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When you’re looking for the most advanced vein disease treatments, Vein Clinics of America (VCA) in Kansas City, Missouri has everything you’ll need. Dedicated physicians like Robert Anderson, MD. Experienced nurses and technicians. And the latest in vein disease treatments. VCA, a leading force in advanced, non-surgical vein care for the past 25 years effectively treats patients throughout the country with Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT).

While spider veins and varicose veins are often cited for their unsightly appearance, they can also produce pain and will worsen over time. That’s why it’s important to seek treatment now to avoid extensive future treatments. And with two non-surgical options provided by VCA, there’s never been a better time to remove them.

Both Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Treatment (ELT) can be performed in the comfort of Dr. Anderson’s office in VCA’s Kansas City location. Each procedure takes about an hour with no hospitalization, no scarring and virtually no down time. Unlike surgical stripping, these procedures get you back to your normal routine the next day – or even sooner.

Sclerotherapy treats varicose veins by injecting an FDA-approved medication that “seals them off” from the healthy vein network. Blood flow is naturally rerouted to healthy veins and the varicose veins are absorbed by the body. ELT accomplishes the same thing using advanced laser technology. Once the diseased vein is sealed off, your body naturally uses other healthy veins to restore normal circulation.

Dr. Anderson will be happy to answer all of your questions concerning ELT and Sclerotherapy, as well as any special concerns you may have. He welcomes patients from Kansas City, Independence, St. Joseph and surrounding cities. Call today to schedule your comprehensive consultation and diagnosis. You deserve special treatment. And VCA delivers!

Patient Reviews:

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Nurse practitioner was very informative. Helpful staff!!

Really professional!

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Great place, wonderful Doctor and staff!!

Very informative!!

Posted by on .
Professional and very comfortable.

All Perfect!

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My results are amazing and my legs are doing good

Love them!!

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Staff was all good.

Really satisfied!

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They were all helpful!!

Great experience!!

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Helpful and informative people!


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They were all very very nice and the doctor explained everything very good.

All has been fantastic!!

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The people are so friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable.


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The waiting room was nice, even had newer magazines. Everyone who worked in the office, the Doctor and the nurses were great.

All staff members were very professional!

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The procedures were all comfortable, almost pain free. I would recommend Vein Clinics of America to everyone!

Awesome office!!

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Everyone was very professional!!

Looking forward for treatment!

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Felt comfortable, I got my questions answered and I am ready treatment.

I am now pain free!!

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Everyone was courteous and attentive to my feelings. Everything is looking good. My legs feel better and I do not feel pain!

Working with professionals!!

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I really like the staff and the doctor. I felt they were very professional and they made me feel confident in their abilities to take care of the vein issues I have.

Very satisfied.

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Everyone was very polite and took their time with me. So far so good.

Very happy!

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Very pleasant experience, the staff were great. It was an informative and successful visit.

Very Happy!!

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Everyone was great. I was made to feel very comfortable . There was very little if any pain during my treatments or afterwards.

Fantastic Experience!!

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I had great service at the Clinic. I was made to feel very comfortable. The doctor was brilliant,there was hardly any pain.

Knowledgeable staff

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All the staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They researched my insurance and discussed options with me.

Great technician

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My technician was great!

Professionalism and confidence

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I was pleasantly surprised with how painless it was. I am thrilled about my legs! I no longer have knotted twisted varicose veins.

Great consult!

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Everything was great and I am scheduled for my appointments. Three appointments is what I need to get my veins taken care of. I am happy start them today.

Everyone was great!

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I am very happy and pleased with my results!

I am satisfied with the whole visit and I would recommend to others!

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The swelling in legs went down on the following day to about half of the size what they were. It is getting a little better each day. I am glad I had it done. I am satisfied with the whole visit and I would recommend to others!


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Very delightful experience, from the phone call for the appointment to the second office visit. I was very glad I called for this service. I have history of Blood Clots and I was very relieved and have peace of mind now, after my two office visits that I am doing fine. It meant a lot to my family.

Very informative and everyone very nice and helpful.

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There was a particularly helpful young lady who said she was the medical assistant and a young man who did the additional test to identify deep veins.

I will recommend this procedure and Vein Clinics of America to all of my family and friends!!!

