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With 42 locations across Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and DC, the Center for Vein Restoration provides only the best in vein treatments. The nation's largest physician-owned vein center, the Center for Vein Restoration in Fairfax provides the highest caliber vein specialists and medical staff.

The Center for Vein Restoration in Fairfax provides a wide array of clinical procedures for the treatment of vein diseases like varicose veins, spider veins and chronic venous insufficiency. The vein clinic's physicians and staff specialize in an individualized patient-focused approach that addresses the root causes of vein disease while improving patients' appearances and quality of life. The Center for Vein Restoration offers treatments like radiofrequency or laser ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy and visual sclerotherapy.

If you want the best in vein treatments, try The Center for Vein Restoration in Fairfax today! Contact our representatives to schedule your consultation now.

Patient Reviews:

I’ve made the right choice!

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Everyone from the receptionists to the medical technicians, nurses and doctors were professional, friendly, and answered any and all questions I had.

Amazing,caring staff.

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The staff was particularly cordial, good-humored, caring, and informative. Excellent experience.

Very pleased.

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Very impressed with everything I experienced.

All good.

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Everything went excellently well during my visit.

Got my confidence back!

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My legs feel lighter and look much better.

Very happy.

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The office itself and all staff were great.

More than great !

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The front desk staff is exceptional helpful. Also I enjoyed speaking with the nurse and the doctor.

Got my confidence back!!

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Te procedure was done very well! My legs don’t feel heavy or hurt anymore.

Love them!!

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Everyone was very welcoming and helpful.

Absolutely perfect!!!

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I am very happy with the results and the procedure. Everyone was great. They made me feel comfortable. The doctor was concerned about me and he took his time with me.

Very happy!

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Excellent staff! The procedure helped me very much.


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Both the sonogram technician and the specialist I spoke with were amazing! They were extremely helpful, informative, and seemed to put my best interest first.

Amazing office and staff!

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Front desk staff, nurse and sonographist staff were awesome.

Friendly staff, amazing results!

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Great staff, they were all very kind. Happy with results, the pain went away!

Brilliant in every aspect!!

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Always excellent, professional, courteous and pleasant staff! The results have been amazing as well!!

Everything was excellent!!

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The staff is very competent and helpful. The procedure was very successful.

Perfect staff!

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Everyone was especially friendly and professional.

Simply fantastic!!!

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Everyone was courteous and professional. My experience was amazing.

Nice, at easy & helpful!

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The young lady at the end of my visit was very nice and made me feel at ease and had very helpful advice.

No messing around, just the strait facts. They looked out for ME

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They were pleasant, made me feel at ease, knew what they were talking about and most important they gave me the straight facts about my condition and why I should start the treatments ASAP.

Very Pleased with Vein Removal

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I completed this survey in the office on Tuesday, June 7. Very pleased.

Varicose Veins Are Gone

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The staff at Center for Vein Restoration Fair Oaks was professional, very knowledgeable, and caring. The varicose veins are gone. I can wear my bathing suit without worrying about my legs.

Very pleasant!

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The office visit was a pleasant one.

Happy and upbeat. Thanks!

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everyone was very friendly and helpful. even though the procedures can be painful everyone is very up beat and keeps you laughing. the results are well worth it.

Very Happy!

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I am very happy with everything and glad to have had the work done.

Pain Free Treatment

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The service has been great and the treatments not painful.

Friendly staff and easy procedures.

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The staff are all friendly and helpful and the location convenient to home. Visits were easy and procedures were completed timely

Minimal pain and great results

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Very Professional, minimal pain and management. Results were great. Very pleased overall

Expert care, thorough explanations.

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Very professional, pleasant and explained ultrasound images and measurements.

Designer-Quality Compression Shorts

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All of the staff members are wonderful and the doctor is even more so! The shorts are designer quality.

More Preventive Treatment of Left Leg

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I was prescribed treatment for both legs, but it really only was my right leg that was bothering me. Perhaps the left leg treatment was more preventive. Generally everything was/is fine. Recovery is a bear, and it is compounded by meniscus surgery. So it's going to be some time before I really know the outcome.

Quick results

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great staff and the results were quick.

Highly recommended to anyone with vein issues.

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I am very glad Dr Chowla used his extensive knowledge and experience to work for me. All procedures seemed to be successful. Most days I walk 10000 or 12000 steps. I would highly recommend him to anyone with vein issues like mine.

A better experience than I expected. Dramatic improvement in my legs.

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my experience and treatment at CVR was definitely more than expected. Considering the condition of my veins. The improvement even though not 100 percent after treatment was remarkable and will continue to improve. The entire staff was professional friendly and very service oriented.

Ultrasound Tech & Nurse Provided Excellent Explanations

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Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Everything was explained to me in a very knowledgeable comprehensive manner. All my questions were answered. The person who performed the ultrasound and the nurse were extremely helpful and provided excellent explanations and descriptions of the procedures. I'm very pleased with the Center for Vein Restoration and the staff.

Friendly and helpful

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Doctor nurses and staff very friendly and helpful. Had to wait a very long time for an appointment but they made it up to me.

Couldn't Ask for a Better Outcome

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I am well now. I couldn't ask for more!

Painless. Overall a good experience.

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Procedures were painless. Post op instructions clear and easy to follow. Results as expected. Overall good experience.

Clear Explanations of Treatment & Insurance

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Everyone was very polite and very clear in their explanations of either treatment or insurance.

Improved Quality of Life

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Staff was great!! Results enhanced my daily living and perhaps my life expectancy.

Happy with Current Progress

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Happy for the progress, though likely not done.

Happy with Vein Progress

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Very professional and personable, but there has to be a less messy way to do the ultrasound. Being splattered with gel and not providing moistened and dry cloth towels can certainly be improved. Overall, I'm happy with the progress, though I'm likely not finished.

Procedures Eliminated Bulging Veins

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I had painful, bulging veins. Procedures completely relieved pain and reduced vein appearance.

Friendly Fairfax Staff

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The staff were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and pleasant.

Nice Staff Boosted Consultation

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I thought that the staff members were very nice when I went in for a consultation.

Office Fine-Tuned to the Granular Levels

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They could say my name correctly without me telling them. I like the little details like that.

Fairfax Site Was Very Collaborative

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Staff answered my questions and concerns. Worked with me on scheduling to fit into my varied schedule. So glad I did this, but am happy I only have 2 legs.

Extremely courteous and professional service.

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Great people in the practice front office techs and Dr Chowla all extremely courteous concerned professional and caring.

Awesome staff!

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Doctor Chowla is very quiet and very skilled. Very knowledgeable staff....friendly as they get to know you better and Julie the vs Tech is just awesome.

Professionalism throughout

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Appointments were kept on time no excess waiting. All of the employees were pleasant and seemed to be very capable.

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Tysons Corner Center
Tysons Galleria
Fair Oaks Mall


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