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Laser Hair Removal

An Overview

Since 1997, laser epilation, commonly referred to as laser hair removal, has been an FDA approved method for permanently removing and reducing the growth of unwanted hair on the face, legs, back, chest, stomach, arms, neck, bikini area, underarms, or pretty much anywhere else. Every year, more and more men and women try laser treatments for permanent hair removal. They're sick of the daily hassles of traditional hair removal maintenance—the shaving, tweezing, or waxing regimens.

All laser hair removal systems use the science of selective photothermolysis—a process that directs heat toward the melanin in the skin. The melanin then absorbs the heat and can be destroyed while the rest of the skin is undamaged.

If you're interested in laser hair removal, there are still many variables left to consider, including an array of options in laser types (including comparable pulsed light devices), procedural approaches, and available professionals. We can help you in this process by arranging for a complimentary consultation with a hair removal specialist.

Types of Hair Removal Laser Systems

Alexandrite Laser: One of the fastest and most often used laser types, it's great for handling large areas.

Diode Laser: Works best on darker skin tones. Covers a lot of area quickly, but doesn't always get the job done with lighter, finer hairs.

Nd:Yag Laser: This long pulse laser also struggles with finer hair and can be a bit painful, but it works on patients of all skin types and has an excellent repetition rate.

Ruby Laser: One of the older models, they work well on lighter hair, but they aren't an option for people with tanned or dark skin

Intense Pulsed Light Devices: Though not actually lasers, they use the same technique of selective photothermolysis as most laser systems. IPL units are difficult to run, however, and require expert technicians.

If you still have questions about laser hair removal, check out these helpful articles for further information:

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Laser Hair Removal Reviews:

All around great

Posted by LISA W. on .
Always seen in a timely manner. Quality excellent. Laser hair removal technician knowledgeable and skilled.

Completed Two Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Posted by BRENDA N. on .
So far so good. It's a slow process. Two sessions completed and six more to go.

Elk Grove Med Spa Nurse Needs the Recognition

Posted by TAYLOR N. on .
Best service ever, especially because the nurse made me feel so comfortable. My nurse was exceptionally amazing; I am so bad with names, but she needs to be recognized.

So Excited for Next Visit!

Posted by HARPREET D. on .
Results are coming along great! I'm so excited for my next visit!

Laser Hair Removal Procedure Was Well-Explained

Posted by CYNDEE R. on .
Information on procedures was well-explained.
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Front Desk Showed Fantastic Compassion

Posted by ZACHARY P. on .
The young lady at the front desk showed fantastic compassion when she consoled an upset patient after she realized she had arrived on the wrong date. My consultation was very complete.

Technician Ensured Smooth Appointment

Posted by ANA M. on .
The technician was very helpful and friendly. She made the appointment go by smooth and made me feel comfortable.

Definitely Worth It!

Posted by JESSICA G. on .
It was painful, but definitely worth it!

Hair Removed After 2 Treatments

Posted by PAUL C. on .
I am happy with the process. After the second treatment, all hair has been removed.

Better Service Than Expected

Posted by PAUL C. on .
The service was better than expected. This was my second treatment. At this point, I see that all hairs have been removed. My next treatment will be in six weeks. I hope that there will be no new growth.

Really Nice Nurse

Posted by JESSICA G. on .
My nurse is really nice, i don't remember her name. It hurts more than i thought it would. But I hope its worth it in the end.

Feel Comfortable with Nurse

Posted by JANICE S. on .
I appreciate the way the nurse always listens to me and targets areas of concern. I feel very comfortable with her.

Great Results

Posted by JESSICA G. on .
The quality and results are great but it is really painful where i have spider veins, but i cant do much about it.

Quick 'n' Easy

Posted by DANA W. on .
very easy and quick. Very clean environment.

Z's A Rock Star @@ The Results Are Amazing!

Posted by MEGAN C. on .
I Love "Z" she is a rock star! The customer service is great. This treatment really hurts me (guess I'm the one in a million that it hurts) but the results are amazing!

Fingers Crossed The Facial Hair Will Cease Growing!

Posted by THERESA D. on .
I'm hoping at the end of my treatment I will have no more facial hair regrowth.

Great Results @@ Crew

Posted by NATALIE D. on .
Staff very knowledgeable, friendly. Service great, as well as results.


Posted by ERIKA S. on .
0 pain

Excellent Service At Laser Away

Posted by BILL R. on .
Excellent service and care

Quick 'n' Easy

Posted by MARGIE R. on .
The laser hair removal treatment was quick.

Just What I Wanted!

Posted by ANITA C. on .
The results I am seeing with the laser hair removal treatment is what I was hoping for.

Treatment Went Smoothly

Posted by VANDERPOL J. on .
Since this service doesn't show results for several months, it is hard to say how satisfied I am at the moment. The treatment itself was fine, though.

Great Results After 3 Treatments

Posted by ANITA C. on .
Just 3 visits so far and I'm already seeing good results!

Kept Me Well-Informed Throughout Procedure

Posted by KAREN W. on .
Still in the recovery stage, so I can't see final results. What I can say is that I was well-informed of the procedure and expectations. There were no surprises, and that's a good thing!

I'll Definitely Be Back For Your Services!!!

Posted by KRIS N. on .
I had a great experience. I was one of the people affected by the American Laser shutdown and was disappointed by the loss of money from services i bought. I'm very happy i came in for a consultation so i could learn what pricing you could offer for future services. Plus it was SO kind and unexpected that you would give me my final laser hair removal for the legs...and the glycolic peel.....THANK YOU!! i will definitely be back to use your services!