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I was very nervous going in to the procedure since I am scared of needles. The nurse that did the treatments was VERY confident and knowledgeable. She did not miss a bit with any of my questions or concerns. That alone is worth a lot in my book. The needles used for injections were so small I did not feel anything!! I was at ease and comfortable within the first few mins. It's been a little over 24hrs now and I've worn the stocking the entire time, (except for sleeping) the bruising has lightened up and there is no pain at all. I was given instructions and a form with tips and advice for my comfort before leaving the clinic. I will recommend this procedure and Vein Clinics of America to all of my family and friends!

I definitely recommend it!

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Everyone who I worked with was great, friendly, organized, minimized my discomfort and answered all my questions! I definitely recommend it!

extremely through and helpful

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The doctor and staff are extremely through and helpful

The doctor answered all my questions

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The doctor answered all my questions and was thorough in explaining what to expect

Made me comfortable

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Painful but tolerable. They made me as comfortable as possible!

Staff was very laid back and friendly but professional.

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Staff was very laid back and friendly but professional. Felt very comfortable the whole time.

They explained the compression hose to me and the whole procedure to me.

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They explained the compression hose to me and the whole procedure to me. I had terrible trouble with the hose after knee surgery but I didn't know you could glue them on. Yeah works great.

Staff Made for a Great Experience

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Great experience. Staff is excellent.

Dr. Anderson Explained Everything

Posted by on .
Dr. Anderson explained everything. I liked that this won't seem as bad as a dentist visit.

They made me feel confident about my procedures.

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I was very comfortable and confident in everyone.

Knowledgeable and Skilled

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Dr. Anderson explains everything and answers every question. The sonographers and the office staff are all wonderful. And the nurses are great also.

Friendly and effcient

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Always make sure with very comfortable throughout the procedure and afterwards. They never rushed me and they're very friendly and efficient.

Warm hearted and Professional

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Very professional but still very warm hearted To your needs. Thank you

Office Manager Determined Insurance Coverage

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The office manager was very helpful in determining insurance coverage and payment options

Quick and Easy!

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Minimal discomfort. Instant results. Nice staff.

Relaxing, Yet Professional Atmosphere

Posted by on .
Physician was informative and personable. Staff was friendly and helpful. Good and relaxed atmosphere yet professional.

Adept Knowledge Regarding Insurance Coverage

Posted by on .
Really appreciated their knowledge on insurance coverage versus out-of-pocket treatment costs.

Doctor Explained Entire Process to Me

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Everything so far has been great. I really the doctor and his staff. Everything was explained to me from some discomfort to the healing process.

Full Understanding of Vein Procedures

Posted by on .
They provided a detailed explanation of procedures.

Doctor Thoroughly Explained Endovenous Laser Treatment

Posted by on .
Very personable staff. The doctor explained what he was doing as he did the procedure.

Nothing but positives

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They were very thorough with everything. I have only compliments for the whole procedure.

Doctor & Nurse Perform Sclerotherapy Very Well

Posted by on .
Always runs on time!! They are all friendly! The doctor and nurse are both very good when performing the ultrasound and sclerotherapy procedures.

Emotionally Accessible Doctor & Staff

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Easy to get an appointment. Emotionally accessible, helpful doctor & staff.

Wasn't Painful at All

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I heard how terribly painful the procedure was. It was not terribly painful for me. It may have been that I had my own music playing in one ear. The other ear was open to hear directions from the nurse doing my procedure.

Amazing Ultrasound

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The ultrasound was amazing.

Definitely Recommend Vein Clinics of America

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I was very comfortable. There was slight discomfort at times but nothing I thought was unusual. I would definitely recommend Vein Clinics of America to everyone who needs it. Everyone at this office was professional, welcoming, friendly and informative.

Wonderful Vein Team

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I wanted to understand my options based on personal concerns and family history. Staff was very helpful and reassuring with my concerns. The counselor was very helpful in explaining medical/administrative process and Dr. Anderson was informative. Wonderful staff.

Insurance Was Only Pitfall

Posted by on .
Loved the doctor and the staff. Disappointed in the insurance coverage (or lack thereof).

Positive Result w/ Northland Vein Clinics of America

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I believe I have a positive result. I have nothing with which to compare. It was well-described. I felt prepared at each step along the process. Very professional, calm, and flexible.

Wonderful Dr. Anderson

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Dr. Anderson is wonderful and so is his staff! Minimal pain and would recommend.

Fantastic Dr. Anderson

Posted by on .
Relatively pain-free. I needed repeat injections, but was told that might happen, Dr. Anderson was fantastic at explaining the procedure. Courteous. Friendly. Professional.

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