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You always want to look your best when you hit the town in Knoxville. Whether you're going to the big game, a day at the museum, or a concert downtown, personal aesthetics are often the way we introduce ourselves to the world. So when you find your image hindered by unwanted hair growth or the emergence of wrinkles, age spots, or cellulite, it's time to call on the expert help of American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Knoxville.

Skin Rejuvenation is both an art and a science, and at American Laser Skincare of Knoxville, Photofacial, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Microdermabrasion, and other cutting edge, anti-wrinkle treatments are performed by knowledgeable staff members who understand your unique needs. For patients in Knoxville, wrinkle removal, as well as the smoothing away of large pores, sun spots, and rosacea, is as simple as a series of brief, painless sessions, with no recovery time required. You can live your life as you normally would, while gradually improving your cosmetic appearance at the same time. Even if you've been plagued by the onset of tough cellulite or loose skin, the American Laser Skincare clinic offers VelaShape™ and Refirme™ skin tightening in Knoxville. Both Refirme™ and VelaShape™ treatments use infrared energy and radio frequency therapy to bring back that youthful smoothness to skin.

A similar combination of radio frequencies and laser power is used in modern Laser Hair Removal in Knoxville. Laser Hair Removal procedures at American Laser Skincare begin by carefully assessing the characteristics of the patient: skin type, hair color, genetic predispositions. These factors then play a role in how the American Laser Skincare technician will run the laser procedure. This custom feature has taken Laser Hair Removal to a incredible new level of safety and accuracy, with total removal now accomplished in often just a handful of harmless sessions. The goal for every patient is the same: get rid of unwanted hair and keep it away. At American Laser Skincare of Knoxville, Laser Hair Removal results are guaranteed to last, thanks to their Lifetime Appearance Promise. That's a lifetime free from shaving, tweezing, and waxing!

Don't let problem skin or unwanted hair derail your good time in Knoxville. Call us today or click on the link below to schedule a FREE consultation with American Laser Skincare of Knoxville, Tennessee.

American Laser Skincare Introduces eMatrix
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) is introducing a new treatment to its national network of aesthetic clinics. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system is a non-invasive, non-laser treatment that targets acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, improving the overall tightness and smoothness of the skin. If not in use already, American Laser Skincare will soon be rolling out this new treatment at its Knoxville office, offering eMatrix™ to greater Knoxville, Mechanicsville, Island Home and Marble City.


"The staff was wonderful and very helpful. After my consultation, I was able to proceed with the procedure that day, due to a cancellation that they had. This was wonderful for me because of the distance I live from the clinic. I will recommend them to my friends." —B.K., Knoxville

Patient Reviews:

Knowledgeable & Personable - Knoxville, TN

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Holly was extremely knowledgeable, and personable.


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Great! Staff was very friendly and helpful. Answered all of my questions with complete answers. I had my first ematrix did the very next Monday.


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I was surprised with ho reasonable the procedure was and how accomodating the staff was for me to get it done.

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I had the laser done yesterday on my face and was told that the redness and swelling would be gone by the next day.. my face looks like I have had a severe rash.. cannot put makeup on as originally told..I would have rather had more realistic expectations about recovery..

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I am having the ematrix. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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friendly staff

Can't Wait To See Their Smiling Faces Again

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I just can't give enough kudos to the staff. All of them were so cordial and professional and kind! You immediately feel like family. I loved every one of them and the Dr. was a wonderfully refreshing smiling face and so easy to talk to. I will continue treatments at this facility as i feel i could not possibly find anyone more qualified, knowledgeable, or friendly. I begin my treatments in December and as soon as I am financially able to do so, i will schedule another treatment their office provides. If I did not have attic damage from a storm this week, i would be starting the procedure tomorrow. I can't wait til December just to see their smiling, reassuring faces!!! I can without any regret recommend this office and its employees.

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I was very happy with my consultation. It was quick and easy and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Helpful & Caring

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Very helpful and caring staff. Was relieved that staff was so well informed and attentive to my concerns.

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We are trying to find a way to afford this, but we are trying to sell our house and cannot finance because we do not want to affect our credit score.

Posted by on .
Overall a very good experience. My next appt. is July 5th, 2010. R. Jones

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I liked the place alot and they make me feel very comfortable with what was going on. I didn't feel pushed to commit to the procedure, they were patient with me. I also feel that it's very professional and they could do they best job.

Wonderful, Helpful Staff

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The staff was wonderful and very helpful. After my consultation I was able to proceed with the procedure that day due to a cancellation that they had. This was wonderful for me because of the distance I live from the clinic. I will recommend them to my friends.

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Pictures could have been more clear. More picture for different situations. More specific pricing. (those with not as much hair, not as much surface area, etc)

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Pleased With Office & Staff

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I feel very pleased with the office and staff.

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Employee was very helpful and friendly, even tho I asked strange questions she'd never been asked before. And she was hot. But that's irrelevant. Yeah. Good place, and I'll probably be back once I get better credit and/or more cash on hand.

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Good job...first treatment went fine.

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I can't remeember the exact dollar amount of the price quote - I think it was $700 and something, but I have it written down at home.

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I'm the Vice President of a new company and find it hard to get away for lunch let alone two hours a week for this procedure. Once the business is running "on its own" and I can be away from the office more then I will seriously consider the procedure.

Excited About Having The Procedure Done

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I really enjoyed this consultation, and am excited about having this procedure done.

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