Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?


When laser hair removal was first developed, the technology couldn't effectively treat hair removal patients with dark skin and light hair types. But today, laser hair removal technology utilizes different laser intensities and procedures to remove unwanted hair for all skin and hair types! The key to achieving the best results in permanent hair reduction is to determine your skin and hair's tone and type on a classification scale, and learn about the different hair removal technologies available at your local laser clinics.

How Does Skin and Hair Type Affect Candidacy?

It's true that laser hair removal can work well for dark skin and light hair, but the level of success that's possible for those hair removal patients will largely depend on the laser technology that's used. At a consultation with a renowned laser clinic, cosmetic specialists can first determine a patient's classification by using a dermatological skin typing chart. Then, they will educate the patient about their clinic's laser hair removal technology, and inform the patient whether it will be right for them. The typing chart will help to decide patients' hair removal candidacy by factors such as the tone of the skin and hair, and the skin's susceptibility to burn under light exposure.

The best candidates for laser hair removal treatments are still dark-haired, light-skinned patients. Dark hair and light skin enable the lasers' light energy to easily target hair pigment, or melanin, at the hair follicle and effectively remove hair at the root. Dark skin and light hair makes it more difficult for hair removal lasers to focus their energy on the individual hairs that require treatment. However, certain laser technologies are better equipped than others to latch onto hair pigments, and focus their energy on treated areas. Be sure to ask about the hair removal technology that's used at each laser clinic you visit.

Other Factors

Aside from certain skin and hair types, most patients are appropriate candidates for laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal may not be recommended for patients with medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus, and skin abnormalities. In that case, referrals for permanent hair removal treatments can be made to local electrolysis hair removal service providers.

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