and elasticity. There are many first rate treatment options available in Greenville: Photofacial, Microdermabrasion, Laser Skin Rejuvenation. They all get results, and you can even receive combination treatments to great effect. American Laser Skincare is also now offering VelaShape™ in Greenville, which is one of the top new body contouring treatments in the country.

Lest we forget, Laser Hair Removal in Greenville is also hotly in demand. A nice climate also means bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and tank tops-- clothes that people with unwanted hair might be hesitant to wear. Luckily, American Laser Skincare Greenville Laser Hair Removal treatments work for people of all hair and skin types, quickly and thoroughly destroying unwanted hair without the pain or scarring risks of old fashioned techniques. You'll be satisfied with your smooth skin after completing the treatment sessions, and better yet, you can walk away with American Laser Skincare's Lifetime Appearance Promise

The days of razors and skin creams are fading into history. Step into the future today by getting your FREE consultation with American Laser Skincare of Greenville, SC. Simply fill out the form to your right or follow the link below.

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
An exciting new skin rejuvenation solution is coming to American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers). The eMatrix™ system uses sublative rejuvenation™ technology to treat underlying damaged dermal tissue, without harming or removing surface skin. Customers in greater Greenville, Judson, City View, and Nicholtown interested in eMatrix can find it soon at American Laser Skincare of Greenville.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation with American Laser Skincare in Greenville, SC today.

Patient Testimonials:

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"Lindsey was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I came away with better skin than when I had join going in. Thank you!"
TAMMY C. - Greeneville, SC

Customer Rating 4.5/5

"The office staff was so very kind and inviting. They made me feel at ease. The clinic manager was interested and very assuring that what I needed was common (within the African-American community)."
TRACY H. - Spartanburg, SC

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"Felt comfortable when being measured"
ANN S. - Moore, SC

Customer Rating 4.95/5

"Staff is nice and professional"
ILEANA R. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.65/5

"I felt that Amanda was knowledgeable and easy to talk to."
ALI S. - Sunset, SC

Customer Rating 4.95/5

"Amanda Lempesis certainly helped me decide to have Zerona at the American Laser Skincare. She was so patient with me and got the price down to my budget. She is a Godsend and a pleasure to work with."
LINDA G. - Augusta, GA

Customer Rating 4.35/5

"Amanda was great to get information about the procedure. If I decide to do this procedure in the future I want her to do it."
JASON C. - Lyman, SC

Customer Rating 4.45/5

"The staff at the office was very personable, professional and genuinely concerned with my well-being and overall satisfaction. "
AARON C. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 3.55/5

"the price is too high, the staf were good but i was wonderring why they did not see the skin or the hair color or other details. questions were only about what i will do in the future "
NORAH A. - Central, SC

Customer Rating 4.2/5

"I did not see before and after photos at the consultation but saw them online. I did not get to review credentials of the staff at the consultation but did a lot of research on the company before the appointment. Everything went well at the consultation and I am starting treatment on Wednesday."
AMBER A. - Taylors, SC

Customer Rating 4.8/5

"Over the top experience, excellent balance of comfort and professionalism... could not ask for more... thanks!"
CURT H. - Waxhaw, NC

Customer Rating 5/5

"very good experience all around. friendly and professional staff. helpful on the phone to set up initial appointment."
DONNA B. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 5/5

"Jamie was excellent at providing answers to all my questions as well as going over the procedure, post procedure, and payment of having the procedure done."
JAY R. - Seneca, SC

Customer Rating 3.6/5

"I have my first appt scheduled for May 5th. "
JEAN B. - Taylors, SC

Customer Rating 4.95/5

"Great experience."
GINGER C. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"When I walked into the waiting room, the receptionist was talking to a woman with her head stuck inside the glass window and did not even acknowledge my presence. My consultant walked in and asked if I had been helped, when I said no she got my paperwork right to me and we proceeded with my appointment. If it wasn't for her I probably would have walked out."
LYNN G. - Travelers Rest, SC

Customer Rating 4.35/5

"I was satisfied with the set up process and the visit. Some of the information listed in this survey was not provided to me but the lack of this information did not influence my decision."
SARAH H. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.95/5