Lower Leg Hair Removal Going Well

Posted by ROSEMARIE A. on .
Although lower legs hurt a lot the first 3 treatments, I had great results 1st treatment. :) I was very nervous for bikini first time, but the technician made me feel relaxed and it didn't hurt much :). However, I'm NOT getting good results like my lower legs :(

Very Pleased With My Procedure @@ The Experience As A Whole!

Posted by TINNA O. on .
The spa was beautiful. The staff gave me a tour and explained what procedures are done in each room. Every procedure, equipment and the materials used were thoroughly explained. The esthetician gave helpful advice and was engaging. I was very please with my procedure, the spa and the entire experience!

Good Results

Posted by DENISE L. on .
Very happy with my results!

Saw Immediate Results

Posted by CHRISHAUN M. on .
It was comfortable and I enjoyed the immediate results.

Great Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by GAIL B. on .
Very satisfied with treatment and results

Service Is Always Good

Posted by CAROLINE Y. on .
Service is always good. I am hoping for better results on the actual laser moving forward. Thanks!

Thrilled With Results Of Laser Hair Removal

Posted by CORRISHAWN V. on .
I am extremely thrilled and impressed with the results of the laser hair removal services. I saw great results even after the first session.

Great Customer Service, Slow Results

Posted by AARON S. on .
Painless most of the time, great customer service and knowledgeable staff who take great care of me, just slower results than anticipated.

Already Seeing Results From Hair Removal

Posted by MICHELLE R. on .
Staff was very informative and seemed to know what they're doing. I can already see the effects after my 1st visit.

Treatment Done Thoroughly

Posted by DEANA C. on .
Very thorough hair removal treatment.

Effortless Conversation Makes The Procedure A Breeze

Posted by LUCIA G. on .
Staff is really great. They keep the convo going during service which works well as a distraction and equals minimal pain.

Great LHR Results!

Posted by CHRISTINA S. on .
Great hair removal results.

Pleased With Arijai

Posted by MITCH G. on .
Very happy with my treatments

So Far So Good

Posted by PATRICIA R. on .
Procedures are done comfortably. Have only just started so far I am satisfied.

Laser Hair Removal Really Works

Posted by NAUREEN U. on .
I love working with Lauren and Angelina, they are so accommodating and I love all the treatments. They all really work.

Very Happy With New Hair Removal Laser

Posted by VAIBHAV P. on .
Very comfortable, great experience. Christine, Maria both have been very god and efficient. Really happy with the new laser. The results have been much better.

Overall Very Happy With Hair Removal Results

Posted by CYNTHIA P. on .
I still have some hairs that come in - and it is quite annoying, but for the most part I'm very happy with the results.

Pleased With Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by JESSIE S. on .
Very pleased with the results

Very Satisfied With Facial Hair Removal Results!

Posted by MINERVA R. on .
I am very satisfied with the results of my laser hair removal. When I first started with my facial hair removal, the hair was thick and abundant. It looked like I had a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. The hair now is almost gone and I no longer have a 5 o'clock shadow!

Great Service @@ A Friendly Tech

Posted by CHANDREE V. on .
Very quick- appointment only took 15 minutes which I wasn't expecting. Great service. Friendly technician.

New Laser's Great

Posted by BETTI H. on .
The new laser hair removal laser is much more comfortable than previous ones.

Awesome Hair Removal Results

Posted by STEPHANIE Y. on .
The results were awesome. Each time I go for the sessions, they go by so fast. The girls are the best!

Laser Tech Is Wonderful

Posted by KATE G. on .
Wonderful worker who did my laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Results Met My Expectations

Posted by TERESA Q. on .
The treatment results have met my expectations.

Val Is A Wonderful Laser Hair Removal Technician

Posted by INDIA M. on .
The experience with Val is very pleasurable, she does a great job and makes you feel comfortable during the session

Caring Technician @@ Thorough Treatment

Posted by KARA D. on .
The equipment was great. Very little discomfort. The laser care specialist is great. She takes her time to hear my concerns, cares about me as a person.

Seeing Hair Removal Results

Posted by SALOME G. on .
satisfied, seeing results, more painful at times than others. great people who work there.

Laser Hair Removal Changed My Life

Posted by MELANIE P. on .
I never thought it would work. Amazing. Changed my life.

Quick @@ Painless

Posted by MIRIAM T. on .
Was not as painful as I expected. The tech made me feel comfortable. Would have been nice to have soothing music on. Everything went quickly. No pain afterwards!

Wonderful Experience

Posted by WEEZHA N. on .
Everything was wonderful

Results Are Slow, But They're There

Posted by FERESHA P. on .
I was expecting there to be a difference sooner. There is a difference but this is a lot of hair still remaining.

Seeing Results From Laser Hair Removal

Posted by JORDAN W. on .
I'm doing full leg, Brazilian, lip, and under arm. Getting best results with underarm and bikini. I'm seeing drastic results in leg but taking longer than I expected to work. Lip worked in probably 2 sessions however I have a lot of blonde hairs that probably won't go away.

Definitely Seeing Results

Posted by CANDACE T. on .
Definitely see results. It just takes time. Happier with the results since switching to the YAG laser, which is better suited for my skin and hair type.

