ESPN Cover Girl and Gold Medalist Promotes 'Healthy Skin Lifestyle'

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

espn cover girl skin

As one of the best female beach volleyball players of all time, Kerri Walsh Jennings is clearly a proponent of healthy living both on and off the court. Her latest crusade is for healthy skin as ambassador for the Skin Authority brand.

The Olympic Gold Medalist, who appeared as the cover girl in this summer's ESPN body issue, is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and of course, that choice certainly extends to healthy skin.

For the past few years, Walsh Jennings has worked on her own skin with healthy skin care expert, product formulator and Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling. The personal skin care coach has counseled Walsh Jennings on the Beauty Workout, an innovative routine targeted at the tackling the skin issues that naturally come with traveling the world, intense training schedules and pregnancies, with the kind of individualized attention that makes Skin Authority successful.

Walsh Jennings and Hilling now work together to educate and empower individuals with the Beauty Workout, so they can achieve a lifetime of radiant, youthful skin. Much like the physical fitness routines that Walsh Jennings undergoes on a regular basis, Skin Authority's simple daily skin care routines are designed to produce the best results with minimal commitment of time and stress.

Four Areas of Healthy Skin Fitness

The skin care company addresses four areas of healthy skin fitness, including cardio (which speeds up your skin's metabolism), stretch training (which firms and tightens your skin), nutrition (a topical diet plan designed for your skin) and balance (your personal skin mantra).

Walsh Jennings comments that although she had never considered having a skin care coach, she had always struggled with knowing the right skin care products and routine to use, especially in the midst of her busy schedule. She now realizes that living with healthy skin is just as important as living with a healthy body and makes sure to follow a simple, stress free skin care routine, whether she's on or off the road.

Walsh Jennings displays that it is possible to lead a busy life, with countless hours spent outside, and still protect her skin from the sun. Hilling claims that Walsh Jennings is able to maintain an even skin tone, despite hours spent outside in harsh climates, with the help of anti-aging moisturizer, SPF 30 sunscreen and brightening serum.

Hilling also touts that Walsh Jennings takes her skin care routine as seriously as her fitness, training and nutrition. The ESPN cover girl is a role model in prioritizing healthy skin, sun protection and preventative skin nourishment on a daily basis.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about skin care treatments, please contact our team to locate a skin care specialist in your area today!

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