Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Spills on Makeup Faves and Skincare Tips

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

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Singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently spilled to on her must-have foundation, top shimmery blush, favorite lip gloss and the skincare brand she swears by to fight spots.

Favorite product from Little Mix’s make-up collection

“I am obsessed with the clear mascara,” Pinnock told “My lashes are so curly and thick, they’re so annoying, so I use that and it really gets them in place. In the daytime, I like to be as natural as possible. So during the day, I will only wear clear mascara. I’ve got it on right now. It’s perfect if you don’t want to wear too much and just play it down. I just like being really natural, as natural as I can.”

Products she can’t live without

“I cannot live without a bit of contour on my cheeks,” Pinnock admitted to “I can’t live without my lip balm. If I just want to chill but still want to look a little bit done up, I’ll put lots and lots of lip balm on. It just looks more glossy.”

Her beauty routine

“My skincare is really important,” Pinnock explained to “I used to have really bad skin when I was younger. I’m a bit spotty now because I am tired. I’ve basically just got Aesop products. I am obsessed with men. I have the cleanser, the toner and the moisturizer. They have fixed my skin. It’s important for me to feel comfortable with my skin. When I get spotty, it just makes me not want to talk to anyone, so it’s really important I look after my skin.”

Make-up tips she’s picked up from the pros

“Lots, I didn’t have a clue how to put my make-up on before, I had no idea,” Pinnock told “My make-up artist taught me everything – how to use under-eye concealer and how to put gel liner on properly. Absolutely everything.”

Her biggest beauty regret

“I used to wear really big lashes,” Pinnock commented to “I’d wear them on the [X Factor] shows and I look back and think, ‘Why did I do that?’ I looked horrible. My eyes are really small so I need lashes to fit them.”

Her fail-safe beauty look

“On a normal day, I will put some mascara on and then just a nude lip, just keep it very natural really,” Pinnock told “I use my clear mascara to tame my brows, separate my lashes and keep my look really natural.”

Girls’ night in

“I love girls’ nights in,” Pinnock spilled to “Me and my friends always do them. Nachos, we love our nachos. A good film. We talk about boys. My friend used to bring round her tarot cards and do readings. We do a lot of pranks as well.”

Spending time in front of the camera

“We are used to it now,” Pinnock told “It’s part of the job. It is sometimes hard when you want to wear nothing on your face and slobber around, then out of nowehere there’s a pap hiding behind the corner. You begin to embrace it though.”

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