Would Never Go Anywhere Else

Posted by HAIBA K. on .
I love the women at the treatment center: they are polite, understanding, honest, careful and cautious. They treat me so well and I have recommended them to so many of my friends. I trust them very much and they always do their best to make sure I am comfortable and safe. This is the only laser center I would never trust anyone or any other center for hair removal and I am so happy with the package they gave me- it was affordable and I was able to continue going to the center even after I finished my payment.

Amazing Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by JOHANNE E. on .
I signed up a few years ago for full body hair removal. It cost me an arm and a leg but I was tired of getting ingrown hairs every time I shave. The results are amazing. It takes me about 10 mins to shave my body. The machine they use is almost painless. The sessions can be quick depending on the kind of treatments getting done.

Slow But Steady

Posted by PATRICIA D. on .
Progress has been somewhat slow, but I'm happy with my results so far.

Most Of The Hair's Gone!

Posted by EDITH F. on .
The results are very good, most of the hair has been removed.

Great Experience

Posted by JOAN I. on .
great experience

Hair Removal Results Are Amazing!

Posted by MONA S. on .
The results are amazing. My expectations were pretty low. I really had no faith. But lo and behold the change that I see is miraculous. After 5 sessions I see the change that has occurred. The hair growth is minimal and the dark spots have almost completely disappeared.

Fast @@ Nearly Painless

Posted by MARYAM H. on .
They are fast and not too painful. I wish you would have other machine to lose the gray hair too.

See A Decrease In Hair Growth

Posted by JESSICA H. on .
I wasn't aware that laser hair removal could or would be painful. It is not super painful, but it is very itchy and I wasn't prepared for that either. I am enjoying the decrease in hair growth but I did think that I would have more results by now.

Loved My Tech

Posted by KATHRYN L. on .
My treatment was very pleasant, had a great technician for my last visit

Much Of Hair Growth Has Ceased

Posted by LINDSAY C. on .
Much of the growth has slowed or stopped. Still haven't finished treatments.

Lauren's Amazing

Posted by CLAIR E. on .
I had my last treatment with Lauren and she did amazing job , I didn't feel any pain doing my Brazilian treatment she always made sure to ask me how I was feeling, treated every area with care she was great

Quick @@ Painless

Posted by LEIGH M. on .
The laser hair did not hurt as much as I had expected and was also much quicker than I expected.

So Far So Good

Posted by MONA C. on .
Very happy so far

New Laser Is Very Effective

Posted by VAIBHAV P. on .
A bit painful (which is understandable), but the new laser is way more effective than the earlier laser. Length of session is fine. Expectation is that this thing gets done as soon as possible.

Considering Additional Services

Posted by CORY G. on .
I'm very happy with the results and I'm considering additional services.

Underarm Hair Removal Has Been Very Satisfying

Posted by ZILMA P. on .
I bought the full body laser hair removal package. I have been doing the treatments for a little over a year. Depending on which part of the body I am doing sessions can last from 15 minutes to one hour. I have been somewhat satisfied with the results, I expected to see more reduction by this point in the treatment; however, there has only been about 50% reduction on the legs, abdomen, buttocks, and bikini. The face has been a pain to deal with, at times it seems like it is going well then it backfires. The underarms have been very satisfying.

Communicative @@ Efficient Techs

Posted by KAREN B. on .
I had a series of treatments a couple of years ago and was so happy with the results, I went back when new facial hair began to appear. The practitioners are also pleasant, communicative, efficient and methodical.

Thorough @@ Professional Technicians

Posted by MICHELLE G. on .
met my new tech for my injections. She was very thorough with what she was doing and explained everything. she was very professional

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Fast @@ Painless!

Posted by DOROTA L. on .
Though it was my first session of laser hair removal, it was fast and painless! I would say uncomfortable at most and only in certain places. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Super Friendly Staff @@ Quick 'n' Easy Treatment!

Posted by BERNADETTE C. on .
The appointment was great. The people are super friendly, the treatment was quick and easy!!


Posted by SARA E. on .
It's great

Informative Staff @@ Gentle Treatment

Posted by LISA C. on .
Kelly was very helpful in explaining all of the services available. She was very gentle during my treatment. I am hoping that the laser hair treatments will be a success.

Laser Hair Removal Changed My Life

Posted by MELANIE P. on .
I loved all the results. The laser hair removal on my legs changed my life.

New Equipment Is Superb

Posted by HELGA H. on .
The new equipment is way better, the technician was very thorough.

Jenny's Very Thorough In Hair Removal Treatments

Posted by SUSAN S. on .
I deal with Nancy and Jenny quite often. They are very easy to converse with and always inform of BOGOs and package deals. Jenny is very thorough with the procedures and I feel confident that I won't be disappointed by their technique.

Results Keep Getting Better

Posted by NICOLE M. on .
Better results every time I have a treatment.

Very Comfortable With Specialist @@ Procedure

Posted by YADIRA E. on .
15 minutes ... did not feel much pain.. very comfortable with procedure and aesthetician.

Sam Is An Awesome Hair Removal Specialist!

Posted by KATHY P. on .
Bobbie is so sweet and helpful, she really tries to work with you to be able to get you what you want out of the clinic, treatments, etc. Sam the tech is awesome at her job, she really listens to me and makes me feel comfortable when being treated! I really love all the staff at my treatment facility!!

Great, Fast Process

Posted by KATHY P. on .
Much better and faster process than expected

Impressed With Quick Hair Removal Results

Posted by GINA T. on .
It was so quick - I thought it would take longer - I was impressed and surprised. The results are good considering I have only been there for 2 treatments.

