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Sono Bello is a renowned body contouring and liposuction clinic located just outside of Boston in Woburn, Massachusetts. This state of the art facility is focused on trimming fat and slimming physiques through the industry’s latest techniques. Choose from surgical options like advanced laser liposuction, tummy tucks, SmartLipo, and Vaser LipoSelection. Sono Bello Boston also offers non-invasive fat reduction such as VelaShape, which uses radiofrequency technology to melt fat without incisions.

Sono Bello Boston’s trained medical professionals are dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Muffin tops, jiggly thighs, and spare tires are no match for Sono Bello’s powerful lasers. And since laser power cuts down on the manual labor associated with traditional liposuction, recovery will be quicker and less painful. Sono Bello’s laser liposuction specialists look forward to meeting new patients from all over the greater Boston area. Sono Bello is located in Woburn, near Medford, Reading, Burlington, Cambridge, Somerville, Revere, Newton, and other cities in Massachusetts. Contact us today to schedule a personal liposuction or body contouring consultation.

Patient Reviews:

Jennifer's Great

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Jennifer is very professional.

Great & Informative

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It was great. It was really nice. They are really helpful. They gave me step by step info and it was very helpful.

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