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Leading a life of adventure might not leave your skin in the best of conditions. Fortunately, American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) in Aventura, FL, can provide treatments that add skin luster and eliminate wrinkles and blemishes. American Laser Skincare is determined to stay at the forefront of high-tech equipment and provide only the best aesthetic skincare treatments in Aventura. VelaShape™ body contouring is the epitome of state-of-the-art. American Laser Skincare of Aventura’s VelaShape system can provide Miami with tighter skin and noticeably less cellulite. VelaShape employs both RF and infrared energy to enhance your body’s natural metabolism.

American Laser Skincare can tailor a skin care regime that will help your skin stay healthy and gorgeous for years to come. The Miami area gets all the benefits from the quality aesthetic treatments offered in Aventura. IPL Photofacial, VelaSmooth, Refirme™ Skin Tightening, Laser Hair Removal, and Skin Rejuvenation are just a few of the most popular. American Laser Skincare of Aventura’s IPL Photofacial service uses light to increase your body’s collagen production. Healthy collagen can be used to fight wrinkles, acne, large pores, and even stretch marks.

In addition to incredible laser skin treatments at American Laser Skincare, anti-aging patients can also choose from Restylane and Dysport injections in Aventura. Dysport, like Botox, uses the botulinum toxin type A to temporarily relax or freeze tense facial muscles and diminish deep wrinkles. Patients choose Restylane injections in Aventura to literally "fill in" wrinkles, and/or to restore aging facial areas where natural collagen is scarce. Contact our representatives for more information about Restylane or Dysport injections in Aventura, or to schedule your free Dysport consultation in greater Miami, FL!

Your days of adventure don’t have to end just because you’re getting older, you could look healthy and refreshed with just a few easy non-surgical skin care treatments.

eMatrix Comes to American Laser Skincare
American Laser Skincare (formerly known as American Laser Centers) of Aventura, FL, will soon be welcoming guests to try a new, state-of-the-art skin care solution. The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system accurately corrects loose, sagging skin, minor wrinkles, and acne scars, all without the use of lasers or invasive surgery. In Aventura, American Laser Skincare plans to roll out this procedure in 2011, bringing eMatrix to patients from all around Hallandale Beach, Golden Beach and Ives Estates.

Patient Reviews:

Great turn out with Laser Skincare

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Procedure done today, had Intense Pulsed Light, great,loved Daysi. Not certain why this need sot be a minimum of 100 characters but I am filling the space,change this.

The Best Experience

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Thank you so much, it was the best experience.

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I am bookes 4 today at noon and my partner has decide 2 come 4 a consultation 4 himself 4 e-matrix droopy eyes

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i have no comments to make

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I scheduled my matrix procedure on Thursday and hoping that will satisfied my needs.

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Erica was extremely friendly and helpful.

Hopefully The Botox Will Work

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Although the price for the procedure is a little higher than I anticipated, I am going forward with the procedure (Botox). And then based on the results that are achieved, I will make a decision as to whether I would continue this regimen of treatment with my current finances.

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The manager at the Adventura Fl office with whom I spoke was VERY pleasant and ready to go out of her way to help me get what I wanted done. Warm and yet professional.

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I want to let you that I'm considering to go ahead with the procedure, and want to ask if you would consider to do it for $1400...I can pay with 3 checks,that I would write the day I start the 3 checks,the first one right at the moment of the procedure, and the other two in the next 2 consecutive months.So, it would take 3 months to pay off the procedure. Regards, Luz Stella Infante 786-247-9464 (Cell) 786-284-8824 (Home)

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Based on the fact that there are at least 6 procedures necessary for this to actually result in possible success and considering the costs, there are no guarantees for success. The fact that maintenance would also be required, this procedure could prove financially prohibitive. Thank you for the opportunity to consult to better understand Velashape.

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Staff memember who scheduled my consultation on the phone was a big help. He should get a raise! ^_^

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I went for the consultation,,,and after I talked to the Assistant Manager ,I was convinced to do the procedure,,she told me lot of good things,,,I paid the full amount and I did the first treatment. I am kind disappointed from the first treatment,,I had my friend had his hair back removed in different place and he was very happy and satisied with less amount . Aventura is very convenient to me,,I hope next treatment will be better . It took her only 20 minutes for my first treatment full back and shoulders ,,and they did not explain to me good how to use the lotion ,,each one said something,,, I prefer after each treatment for the specialist to put the lotion on my back since it's a back and i cannot reach it,,that what happened to my friend in the other place. well, I hope i will get a better result in the second session,,,I purchased the full package ,I hope I did the right thing. Thanks for this survey,,it 's very helpfull

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I will wait another month or two. I want the treatment, but I have something else that can't not wait, then I will do the treatment.

