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An Overview

Cellulite can be tricky to treat, but several non-surgical methods have been known to help reduce visible cellulite.

Mesotherapy – Mesotherapy is the most popular cellulite remover in the world. It involves injections of natural vitamin enriched compounds into the targeted area. Mesotherapy encourages lymph drainage and breaks down the fat. It basically erases cellulite and brings the body back to a pristine condition.

LipoDissolve – LipoDissolve is a variant of the Mesotherapy treatment, featuring a more concentrated solution. The connective tissues in fat deposits, which help cause cellulite, are safely broken down, and noticeable body contouring is achieved at the same time.

Endermologie – Rollers and suction are used to redistribute skin and smooth out cellulite. It’s comparable to a deep tissue massage. After continual sessions twice a week, cellulite slowly fades away and your skin takes on a smoother, firmer appearance.

VelaSmooth – VelaSmooth is a step beyond Endermologie by also incorporating radio frequency energy and infrared light. These energies actually increase your metabolism, burning up all that stored fat your cellulite contains. VelaSmooth is beginning to emerge as the preferred cellulite treatment.

The science behind Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that occurs in both men and women where the skin dimples in the legs, abdomen, and pelvic regions, but particularly in the thighs and buttocks. When the flow of tissue is restricted in the vascular and lymphatic systems, abnormal fat nodules can form, leading to an uneven appearance in the skin. Cellulite, however, seems to affect women much more than men, which can be largely attributed to the body’s natural way of storing fat in adult women. So, nearly every healthy woman is prone to some amount of cellulite.

Well, today’s woman no longer has to put up with those little lumps that can cause endless amounts of grief and annoyance. There are a number of advanced cellulite treatments available that can successfully reduce and remove cellulite.

What actually causes cellulite to be worse for some women is still unknown. Hormones, heredity, poor diet, and a lack of exercise are all considered possible factors. While eating junk food and sitting on the couch can definitely accelerate the formation of dimples, simply changing your lifestyle might not be enough to get rid of cellulite. A balanced diet and exercise can, of course, reduce the fat content within the cellulite, thus reducing the dimpled effect, yet the actual cellulite still remains.

Any effective cellulite treatment must deal with the actual cellulite. Don’t be fooled by cellulite creams. Not to mention the many creams, gels, and lotions marketed for cellulite removal. As of this writing, no cream is FDA approved or has any scientific merit that can support significant cellulite reduction or removal. The only real remedy for cellulite is advanced, non-surgical cellulite treatments. Even liposuction, while a great fat removal system, does NOT remove cellulite. Liposuction works under the skin and can actually make dimpling worse if not done properly by a board certified surgeon. If you’re looking for results you can see and feel, the best cosmetic treatments for cellulite removal are non-surgical options like Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve, VelaSmooth®, and Endermologie.

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