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700 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Dr. Arnold Breitbart is one of the most highly regarded plastic surgery and wrinkle removal specialists in New York. Having graduated from Princeton and the NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Breitbart took his knowledge and began applying it to the most innovative elements of the aesthetic services industry. For over a decade, he's developed a fantastic reputation and patients who return time and again to experience the excellent results of a Breitbart collagen treatment.

At Dr. Breitbart's Park Avenue office in New York City (between 69th and 70th Street), Restylane and BOTOX® treatments are the central non-surgical focus, providing people with solutions for filling wrinkles, fine lines, and facial scars. Of course, Restylane® is also a proven product for Lip Augmentation, and Dr. Breitbart's patients consistently credit his ability to get results that look natural and heal quickly and safely. People suffering from excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, also can benefit from treatments of BOTOX® in New York.

BOTOX® treatments are not exclusive to Dr. Breitbart's office, and many other clinics offer Restylane® in Manhattan. But, when you're looking for the confidence that comes with having a experienced, reputable specialist treating your skin, it's time to turn to Dr. Arnold Breitbart. Conveniently located for customers on both the Upper East and Upper West Side.

Performs the following procedures:

Proudly serves these surrounding cities and neighborhoods:

East Harlem
Long Island City
Upper East Side
Upper West Side
West New York
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Located within five miles of the following locations:

Ford City Mall
Shops of Columbus Circle
Queens Center


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