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It was difficult to find the office, it seems the area is under rennovation? The lady who did the consultation was very nice, but obviously new and not fully confident with all the information. The other lady in the room did interject some information. I did feel a little pressure from them to book. The ladies were extremely professional and pleasant.

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I found this consultation and specialist very helpful and sincere. Highly recommended.

Great Team!

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Both Stacey and Ngan are great!

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I went ahead and had the first procedure. They were very helpful and professional. I highly recommend their office. The procedure was painless and the PA helped me to stay calm and relaxed. Thank you. Carolyn Daly

Professional & Friendly

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All of the staff members there made me feel very comfortable. They were all professional and friendly... and I cannot wait to see the results when I'm all through with the sessions.

Pleasant Experience From Start To Finish

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Very pleasant company... From scheduling the initial consultation down to the actual consultation itself, everything went very smoothly. The consultant was very knowledgeable and eager to answer my questions and hear of my concerns. I am very satisfied.

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I have performed the procedure years ago and had a negative experience. I'm afraid of spending that amount of money and it not working.

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Love the convenience of multiple locations. Price was right and staff was friendly.

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If I can be reminded of my payment options again and the time spacing between the meetings?

Very Happy With American Laser's Service

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I have been very happy with the service and the treatments I have had so far at the Aventura location. I am planning to schedule my next laser treatment at the new Miami Beach location since it is closer to my home, but I felt like driving to the Aventura office for my previous procedures was worth it because it was a pleasant experience.

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Office staff is always very friendly and helpful. Each of the staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting there has had the laser procedure done themselves on various areas of their body and it helps giv eme the confidence to follow through with my own procedures.

The Best!

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I love the performance and how the people are treating me there, they are the best!... I love them!

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i forgot to ask about the risk associated with this procedure and i would like to receive information on my upcoming procedure (bikini/brazilian laser hair removal). Thank you, Natacha

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To be honest with you, I was quoted a much lower price with another center, which also happens to be in the vecinity of my home (your center is about an hour and a half away) and am going to have it there, as they provide exactly the same service in exactly the same amount of time, same guarantee, for about $3,200 less than what you quoted. That is a significant difference! I just was not able to afford it at $8,500. But I do wish to say that your consultant was wonderful and my visit to your clinic was very pleasant. Thank you.

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Meeting with Kimete was a pleasure. She made my sister and I feel more than comfortable by going over all nessecary procedures to take place as well as answering all of the many questions we both had. We look forward to meeting with her in the very near future.

Personable Staff In Aventura, FL

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I really liked the ambiance and the personality of the staff: she made me feel comfortable and she explained to me everything i needed to know for this procedure.

Informative & Kind At ALSC In Aventura, FL

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I started my procedure today, the specialist was very nice, she explained me everything and answered all the questions I had. Her kindness and professionalism made me feel very comfortable.

Posted by on .
they seemed unorganized and flitty. there was no one in the front office when i arrived there and so i waited for a half an hour until i actually saw someone from the staff, and even then noone asked me who i was. also, the waiting room was messy and reflected the disheveldness i saw with the staff. i also felt like i was being rushed during my consultation, like she had better things to do, then sit and talk with me about my potential procedure. it wasn't an over all bad experience. there were just some things that showed a lack of professionalism with all of the young girls in the office.

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Both the Tech and the Clinic manager were informative, helpful, and supportive. They helped make me feel like the procedure I planned to have, although individual to my needs, was in no way strange or difficult. I felt very confidant with both of them and the tech was especially careful with me, making sure I felt little to no discomfort.

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I was very intersted in laser surgery for my calves and the I strongly disagree since I suffer from seizures. I tried to explain that I haven't had a seizure in 4 years as long as I'm taking my medication I'm fine. I understand that u have to go by certain rules but my calves c'mon i found that ridicuoles. If I was really a candidate i woulnd't risk my own life maybe honesty is not the best policy. In, any event, what's the end result of my 25yr. old scar? If i'm going to pay 5 to 10 treatments?

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