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For many locals in Northwest Chicago and Vernon Hills, IL, beautiful skin begins at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa. When it opened its doors in 1997, Ritacca was one of the nation's first laser skin spas and the first center in Illinois to offer laser hair removal! Today, the Ritacca Center continues to amaze and delight patients with its expert staff, full-service medical spa, advanced skin care technology, and modern treatment solutions for acne scars, unwanted hair, cellulite, wrinkles, spider veins, sun damage, stretch marks and more!

At the Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa of Vernon Hills, skin tightening, cellulite treatment, laser hair removal, dermal filler injections, and Botox injections are among the medical spa's top treatment requests. Patients are always comforted to know that board-certified physicians are present at Ritacca at all times, and that aesthetic staff members have met strict training and licensing requirements. In addition to two highly experienced aestheticians, Ritacca has a registered nurse and expert injector on board!

To tighten sagging facial skin and remove facial wrinkles in Vernon Hills, Ritacca offers Ultherapy and injectable choices like Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane. For acne scar revision, hair removal, vein removal and skin rejuvenation, Ritacca recommends laser skin treatments to Mundelein, Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest and Highland Park. DOT therapy fractional laser treatments, BBL (broad band light) treatments, Blue Light Therapy, laser hair removal and laser vein removal can remove unattractive scars, spots and hair, as well as improve the overall look and quality of skin.

Cellulite removal at Vernon Hills' Ritacca Center is performed with either Vaser Shape or Viora technology FDA approved for cellulite removal. Similar to the well-known VelaShape, SmoothShapes is a laser cellulite reduction technique that reduces and redistributes fatty cells that promote the appearance of cellulite. Cellupulse uses acoustic pressure waves to increase circulation, break up fat cell clusters, and boost collagen production.

If you'd like to schedule your own free consultation for wrinkle removal, laser hair removal or laser skin rejuvenation in Vernon Hills, IL, at Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa, contact us today! Ritacca serves residents of Mundelein, Libertyville, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, Lincolnshire, Lake Forest, Deerfield and more!

Patient Reviews:

Technician Did Great Job

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The technician did a great job. I am very satisfied. She is great.

Pleased With Laser Hair Removal Results

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Pleased overall with the results so far. Looking forward to finishing the treatments. Realize that there may be touch ups after the scheduled treatments are completed.

Staff Made Me Feel At Home

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Ritacca was great. I was concerned about feeling uncomfortable with the treatment, but their staff made me feel right at home and as comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend them for any cosmetic treatments. I look forward to additional services from Ritacca.

Very Informative Consult

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Once I got there the consultation provided a ton of information and other options that I did not originally consider.

Always Feel At Ease At Ritacca Medspa

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Pleased with everything. I felt very comfortable at Ritacca.

Informative & Comfortable Visit

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The consult was very informative and I felt very comfortable.

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