Great Hair Removal Results

Posted by ED M. on .
The results are great.

Always A Great Experience

Posted by JUDY S. on .
Always a great experience. Very quick and so professional. I don't get embarrassed w the bikini area again because staff is so professional. Thank you!

Hoping Additional Sessions Permanently Takes Care Of Hair

Posted by MICHELLE Z. on .
I purchased the face area with ten sessions. While some areas are hair free, new hair and patches of hair still remain. I purchased another set of ten hoping to finalize a permanent solution. At most, i think this is long term hair removal but not fully permanent for all. However, i do think it is a better solution to waxing, threading or shaving. I really hope that after these additional sessions, my areas of concern have been treated and if they are not, i would hope that ALS will stand by their values and advertisements.

Expectations Were Beyond Exceeded!

Posted by KAREN D. on .
I hadn't been to a session in about 3 years. The laser was different since the last time I went. This one was less painful and so much quicker. It lasted 30mins for my bikini and legs. What an upgrade. Now I can finally look forward towards my sessions. This was by far my best experience since I started. Everyone is really friendly and professional from Angelina to the woman who did my laser removal. I forgot her name but next time I go, I'll make sure to ask. My expectations were beyond exceeded!

Laser Hair Removal Results Exceeded Expectations

Posted by CLAIR E. on .
My results are great. It exceeded my expectations. The staff is really great. I will purchase more different treatments in the office.

Hair Removal Results Have Overall Been Good

Posted by CARLA C. on .
I like the machine used; it has cool air that comes out simultaneously which slightly eases the heat/pain of the laser. My results have varied, but overall good. The best results I've had were my sideburns. If photos were taken, I promise I could have been a poster child for that treatment. Other areas are slower to show results, but I understand that.

Seeing Overall Results But Some Areas Are Better Than Others

Posted by LIZ G. on .
I see results overall. It is a bit frustrating that I still have some hair left. It is interesting that some areas are better off than others.

Less Hair Growth After Second Treatment

Posted by NOELIA A. on .
Neerja the technician that has been treating me is great. She takes her time and explains every step to the treatment. I am on my second treatment on multiple areas and I am pleased with the results. There is less hair growing back.

Prideful Work Shows In Great Results

Posted by IRENE C. on .

Professional, Thorough, @@ Quick

Posted by KARINA S. on .
The technician was very professional, thorough but quick.

American Laser Changed My Life!

Posted by MELANIE P. on .
I am so happy with the results. It has changed my life. I would really like it if you offered treatment for varicose veins.

Laser Hair Removal Surpassed My Expectations!

Posted by EDMAR G. on .
The result was amazing. It really passed my expectations!

Leg Hair Removal A Success

Posted by KARLA K. on .
very satisfied with lower leg removal. facial not as much.

Service From American Laser Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular

Posted by LOUIS P. on .
Everything that I have experienced with this clinic has been spectacular. From the advancement of the equipment to the professional technicians. The results have been slow but steady and noticeable. The technicians have been nothing short of spectacular.

Great Hair Removal Results

Posted by ELNARA A. on .
Great results. My sessions are quick.

Can't Put Into Words How Happy I Am With American Laser's Staff

Posted by CANDICE P. on .
The staff are very knowledgeable on hair removal. I can not say in words how happy i feel comfortable that they ask how you feel of the results how the staff looks over the areas that need treatment plus they make me feel at ease.

Completely Happy With Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by CANDICE P. on .
The treatment itself was not long- 10 to 15 minutes. At first I did not understand that the results of hair removal would take some time, but i am completely happy with the outcome now.

Laser Hair Removal Is Painless

Posted by PATRICIA D. on .
I like the machine that they use cuz i don't really feel pain.

So Relaxing I Nearly Dozed Off!

Posted by ZAIN Y. on .
More than expected assistant manager Ting Lin A+ effort, helped I got 70% off also. Session was painless and tell you the truth relaxing that I almost fell asleep.

Treatment Proving To Be Affective

Posted by CAMILLE B. on .

Significantly Improved Results From New Machine

Posted by FELICIA R. on .
The experience on the newer machine is significantly improved. I hope the results are as well. The team at ALS in New City is fantastic and part of the reason i return to that center. Sloan & Jackie are truly Customer Service focused and very appropriate as customer facing and representing the center.

Nancy @@ Jenn Are The BEST!!!

Posted by ADRIANA C. on .
I'm happy with the treatments but I did think that I wouldn't see any more hair on some areas and also the Zerona and Vela would made more difference on the results. But I still going there for laser hair removal and I LOVE the 2 ladies I've known forever (since I started the treatments) Nancy Ayello and Jenn are THE BEST. I would be VERY HAPPY if I could have few more of the Zerona treatments and a touch up on the areas I still see some hair if possible of course. I do tell all of my friends about the treatments and I think you guys are doing a GREAT JOB!!!!

Good Results

Posted by LANA S. on .
Each session lasts about 30-40 mins, results are good

Fast Results With New Machine

Posted by LAURA H. on .
I really have seen the results very quickly with this package of laser hair removal treatments. Much better machine then 5 years ago.

Very Hopeful Results Will Continue To Improve

Posted by GINA V. on .
I have been getting laser hair removal treatments with the Gentle Max Pro. I have very high expectations given the cost. Also, I have been told I'm a very good candidate because I have very light skin and dark hair. The weeks to follow after a treatment when I see hair returning, I get discouraged however I'm still very hopeful given that fact I have a few more visit.

