Ulthera Amplify: Improving the Non-Surgical Facelift

by Gregory S.

ulthera amplify

Healthy Skin Portal is pleased to introduce Ulthera Amplify, an innovative improvement on non-surgical facelifts. Using state-of-the-art software specifically developed to increase effectiveness and decrease overall patient discomfort, Ulthera Amplify is quickly becoming a sought-out option for non-surgical facelifts, creating a whopping 33% more energy to the treatments!

Ulthera Amplify Increases Patient Comfort

The original Ultherapy has been a mainstay on the non-surgical scene since its FDA approval in 2009. Using ultrasound technology, the treatment dramatically tightens loose skin and clears wrinkles. Recent studies have shown that decreasing the baseline ultrasound of each pulse actually contributes to the patient’s comfort during the treatment without reducing clinical effects or results. While the average non-surgical facelift offers a limited number of 500-600 lines in each treatment, Ulthera Amplify offers 800 lines. More lines mean more improved tightening and lifting around the face, eyebrows, and neck.

Benefits of Ulthera Amplify

What is more, Ulthera has also received the first ever FDA clearance for non-invasive lift of skin on the neck and under the chin. Adapting their established and successful methods of ultrasound technology, Ulthera Amplify is now able to provide therapeutic ultrasound platform technology in trouble spots that, until very recently, were simply untreatable.

Remember, there are numerous benefits from selecting Ulthera Amplify. Just consider some of following advantages of this therapeutic ultrasound platform technology:

  • Enhanced comfort of patient – Many facelift options can be physically taxing and even painful for the patient. Our lower energy setting have greatly improved overall patient comfort, as verified by a recently completed clinical.
  • Increased efficiency – Our new user interface allows for professionals to use and operate Ulthera Amplify therapeutic ultrasound platform technology with greater ease than ever before.
  • Improved treatments – Our increased number of pulses have likewise increased the time of a full Ulthera Amplify treatment from one hour to an hour and twenty minutes. While this increases the cost, the amount of extra care and precision more than makes up for any additional money.

Scheduling an Ulthera Amplify Consultation

Healthy Skin Portal makes scheduling a local consultation for Ulthera Amplify and other non-surgical facelift options easy. Contact one of our Healthy Skin Portal representatives today, and we can help arrange an appointment in your area at both a time and date based on your convenience. So contact us without delay to get started!

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