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Experience and reliability is what you invest in when you look to a medically trained physician to perform your Laser Hair Removal. At Laser Hair Removal of Milford, CT, a board certified doctor always performs your laser procedure. At a complimentary consultation, you’ll meet with real physician who can fully answer all of your questions about Laser Hair Removal. Milford’s aesthetic specialists use the Gentle YAG laser, arguably one of the best hair removal tools on the market.

Laser Hair Removal of Milford have left satisfied clients all over Connecticut, from New Haven to Norwalk. Laser Hair Removal has become the most popular method for effortlessly removing unwanted hair, and in the hands of a medically trained professional the results are even more rewarding. If you have any questions about Laser Hair Removal in Connecticut, call us today to learn more!

Patient Reviews:

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I was extremely delighted to meet Dr. Ragazza and Joan. They were excellent. I am so happy to have laser hair removal done so quickly. I am extremely happy!!!

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I am looking into 2 different types of laser. The physician I had the consultation with hadn't even heard of one of them. I felt their information may be out dated.

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I had the first treatment right after the consultation. My second visit is already set up. The quote on the price is also per visit.

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Thank you, SignatureForum, for helping me select an office where I can have this procedure done. The staff at the Laser Derma Clinic was very professional and demonstrated knowledge about the procedure and how to address my concerns. They were aslo flexible with the price.

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Everything was what I had expected. Overall a great consultation. Price being the deciding factor, I was pleased when granted a discount, however I still may reconsider because it is such a large expense for my lifestyle.

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