Turbo Beauty: Skin Care Trend of 2010

by Edie Pastis

turbo beauty

In 2010, cosmetics manufacturers, medical spas and dermatologists will be paying more attention to what some are calling "Turbo Beauty" innovations: beauty treatments and skin care products that provide high performance results, thanks to utilization of cutting-edge, medical-grade ingredients and technology. Very soon, we may all be looking and feeling better than ever; thanks to new mood-enhancing makeup, hyaluronic acid shampoo, and skin-healing serum to name a few!

A recent report on global beauty trends by Mintel indicates that the cosmetic enhancement industry will see continued upward trending for products that incorporate biochemistry, natural ingredients, and that use sustainable materials and manufacturing practices. Below are some examples of up-and-coming "turbo" beauty products, as were mentioned in the Mintel report. Some of them are even available now through your doctor or local skin care clinic!

Makeup to Beautify Your Mood

The concept of mood-enhancing makeup, also known as "neurocosmetics," is nothing new. For years, cosmetic manufacturers have already been incorporating aromatherapy and chromotherapy (color therapy) in their products, based on research confirming that certain scents and colors can alter or improve a person's mood, energy level, stress level, etc. Kroia is one such company; they offer a selection of colored foaming moisturizers that include essential oils and micronized gemstone crystals that are designed to boost the consumer's energy level, or provide a calming, stress-reducing effect.

One newcomer to neurocosmetics is Linda Papadopoulos, otherwise known as Dr. Linda. She recently launched her own line of cosmetics that can potentially improve consumers' moods while enhancing their appearance. One of the line's products is the Psy Derma Enlightenment Day Moisturizer. This product reportedly uses Idebenone; a biochemical with both medical and cosmetic benefits. Idebenone has been known to stimulate enhanced neurotransmitter activity, thereby increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. This means Idebenone could be used to improve mood and cognitive function in cosmetic patients, while simultaneously providing anti-aging benefits as a synthetic version of Coenzyme Q10!

Natural and Sustainable Meets High-Tech

In 2010, Mintel expects the popularity of mostly "natural" and "organic" beauty products to keep rising. However, some newer "natural" products may receive a scientific upgrade. In-demand skin and hair products in 2010 are expected to continue shunning harsh chemical additives and parabens, but to get a little more flexible when incorporating breakthrough cosmetic ingredients like collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The idea here is to combine the safety and sustainability of organic cosmetics, with the efficacy and superior results of modern scientific treatments.

An example Mintel gives for this type of "Nu Natural" product is the Lanadil Shampoo Treatment System for women. Especially recommended for women trying to prevent and/or repair hair loss, the Lanadil shampoo, conditioner and serum are alcohol-free, paraben-free and petrochemical-free. However, Lanadil shampoo also utilizes patented "time-release hyaluronic acid spheres" that are meant to penetrate and fortify the core of weakened or damaged hair. The Lanadil serum contains time-release Minoxidil to help prevent further hair loss. Mintel claims that this method of removing harsh, unnatural ingredients, while including new, scientifically proven ingredients will define the next step for "natural" cosmetics.

Strengthen and "Pro-Tech't"

We've already noticed that many new beauty products are emphasizing their ability to "protect" as well as "improve". In the last decade, we've been influenced by mounting studies that draw causative links between our physical health and environmental factors. As a result, we've developed a growing awareness and concern over the harmful effects of UV light exposure, free radical damage, and environmental toxins. In response to this consumer concern, the cosmetic industry will be expending more efforts to improve new products' protective capabilities in the coming year.

Mintel predicts that throughout 2010, cosmetic consumers will notice a greater push towards "protection" in products across the board, such as makeup, skin care, hair care, supplements, etc. Additionally, we are expected to notice a greater emphasis on "immune-boosting" and "skin defending" products. Some product ingredients that we may see more of this year include griffonia, superoxide dismutase, and rhodiola rosea. While griffonia has been linked to improvements in hyperpigmentation, superoxide dismutase is believed to protect against free radicals, as is rhodiola rosea. One popular skin care product that already uses rhodiola is Origins' Youthtopia Skin Firming Cream.

In addition to protecting and improving, some newer cosmetic products may start incorporating better "healing" properties too! For example, the cosmetic and pharmaceuticals company DermaLabs uses some cutting-edge medical ingredients in their Swiss Line, to speedily repair damaged skin. DermaLabs' Cell Shock Age Intelligence treatment contains Perfluorodecalin (a medical-grade oxygen carrier) and Madecassoside (pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory); both of which serve to simultaneously heal and protect skin cells. Cell Shock Age Intelligence has been recommended for patients post treatment especially, to help them repair skin that is raw or hyper-sensitive following a Microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing treatment.

Finding Personalized Cosmetic Solutions

Since our skin's behavior and appearance can be very unique, an important step to pursuing cosmetic enhancement—with turbo beauty cosmetics, OTC products, or dermatologist brands—is to consult with a licensed skin care specialist. They can help you learn more about your skin's needs and conditions, which will be relevant to choosing the right beauty products and professional skin treatments for you!

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