Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

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From the dress to the venue, when it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Make sure that you take good care of your skin in the weeks leading up to the big day for a flawless radiant look as you walk down the aisle.

Plan ahead

“In an effort to look and feel their best, I’ve seen brides try to do too much a day or two before the wedding and not enough in the two to three weeks prior,” North East wedding and event planning company Dolce Parties creative director Liz Seccuro told WebMD.

Securro elaborated that overloading on new beauty routines mere days before the big day can leave you looking and feeling less than perfect. It can also increase your stress on the one day you want to look as poised as possible. The creative director suggests starting your skin care routine at least a month, ideally three to four months, before you walk down the aisle.

Beautiful bridal glow

Every bride has a natural glow of happiness on the big day, but Bridal Guide magazine recommends scheduling a series of monthly facials, starting as early as six months and ending no later than two weeks before the wedding, to help the glow along, according to WebMD.

“There is a misnomer that says if your face looks red and your skin looks bad when you finish a facial, it means it worked, but that’s not true,” Securro told WebMD. “If their skin isn’t glowing and they don’t look great, look elsewhere for your facial.”

Avoid the dreaded wedding day pimple

Experts recommend that acne sufferers should remain on their regular treatment schedule and avoid new products, including shampoos or makeup, during the month before the wedding.

For the unexpected blemish, New York City’s Ajune Spa medical director Mauro Romita suggests using a hot compress to reduce a whitehead, followed by a cold compress and a dab of benzyl peroxide to kill bacteria. For skin irritated from stress, he advises applying cool cotton pads soaked in milk or chamomile tea then lukewarm water.

“If the blemish pops out the night before the wedding or it looks like it’s going to, dab it with some toothpaste,” celebrity makeup artist and bridal beauty expert Timothy Alan told WebMD. “But it has to be the paste type, not the gel type. To cover up what’s left apply a lighter shade of concealer on the pimple, then cover with your foundation, then dab on a tiny bit more concealer in a shade that matches your foundation.”

Trial run beauty session

Seccuro suggests getting in a trial run hair and makeup session before the big day.

“One of the most frustrating feelings is walking out of a salon on your wedding day feeling like you don’t look like yourself,” Seccuro told WebMD. She recommends having a practice hair and makeup session at least two weeks before the wedding and taking a digital picture to see how the look comes together.

“You’d be surprised how different something can look in a photograph, so it’s always a good idea to check,” Seccuro told WebMD.

Experts tell WebMD their best advice is to simply be yourself and you’ll radiate beauty.

“It’s you he asked to marry him and it’s you he wants to see at the altar,” Rogers told WebMD.

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