Isolaz Acne Light Treatment: In Review

by Martina Gonzalez

isolaz acne light treatment

Isolaz Overview

Isolaz is a new type of acne treatment that uses a combination of powerful broadband light and a vacuum to clear blemishes, purify pores, and deeply cleanse your skin from the inside out. Isolaz is non-invasive, so there’s no healing time after the treatment. Each session can help the patient achieve clearer, more beautiful skin.

Isolaz utilizes a patented technology called Photopneumatics, available only with Isolaz. A vacuum applies a gentle pressure that forces dirt, oil, and other impurities out from the pores. Unlike manual extractions with a tool, Isolaz’s vacuum reaches the root of the pore, clearing it completely without rupturing the surrounding skin. The special broadband light eliminates acne-causing bacteria and redness. Isolaz is 100% painless and after the quick and easy treatment, patients can return to their day as normal. In fact, many Isolaz patients claim that their skin has a radiant glow post-treatment that only improves after multiple sessions.

Isolaz Procedure

Before beginning Isolaz, your skincare specialist will steam your skin to make your pores more receptive to the treatment. Then a device is placed over a section of your skin. The vacuum starts first by loosening pore-clogging impurities and brings them to the surface of the skin. The broadband light then destroys any remaining bacteria and clears away dead skin cells. The procedure is complete in a matter of minutes.

Am I a good candidate for Isolaz?

Isolaz can be performed on any skin type or color. It’s also the only light system that’s approved to fight both severe and mild acne. Plus, with Isolaz you don’t have to worry about doing anything special to your skin before or after your treatment. It doesn’t make your skin any more sensitive to sunlight and you won’t have any redness or irritation.

Moreover, Isolaz is a particularly good option for acne-sufferers that haven’t responded to other forms of treatment, including oral medications and Accutane. Many patients that didn’t respond to those treatments experience success with Isolaz. Similarly, if you want to improve your acne but don’t want to risk the side effects of prescription medications, Isolaz may be right for you.

Isolaz FAQ

How much does Isolaz cost?

An average Isolaz session can cost between $400-$600. Of course, the price of Isolaz depends on what area of your body you’re treating, the individual skin specialist, and the geographical region the treatment is performed in. Multiple treatments are usually recommended.

How long is an Isolaz session

An Isolaz session on the face will take about 15-30 minutes. Body treatments will generally take longer, about thirty minutes.

Does Isolaz hurt?

A recent clinical study showed that 100% of patients found Isolaz to be a pain-free experience. There’s no pricking, squeezing, or burning. Many patients report that the Isolaz experience feels like a warm massage.

What is the recovery time for Isolaz?

There is absolutely no recovery time associated with the Isolaz treatment. Once your treatment is over, you can go on about your day as usual. In fact, many Isolaz patients get treated during their lunch hour and return to work immediately after. Makeup, moisturizer, and other skincare products can be applied after Isolaz.

How many Isolaz sessions do I need?

The benefits of Isolaz are intensified with more sessions. Depending on your skin type and acne severity, you may need anywhere from three to six Isolaz sessions for optimal results. However, each case is different and the best way to find out how many Isolaz sessions you’ll need is to consult a skincare specialist.

Will my insurance cover Isolaz?

Since Isolaz is considered an aesthetic procedure, most health insurance companies will not cover Isolaz.

To learn more about Isolaz and other popular acne treatments, or to schedule a free, private consultation with a local acne care specialist, contact Healthy Skin Portal today!

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