TRIA: Is At-Home Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

by Wendy Travis

tria laser review

With the cost involved with professional hair removal treatments today, many clients are looking for ways to safely and cheaply remove hair from the comfort of home. This is where TRIA laser hair removal comes into play. This system promises to remove unwanted hair in just six to eight easy treatments at home. But can TRIA really deliver on its promises? We will take a closer look at this hair removal system to see.

How it Works
Like professional laser hair removal treatments, the TRIA hair removal system uses a laser to target the dark pigment in the hair. Unlike professional treatments, though, the laser is guided by someone who is not trained in the use of such equipment. While the device claims to be designed for home use, any laser tool carries its own set of risks and potential side effects. The TRIA hair removal system is no different.

The TRIA hair removal system must be used every other week for the first three months, and then once a month for up to five months afterward. This is a whole lot of treatment sessions, which significantly increase the amount of risk and potential for side effects with every use.

FDA Approval
In order to attain FDA approval, TRIA had to reduce the power setting of its laser from that available in professional laser clinics, thus explaining the high number of sessions typically required to see results. While the TRIA hair removal system earned its FDA nod in 2008, it's important to note that it is still not approved for use on unwanted facial hair above the neck. This means that TRIA is not a good option for unwanted hair around the eyebrows, chin or lip line. These areas require a professional treatment in order to see desired results. Still, avoiding the face and using the lower power laser does not guarantee the elimination of hair, or risk factors, when using an at-home laser system.

Risks of Laser Treatments
TRIA hair removal uses a laser to destroy the hair follicle for permanent hair removal. While this may sound good, consider the fact that a laser works by burning the targeted area. It is understandable that laser treatments also run the risk of burning other areas of the skin. These risks are heightened when the person performing the treatment is not trained in the proper use of lasers, such as with all at-home laser systems.

The initial TRIA hair removal system was modified by the manufacturer to attempt to reduce the burning risk. However, lasers are always going to be risky when manned by someone who is not professionally trained in their proper use. That is why most doctors advise against using home laser systems for any type of cosmetic treatment.

Anther problem with the TRIA hair removal system is that they do not work on all complexions or hair colors. The most effective laser hair removal occurs when there is a striking contrast between a person's hair and skin color. Fairer skin and darker hair colors usually respond best to treatment. When you go to a professional hair removal clinic, you will be advised as to whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. These important consultations are lost with at-home laser hair removal, and you might cause damage to your skin if you try to use the laser on the wrong complexion or hair color.

While a home hair removal system sounds like an inexpensive and convenient method of hair removal, these devices definitely have their drawbacks. There are good reasons why most doctors advise against using laser treatments of any kind. The risks are too great and the results too iffy to make these devices a good value for the money. You are usually better off consulting a professional hair removal specialist that can ensure you get the results you desire with the lowest risk possible. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation with a licensed laser technician in your area, contact us today!

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