Top 10 Freckle Reducing Treatments

by Trudi Schrieber

freckle reduction

Freckles are little spots of melanin in the skin, which often appear among those whose complexions are fair. They are genetic, so, if they run in your mom or dad has freckles, you stand a good chance of having them as well. Freckles are harmless and many individuals embrace them. Others, however, will try everything to eliminate the spots. If you fall into the latter camp, there are many treatments available to reduce, or even eliminate, your freckles, from simple home remedies, to cosmetic procedures. Here are ten popular freckle-reducing treatments.

1. IPL PhotofacialSophisticated laser treatments like IPL Photofacial, can pinpoint tiny areas of pigment like freckles, and break apart the pigment. The body absorbs the pigment back into the body, eliminating each treated freckle. With limited side effects and no downtime, this treatment is very popular.
2. MicrodermabrasionThis treatment is a deep exfoliation. It’s safe, gentle and easy. A series of microdermabrasion treatments gradually lightens freckles over time.
3. Lemon Juice—Lemon juice has a natural bleaching effect, and will lighten freckles. Many users mix sugar into the juice and apply like a scrub to the face, to exfoliate and lighten at one. Lemon juice will not permanently eliminate freckles.
4. Chemical PeelsChemical peels can significantly lighten, and even remove, freckles. Chemical peels can be either superficial or deep. Superficial peels gradually lighten the freckles, and patients can achieve permanent freckle removal over time. A deeper peel eliminates all of the freckles in one treatment, but involves a longer, and typically more painful, recovery.
5. Laser Skin ResurfacingThis method is typically used for scarring or deep wrinkles, but it can also burn off freckles.
6. Sour Cream/Milk—Another natural remedy, sour cream or sour milk promotes gentle peeling of skin, caused by the lactic acid. This method does not cause irritation or redness.
7. Fruit Masks—Similar to lemon juice (although not quite as effective), the acids in other fruits can also lighten freckles. Cucumbers are also popular for freckle –reducing masks.
8. Cryosurgery—This method uses a mild freeze liquid nitrogen to remove freckles.
9. Bleaching – Skin bleaching agents are available in many different forms both over the counter and as a prescription, and some find this a viable option to freckle reduction. Bleaching lightens freckles, but can also cause harmful side effects. For those with dry or sensitive skin, this is often not an option, as they can cause redness, dryness, and peeling. They also lighten the skin surround the freckles, which means that the freckles might still be visible.
10. Prevention—You can also prevent freckles by consuming plenty of Vitamin C and avoiding sun exposure. Using sunblock and wearing protective clothing will prevent your skin from producing extra melanin, which causes increased freckling among many fair-skinned individuals.

If you don’t want to eliminate your freckles altogether, but want to hide them, there are many good concealers available to you, as well. If you’re still not sure what do about your freckles, or if you’re interested in removing your freckles permanently, Healthy Skin Portal can help you learn more about a variety of safe, effective ways to reduce freckles. Our representatives are happy to set up your personal consultation with a skin care specialist who will discuss the best options for you. Contact us today!

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