Kenisha Is A Fantastic Aesthetician

Posted by GINA V. on .
Kenisha the aesthetician who did my laser hair removal treatment was wonderful. She's very knowledgeable, makes me feel at ease and is very thorough when doing my treatment.

Laser's Better @@ More Comfortable Than Others

Posted by GERI B. on .
Laser is much more comfortable than others I've tried and the results are better.

Seeing Results With New Laser

Posted by MICHELLE W. on .
The last laser that was being used did not work for me. I am now starting to see results with the new laser machine.

Staff Is Informative @@ Caring

Posted by MICHELLE R. on .
Staff is very good at explaining what they're doing and checking the intensity of the laser vs my pain threshold, etc. Sessions are quick.

Happy To Have Completed Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Posted by MISTIE D E. on .
I've been treating the same area for 2 years and went through 2 different machines - I am happy to be finished.

Love My Laser Tech!

Posted by NIJMEH A. on .
The last laser tech was amazing. Very thorough. and sweet. I will always book with her.

Glad I Decided To Have Laser Hair Removal

Posted by LINDA D. on .
I am glad I decided to have this done.

Pleased With Bikini Hair Removal At American Laser

Posted by LINDA D. on .
Overall, I am pleased with the results of the hair removal from my bikini line. I may need one or two more spot treatments at the rate quoted to me. I think American Laser Skincare should offer numbing cream for the treatments.

Friendly Staff @@ Visible Results

Posted by GINA V. on .
Before I share my thoughts about final results I have a few more treatments left. After all my treatments are done then I will be better able to express how I feel about it's success. However, I can say, with each visit I see less and less hair. In some areas the hair is even less coarse. I can also say the staff is very good and make you feel at ease & comfortable. I have been seeing the same aesthetician Ting for my bikini area but she happened to be out on my last visit. I was very nervous seeing another aesthetician but Kenisha made me feel very comfortable as well.

With Each Visit I See Less Hair

Posted by GINA V. on .
With each visit I see less and less hair. In some areas the hair is even less coarse. The staff is very good and make you feel at ease & comfortable. I have been seeing the same aesthetician Ting for my bikini area but she happened to be out on my last visit. I was very nervous seeing another aesthetician but Kenisha made me feel very comfortable as well.

Highly Recommend Laser Hair Removal

Posted by ANGELA G. on .
The Laser hair removal is fine, although I think the White Plains facility deserves a second machine for when theirs breaks down. I was disappointed with the Vela. I tried it once, and was in too much pain when the machine reached towards my joints. It was like someone jamming nails in my knee and thigh :( I'd definitely recommend the laser hair removal though & might consider having more done. The ladies there are beyond nice & accommodating.

New Laser Irritates My Skin, But The Results @@ Staff Are Wonderful

Posted by SHARDA B. on .
The new laser caused my face to break out. I never had this issue with the old machine. I've stopped treatment on my face and I'm only having my underarms treated. I'm very satisfied with the overall results. I just wish my face didn't have the breakouts after the laser. Also, please note that everyone at the laser center are extremely pleasant and helpful.

Laser Hair Removal Is Worthwhile

Posted by YESENIA D. on .
Is worth it

American Laser Liberated Me

Posted by ELLA C. on .
I purchased laser hair removal for my chest, lip, and neck area. I was skeptical at first because I had tried everything, but this feeling of waking up and not having to wax or shave the area is great. The process has been so liberating.

Great, Quick Results From American Laser

Posted by SIMONE P. on .
I first started of with my under arms. The results have been great and quick! So far the results with the hair on my legs have been good too, tad slower but still good.

The New Lasers Are Better @@ Much Less Painful

Posted by JASMINE N. on .
Before the lasers used to be really painful. I am happy that the laser was switched to this new one. I really like the time spent in sessions, not to long. The pain is there when doing my Brazilian area, and I really like the stress balls provided.

Wish I Had Done This Years Ago

Posted by GINA P. on .
I have only done laser hair removal so far and still have 4 sessions left but I am extremely pleased with the results. I wish I had done it years ago.

Treatments Were OK

Posted by NAZIMA P. on .
The treatments were okay but the machine that they used would get really hot so I had to wait sometimes in between treatments for the machine to cool down. Also the shavers were not good, I sometimes was shaved dry and that was uncomfortable.

Great Experience In Huntington, NY

Posted by MEETA A. on .
My experience has been great so far. I am only experiencing the new technology, which is great. Time spent could be a tad more. But it also could be the way I have hair growth.

American Laser Changed My Life

Posted by MELANIE P. on .
It has changed my life.

Very Happy With Results From New Laser

Posted by LOUIS P. on .
I have seen all of the different lasers that you have used over the past year and a half, and this last treatment that I received with the 18 gauge laser on the cool max machine was by far the best for results. While it is a bit more intense than your other machines I am very happy with the result that I received from this last treatment.

Seeing Less Hair Regrowth

Posted by MARIE NICOLE T. on .
I don't have any complaints I am seeing more results

Barely Any Regrowth!

Posted by LAUREN T. on .
First I was nervous I thought I spent too much. First few weeks it was stubbly now it is great. Barely any hair yet.

Laser Hair Removal Works @@ Is Painless

Posted by SUBREENA P. on .
Treatment is awesome and no pain and I am seeing some results.

FINALLY A Laser That Works!

Posted by JANET D. on .
FINALLY there is a laser for hair removal that WORKS!!! As well it is less painful and does not require that annoying gel for conductivity.

