Laser Hair Removal Cost

Although laser hair removal has become one of the leading methods of hair removal throughout the country and the world, many people are still hesitant to try it due to the treatment costs. Laser hair removal is certainly more costly per treatment when compared to shaving and waxing, but it's actually very affordable in the long run due to its fewer required treatment sessions, and its guaranteed longer-lasting results.

So exactly how much does laser hair removal cost? Price ranges can differ for patients based on treatment area, hair density, and the geographical region where your laser hair removal is performed. These are a few sample cost averages for laser hair removal sessions based on treatment area:

  • Full face: $250-650
  • Underarms: $150-250
  • Half of both legs: $250-650
  • Bikini area: $150-450
  • Back: $300-800
  • Chest: $150-450

At a glance, hard numbers can look a tad intimidating. However, when it comes to the long term, laser hair removal costs aren't much higher than those of shaving and waxing. Considering that most patients require no more than 8 laser treatments to achieve up to 2 years of hair-free results, whereas shaving is necessary every other day, if not every day, it becomes clear why the comparative gap in total treatment costs decreases. Plus, with laser hair removal, your payments include the valued expertise and assistance of a cosmetic professional. Not only will these aesthetic specialists do the work for you when it comes to removing stubborn hair, they will accomplish it more quickly, safely, and more successfully than is possible with home hair removal methods.

Some laser clinics even have financing options set up to help patients effectively budget their laser hair removal costs. Initial hair removal consultations are usually free, and afterwards, patients can determine what the laser hair removal costs will be for their specific treatment plan.

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