Types of Wrinkles & How to Combat Them

by Carrie Aker


Wrinkles are inevitable for most of us, but people often make the mistake of grouping wrinkles into one type, when they actually come in what might be considered very distinct “species.” Odds you, you’ve heard of crow’s feet and laugh lines, but what other types of wrinkles are there? And, more importantly what is the best way to treat the different kinds of wrinkles that appear as we age? Understanding the different types of wrinkles can help you better treat and prevent them in the future, with an understanding that no two lines are quite the same.

Laugh Lines
Laugh lines have a technical name, which is Dynamic Expression Lines. These lines develop from facial muscle movements over time. Crows feet are actually also part of this group. The best form of treatment for this type of line tends to be dermal injectables like Botox Cosmetic.

Fine Lines
Fine lines develop over time and are associated with aging and the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin. When the skin is pulled tight, the fine lines tend to disappear. Using a plumping moisturizer and good sunscreen to prevent the lines from worsening is one easy way to treat fine lines. More advanced treatments include dermal injections, microdermabrasion treatments, or laser skin rejuvenation.

Permanent creases are often associated with people who have been in the sun too much over time. The constant damage to the skin causes the creases. The best way to treat these lines is to stay out of the sun to prevent further skin damage and to use a high quality moisturizer on your skin regularly to treat the creases you already have. Smoking is also a source of creases. Smokers will notice damage to their skin that is similar to that of sun damage.

Unless blessed with great genes and naturally tight skin, folds are inevitable. Gravity and aging cause the folds in skin, which become more obvious as you age. Many people opt to reverse the effect of folds with a facelift procedure.

Dangling Wrinkles
Dangling wrinkles are very similar to folds. A combination of gravity and a loss of elasticity and collagen cause dangling wrinkles. A facelift or mini facelift is an option, but some people opt to treat dangling wrinkles with Botox or dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging skin. However, there are many products and procedures on the market today that can help ward off the wrinkles for years. It all starts with a great moisturizer and protecting your skin from environmental aggressors. Finding a skin care regimen and sticking with it will help you to avoid most wrinkles and other skin damage for a long while. And when it’s time to get rejuvenate the skin, cosmetic clinics are offering better, more affordable options than ever before. Set up a free consultation with a skin care specialist near you to determine which wrinkle removal treatment might work best for you.

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