Good Results @@ Service

Posted by ALEXANDRA A. on .
Results were good and service was thorough.


Posted by LITIKA D. on .
Everything has been fine.

No Complaints

Posted by JILL G. on .
I have no problems, I don't get red or anything. I feel pretty well about my results. On my face I am very happy.

Everything Was Great

Posted by KATHIE M. on .
No improvement everything was great

85% Reduction In Hair

Posted by DONNA E. on .
I really like the new laser. The old laser was very slow. I have seen an 85% reduction.

Amazing Hair Removal Results!

Posted by REBECCA N. on .
Results are amazing I am very happy. I am middle Eastern I was not sure it was going to work.

Love Niraja!

Posted by REBECCA N. on .
There is a girl Niraja, she is wonderful. I always ask for her.

Kenisha's Wonderful!

Posted by DANA T. on .
Kenisha was wonderful. She explained everything before starting and allowed me to adjust the levels if the pain was too much.

Quick @@ Informative Treatment

Posted by DANA T. on .
The laser treatment took a lot less time than I expected. The staff member Kenisha was wonderful. She explained what was going to happen before she started and when she started on a new area, she would do one spot and ask me if it was ok.

New Lasers Are Amazing

Posted by JOSHLENE S. on .
I really like the new lasers they are amazing. The recovery time is not a problem, it is an in and out service.

A New Hair Removal Tech Each Visit

Posted by ERIK B. on .
I think overall the staff members were friendly. I did have a new person doing my treatments each time, it was fine.

New Laser's So Much Better!

Posted by ERIK B. on .
I think the recovery time was great! I did expect more hair to be gone after my treatments. I do like the new laser, it's much better.

Great 1st Session!

Posted by SHANNON S. on .
I have had one session only and it was great!!!

So Far So Good

Posted by ASHLEY G. on .
Everything is good so far

Hair Removal's Going Well

Posted by ELIZABETH S. on .
Everything is working very well, it's working just like how it's supposed to.

Noticeable Improvements

Posted by DANA G. on .
This is my first time going through this type of procedure for my upper lip and underarms and I do notice a difference.

New Machine's Very Efficient

Posted by DONNA M. on .
The new machine is great. The hair removal is a lot more efficient on the new machines.

Seeing Less Hair Regrowth

Posted by NORBERTO R. on .
I've gotten some results. I have to be more consistent going in.

New Lasers Are Fantastic

Posted by MARK S. on .
The location that I go to just got 2 new lasers in the office and they work 100 percent better then what they were using before.

Great Laser Hair Removal Results, Though Spot Treatments Needed

Posted by MARIANNE S. on .
My results have been very good, although I still had to purchase a lot of spot treatments after my 2 year unlimited treatments.

A Little Different Than Expected

Posted by MIKE N. on .
From my experience the results are good for a while but the longer you wait before your next treatment the more hair regrows. My results were a little different than what I expected.

So Far So Good

Posted by DANIELLE Z. on .
I'm happy. Hopefully the ends results will be good.

All Good

Posted by TOM M. on .
Everything was good

Very Happy With Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by HEATHER B. on .
It definitely worked. I am happy with the results. My summers are a lot easier. The last time I went I had a treatment using the new machine it was great.

Speedy @@ Accurate Treatment

Posted by JENNIFER S. on .
So far, I am grateful for the speed and accuracy of the treatment. The staff at the Plainview, NY has been great.

Generous @@ Skilled Staff

Posted by SHAGUFTA S. on .
clinic staff is really generous and skilled, from the initial visit till now there is a visible change but still need more visits and sessions. Let's see the end result, hope for the best. thank you.

10 Treatments @@ Minimal Regrowth!

Posted by BEVERLY *LAP* B. on .
I was very pleased with the results after my 10 treatments and have had very minimal reappearance of the hair.

It Takes Some Time, But The Hair Removal Results Are Good

Posted by FABIO P. on .
good results, but it takes time. Not all technicians are equally professionally prepared to deal with customers. Call back and appointment reminder calls are not prioritized.

I am happy about my laser hair removal treatments in New York, NY

Posted by KATHERINE A. on .
I am happy about my laser hair removal treatments that I have almost completed. I will need to purchase additional treatments for maintenance, which was quoted to me to be at reasonable price. Thank you

Jackii at American Laser is a gem in New York, NY

Posted by KATHERINE A. on .
Jackii at American Laser is a gem! She is professional and knows about skincare. She is always available for questions and suggestions for future treatments.

I love the new laser in New City, NY

Posted by RAFAELA O. on .
I love the new laser!! Unfortunately the hair still grew back, I would like the laser to work better.

Very Informative On Laser Hair Removal

Posted by ANDREW W. on .
They were clear on how the procedure works and why it would take 6 sessions.

Fast @@ Painless

Posted by MICHELLE G. on .
She was fast and not so painful! Loved her!

Makes me feel comfortable in Latham, NY

Posted by DENEL B. on .
Bobbi is wonderful and Maria is wonderful and makes me feel comfortable.

Hair is almost all gone in Latham, NY

Posted by DENEL B. on .
Hair is almost all gone!!

Made the process very easy in New City, NY

Posted by MAURA D. on .
I have been seeing Darcy each visit...she is amazing and Sloane made the process very easy.

The staff at this center has become my family in White Plains, NY

Posted by ALEXANDRA D. on .
The staff at this center has become my family. If it were not for the lovely ladies at the White Plains location, I would have sought another solution for hair removal.