"I was very pleased the way the entire staff worked together with making my visit so comfortable and relaxed."
REBA Z. - Piedmont, SC

Customer Rating 4.8/5

"I felt very good about the end results of the procedures to be done."
BUZ I. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4/5

"hello, im very happy, im need thank"
ANA C. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.65/5

"Very attentitive and pro fessional. "
MARYLOU D. - Newstrawn, KS

Customer Rating 4.65/5

"Kathy was extremely professional and helped with all my questions I had at the consultation. The staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. I can't wait to get started on my new body!!"
GAIL B. - Williamston, SC

Customer Rating 4.55/5

"The visit was fine. I had my first appointment the same day. "
DONNALYNN H. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.75/5

"Very friendly and excellent service"
SETH S. - Taylors, SC

Customer Rating 4.45/5

"I feel good about it and look forward to my treatments! "
KRISTIN L. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 5/5

"Had a good consultation but have not heard back and left two messages :( Frustrating!"
ANNA C. - Spartanburg, SC

Customer Rating 4.8/5

"Libby was amazing and very helpful and knowledgable, made us feel really comfortable and wasn't pushy at all! great experience! Just need to think about whether we can afford it or not. seriously thinking about it but we have to think about the cost. "
TAMARA E. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 3.8/5

"liby was nice and it was pleasant to talk to her. I think I found other place more suitable to have procedure."
CHIYOKO B. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.25/5

"The people at the Laser Center were very sweet and helpful!"
KRISTEN S. - Taylors, SC

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"I Still have several treatments to complete. Overall I am extremely satisfied in every aspect of the service and the personnel "
SYLVIA H. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4/5

"Your web site indicates that American Laser Center offers endermologie. That was the procedure I was interested in having performed, and that was the procedure that I made the appointment to discuss. When I arrived for my appointment, I was informed that endermologie was not offered at that office, but something much superior for cellulite reduction was offered instead. I have had endermologie before, while living in another state, and I was very happy with the results, at less than half the price I was quoted at American Laser Center for the so called "superior treatment". For your procedure I was quoted a price of 2,750 for ten treatments! Whereas with endermologie, (which I KNOW works for me), the cost was one hundred dollars per treatment, or slightly less for a package deal. I have no idea whether your product works or not, but 2,700 is too big of a risk to take to find out. At 360.00 per treatment, it's even too expensive to take a gamble on one to see what it's like. "
TAMMIE B. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.6/5

"Price was half normal for october and it was still over 3X the average for this area! I will NOT pay that much ever for this stuff!!!"
DAVID C. - Mauldin, SC

Customer Rating 4.4/5

"I do feel that the price is a little high and would appreciate a few more cupons to put toward my bill."
DJ R. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.4/5

"Experience was excellent, great staff and obvious concern for my needs."
BRANDY C. - Pendleton, SC

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"I thought Kathy Walsh was really great! I was uneasy about coming in and discussing what I needed done and she really made me feel very normal and comfortable."
KATE E. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.85/5

"Very professional service with nice people wanting to satisfy my needs. Excellent service."
GERRY L. - Central, SC

Customer Rating 4.15/5

"The directions to the location should be re-evaluated and re-written. I really enjoyed my experience and was pleased to find out that I could start the same day."
JILLIAN L. - Rock Hill, SC

Customer Rating 5/5

ALEX F. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.4/5

"Very professional and understanding organization."
GERRY L. - Central, SC

Customer Rating 4.8/5

"The lady whom I met with was outstanding and showed genuine care and enthusiasm for what I wanted to accomplish."
NICOLE S. - Greenville, SC

Customer Rating 4.4/5

"i received a new quote of 1200 for neck, chin, and lip. this is much more affordable but not now. i will need to wait until i search other options. a friend informed me of a plastic surgeon who will do the same procedure for $600. i plan to check with him as well."
SHERRY B. - Simpsonville, SC

Customer Rating 4.8/5

"Very nice technician and the entire staff was very hepful and proffesional. I would recommend them to anyone that is considering laser hair removal tx. Thank you!"
JACKELYN H. - Whttier, NC

Customer Rating 5/5

"It was a great experience. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I definitely want the procedure."
MARC S. - Simpsonville, SC

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