Maria Sharapova Serves Up a New Skincare Line

by Gregory S

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Tennis champion Maria Sharapova is out prove she is a champion on an off the court. The four time Grand Slam winner is also an acute businesswoman. Her latest and greatest contribution is co-ownership of the anti aging skincare line ‘Supergoop.’

Don’t be fooled by the silly name. Maria Sharapova takes ‘Supergoop’ and their pledge to excellence very seriously. The tennis star recently sat down with Healthy Hollywood to express her commitment to her anti aging skincare product.

“The skincare came up very organically because it’s been part of my beauty regime since I was [a] young girl,” Sharapova explained to Healthy Hollywood. “My mom always told [me] you’ve got to think ahead; you have beautiful skin now but have to think about the future. Sun protection just became part of my everyday regimen before I went out on the court.”

Maria Sharapova is a firm believer in starting skincare when you are young. When Healthy Hollywood met Sharapova in New York City to inaugurate her new skincare line, she expressed safety precautions against skin cancer.

“When you wear sunscreen you don’t see in the beginning the results but it’s really skin cancer protection and it is aging and protecting your skin years down the line,” Sharapova told Healthy Hollywood.

The 27 year old shows just how wise she is beyond her years by addressing the importance of healthy eating and staying hydrated.

“Hydration is a big part of tennis,” Sharapova commented to Healthy Hollywood. “But it’s not the hydration you have during the match that’s important, it’s the hydration that you have before the match. I usually drink a half liter of water every morning. I try to start my day with it. It also helps get you in the regime of thinking constantly about what you put in your body and how much it really does matter.”

One suspects with all that skin care advice, the ball really is in our court now!

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about skincare habits and customized regimes, please contact our team to get started. We can help you find a skincare specialist in an area nearby!

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