New Machine's Awesome

Posted by THERESA F. on .
new machine is awesome - no discomfort at all - loved it.

Professional, Friendly Staff In Huntington, NY

Posted by THERESA F. on .
The staff in this location are very professional and friendly. My technician is wonderful.

Really great staff in Latham, NY

Posted by LISA K. on .
why isn't this survey asking question about the staff? I will take this opportunity. For the most part the staff is really great.

As explained during consultation in New York, NY

Posted by JANNIA R. on .
it was as explained during consultation.

Noticeable results in New York, NY

Posted by JANNIA R. on .
not too painful, excellent staff, very short session. The results were noticeable to my husband. we were both pleased.

Warm and inviting in White Plains, NY

Posted by ANGELA G. on .
Everyone was just so warm and inviting. They answered all of my questions, made me feel extremely comfortable & worked things out to my specific needs. Shy, self-conscious person that I am, I never had time to feel uncomfortable! I thank them for that.

Noticed some definite changes in White Plains, NY

Posted by ANGELA G. on .
The 2 treatments I just had went VERY fast. The first was around 10 minutes, the last was around 15-20. After only my 1st treatment I noticed some definite changes. I'm glad I had the courage to give it a try. The staff is just amazing. Everyone has been so kind, patient & wonderful to be around.

Immediate @@ Long Lasting Results

Posted by ROSEANN S. on .
I had a complimentary session using the new laser for the first time. The results were immediate and long lasting.

Like The New Gentle Pro Laser

Posted by BRYN P. on .
Really like the new gentle pro laser. My technician was very good on last visit.

Short treatments in Rochester, NY

Posted by LYDIA M. on .
I really like how short the treatments are

Approximately 80 percent of the hair is gone in New York, NY

Posted by VASANTHA T. on .
Approximately 80% of the hair in the laser treated areas are gone :)

Professionalism and customer care in New York, NY

Posted by VASANTHA T. on .
Zorina Bacchus - staff member - has maintained the highest level professionalism and customer care.

Results Taking Longer Than Expected

Posted by NATALIE R. on .
I have been a client since 2010, started with bikini, then added under arms and then added legs. I put my account on hold for the summer and will likely resume in the next month or so with treatment. I have seen a good amount of hair loss but it definitely takes more treatments than I expected. I've noticed in the last year that the clinic began using a better laser that was more powerful and didn't need all of the goopy gel. I have only had two treatments with that machine so far but I hope that it provides me with more lasting and permanent results.

I love this new laser machine in New York City, NY

Posted by CARLA C. on .
I LOVE this new laser machine. I haven't had any laser treatments for maybe 2yrs, and the main reason I haven't come back was because I remember it being so painful. My friends used to ask me how laser treatments were, and I would be honest and tell them it hurt. They used to tease me and say, "Have fun at your pain session." But this new machine has changed that completely. I am now telling everyone that it doesn't hurt!

Always been great in New City, NY

Posted by CARLA C. on .
The staff I've always had at this location (New City) has always been great

Very thorough and friendly in New City, NY

Posted by SHANNA G. on .
The waser was very through and friendly. The receptionist was as well

Polished and professional in New City, NY

Posted by VILMA V. on .
As always Sloane is so polished and professional.

Wonderful in New York City, NY

Posted by VILMA V. on .
Just tried new hair removal machine for a touch up and it was wonderful.

Good Results, But Way Too Pricey - New York, NY

Posted by BETTY L. on .
results are good but far too expensive compared to many other laser centers now. Also too much up-sell.

Hair Removal Results Better With New Machines - Rochester, NY

Posted by SUSAN G. on .
The most recent laser hair removal technology produces significantly better results than the previous equipment available.

Exceeded my expectations in New York, NY

Posted by MARWA M. on .
Excellent staff, service and equipment, exceeded my expectations

It's the best in New York, NY

Posted by RICARDO F. on .
As long as I'm a client at american laser skincare, I want and I expect to get every hair folicle off my chest and abdomen. Meaning I want to have smooth skin all over my body. I enjoy receiving laser hair removal treatments, its the best. So therefore, I've been a loyal client of american laser skincare for the past 6 years and 4 months since April 30, 2007.

Excellent job in New York, NY

Posted by RICARDO F. on .
My laser hair removal technician Kenesha has been doing an excellent job on my treatments. She's been on top of my treatments since I first met her at american laser skincare in January of 2013.

Nice and friendly in Latham, NY

Posted by DAWN G. on .
Everyone was very nice and friendly at wach visit. Very knowledgeable. Explained what they were doing. Results are good. Some minor hair growth.

Great Aesthetician In New York City

Posted by GINA V. on .
The aesthetician Kenisha was great. She made me feel very comfortable and seemed very knowledgeable in laser hair removal.

Knowledgeable In Laser Hair Removal

Posted by GINA V. on .
The aesthetician Kenisha was great. She made me feel very comfortable and seemed very knowledgeable in laser hair removal. I would like to be seen by her again.

Love The Service At American Laser - New York City, NY

Posted by KEISHA K. on .
I love my laser hair removal treatments. I have seen a significant improvement with my ingrown hair problem since beginning my treatments last year. I have since purchased 6 additional treatments for a low cost of $160, 4 micro and 4 peels for $299. I love the service I receive and look forward to continuing my treatments.

Slowly Improving - New City, NY

Posted by JOHN C. on .
The progress has been slower than expected. We have been going regularly for almost 2 years now and still have to shave frequently, although the hair grows in much thinner now and shaving is easier. The laser process has improved greatly over the last year or so with the new laser and not having to use gel anymore.

