Treating Dark Under Eye Circles

dark eye circle treatment

In addition to being wrinkle-free, a toned, glowing complexion is considered essential when it comes to looking young and healthy. Dark under eye circles, or eye bags, often mar the overall effect of smooth, flawless skin because they cause us to look older, tired, and worn out. While many people assume their puffy, dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, stress, or poor nutrition, heredity is too often the culprit for most sufferers of dark eye circles.

Dark circles under eyes are commonly the result of broken or leaking capillaries under the skin. In the same way bruises develop on other parts of the body, these broken blood vessels create a shadowed or bruised appearance through the delicate skin under the eyes. While many attempt to cover dark under eye circles with makeup, the problem persists; not to mention that constantly applying heavy cover-up can create an aged, unnatural look in of itself. Other home remedies that only promise temporary, or minor, relief from under eye circles and eye bags include cucumber slices, cold tea bags, and anti-inflammatory creams. For more effective, longer-lasting relief from dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes, and even crow's feet and under eye wrinkles, the answers lie in today's enhancement procedures for skin rejuvenation.

Bringing Dark Under Eye Circles to Light

The cosmetic industry has developed several non-surgical, low-risk skin rejuvenation treatments in recent years; all of which have proven beneficial for patients with dark circles under their eyes. Some of the most popular choices for treating dark circles include:

Depending on the chosen aesthetic procedure, dark under eye circles can be treated specifically, or in conjunction with other problem areas such as under eye wrinkles, crow's feet, puffy or droopy eyelids, and baggy skin. No matter what method of skin rejuvenation you prefer, light-based treatments, dermal injectables, skin tightening or skin resurfacing procedures, dark circles under the eyes can be successfully and safely treated for all types of patients.

Meeting with a cosmetic specialist is usually the best way to assess which treatment methods will accurately serve your skin’s individual needs and circumstances.

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