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When exercise and dieting alone can't eliminate those pesky fat deposits, it's time to visit Sono Bello Body Contouring Centers of Austin, Texas. Sono Bello is a leading local provider of VelaShape-- a non-surgical body shaping treatment that can also reduce the appearance of cellulite in many patients. Sono Bello of Austin also employs the latest laser technology in its minimally invasive liposuction procedures. Treatments like SmartLipo and Vaser Liposuction can help finally eliminate fatty tissues or cellulite in problem areas like the hips, buttocks, and thighs, as well as less conventional areas like the neck, chest, and lower legs.

Sono Bello of Austin also sets itself apart by performing laser body sculpting procedures in its own on-site surgical suites. Even more importantly, these procedures are always overseen by a board-certified physician, meaning you're always in the best hands from the consultation through to recovery.

To learn more about VelaShape or SmartLipo, or to schedule your free Austin body contouring consultation at Sono Bello, contact us today!

Patient Reviews:

Sono Bello was Excellent - Austin, TX

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The office staff was excellent. Bailey, the consultant, was extremely nice, personable, and covered everything I could want to know. I feel very comfortable having scheduled the procedure, and am looking forward to being one week post-op, at this time next month!

Pleased with Thighs' Lipsuction

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I am pleased with my results. I have begun to see weight reduction on the scale. I can tell that my clothes fit better and there is a definite circumference reduction in my areas treated. My physician was very considerate and involved in my procedure. Whenever I had any concerns, I called the office, only expecting to be connected to a nurse, but my physician always called me to follow up. I had my calves, thighs, and arms treated. I am extremely happy with my thighs. I wish more fat was taken from my arms. My calves don't have a big difference to them. After the procedure, there was significant edema in my calves since all the fluid drained downward. It's definitely reduced since then, but my calves are not what I had expected. I still don't have feelings in the posterior half of my calves. The scars on my left leg are pretty prominent, which I did not expect. I wish I had asked my physician how much fat he would take away. I think he left more than I had wanted. Though the procedure wasn't painful, it was uncomfortable and there was a lot to recover from. Also, I don't like the idea of having scars, even if they are "freckle-like". Therefore, I would not want to receive another procedure.

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