No Improvements In New York City

Posted by LIANA B. on .
I haven't seen much improvements

Very Kind Staff

Posted by SUE K. on .
I have not completed the treatments so, that's why I can't tell you how satisfied I am with the results. I'm half way through and still see some hair growth on my upper lip. Can't wait for the day I no longer see hair. The personnel at the office are very kind. I would like to talk about Botox in the future.

Everything was great in White Plains, NY

Posted by KIMBERLY L. on .
Everything was great from the courteous, professional, caring service to the wonderful laser session.

Results were as expected in New York, NY

Posted by SHARDA B. on .
Results were as expected. I understand some areas are more stubborn than others. I didn't need any recovery time.

Quicker and less painful in New York, NY

Posted by CHRISTINA S. on .
New laser machine was quicker and less painless

Ting was very helpful in New York, NY

Posted by CHRISTINA S. on .
Ting was very helpful

Everyone Is So Nice! - New York City, NY

Posted by CHELSEA B. on .
First visit was great. Everyone was so nice. Don't see results yet, but confident there will be.

Excellent staff in Latham, NY

Posted by KATHY V. on .
I travel 182 miles to american laser skincare! That should say it all! Excellent Staff!

I'm very pleased in Latham, NY

Posted by KATHY V. on .
I'm very pleased with the laser hair removal and impressed with the new machine. I tried the e matrix but didn't see much change. It's been over a year since the treatments.

All of the staff is amazing in Huntington, NY

Posted by MICHELE C. on .
All of the staff is amazing, nice, helpful and make you feel at home.

Very pleasant in Great Neck, NY

Posted by VANESSA V. on .
The American Laser Manhasset Staff are all very pleasant.

Saw results in White Plains, NY

Posted by SIUL C. on .
first treatment was painful because is something new to the body. But my second treatment was not so bad. I saw results from the first treatment in some areas of my bodies more than other but that is normal. Hopefully with the rest of the sessions all of the hair is completely gone. 4 sessions to go :-).

The staff was great in White Plains, NY

Posted by SIUL C. on .
The Staff was great at the White Plains Location. I must say that the fact that they tried really hard to keep a conversation with me during my first session made the process so much easier. Like i said first session was painful but the conversations and their initiative to make it comfortable made it so much easier

Friendly and proficient treatment providers in New York, NY

Posted by CATHERINE S. on .
The staff have always been friendly and proficient treatment providers.

The new laser machine is great in White Plains, NY

Posted by STEFANIE T. on .
The new laser machine is great and the sessions are quick

I am very pleased in New York City, NY

Posted by CHRISTINA K. on .
I am very please with my current results in all treatment areas but one. I have reached my desired results for the following areas: lip, underarms, abdomen, and upper and lower leg. The only area I have not reached my desired results is my bikini area. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the machine that was used at the beginning of my treatments was much more effective then the machine that was used for the majority of my treatments. The initial machine that was used on me had cold air that was constantly blowing which made the treatment more tolerable. The next machine that was used did not have this feature and doubled the level of pain. I have intentions of purchasing a new series of treatments with the machines that are currently being used since they also decrease the level of pain and seem to more effective then the ones they replaced.

Very competent in New York City, NY

Posted by CHRISTINA K. on .
There are two staff members that currently work at the facility that are very competent: Sloane Farber and Melissa Franchio.

Absolutely loved the Plainview, NY branch

Posted by SABEEN R. on .
absolutely loved the plainview, ny branch! also liked the upper west side location but plainview went above and beyond

I started seeing better results in New York, NY

Posted by JONATHAN (SABINA) B. on .
I definitely needed multiple treatments - but once I went through about the 4th one, I started seeing better results

Sabina is great in New York, NY

Posted by JONATHAN (SABINA) B. on .
Sabina is great and cares about the people that come to her for treatment.

Went 2 Years For Hair Removal @@ It All Grew Right Back

Posted by LAURA C. on .
I went for 2 whole years to American laser to have my hair removed. As they promised me that my hair would be removed - I still have hair everywhere. I was excited because my armpits stopped growing hair completely for a good few months. Then once I finished my treatments - about a month afterwards it all came back. It was all a WASTE of time and money and I am soooo sad about it. I would never recommend this place to anyone. If anything I would tell them to avoid going there.

Very friendly and professional in Huntington, NY

Posted by AIMEE B. on .
I wish the results were faster and the services less expensive. The staff is very friendly and professional!

I like the new laser so much more in Plainview, NY

Posted by BETTI H. on .
I like the new laser so much more. The laser that was used when I first started in 2011 was very slow and kinda painful. I"ve had very good results over these two years on my bikini line. I just started getting my lower legs done. I also buy the same pkg. for my daughter, so she's had these services too. I would reccomend this to anyone I knew. I just wish It had been less expensive. I have trouble justifying the expense. I would go on to get other areas done, but I can't. Oh Well!!

Very impressed in Rockville Centre, NY

Posted by PATTI R. on .
I am very impressed with my laser hair removal, especially my underarms. I am officially carefree! I had many years of trouble with course hair growing in all directions.

Excellent in New York, NY

Posted by JENNY F. on .

Excellent service in New York, NY

Posted by JENNY F. on .
Excellent service

Still Have To Shave Daily

Posted by ANGELICA P. on .
I've been going for the past 2 years every month and still have to shave everyday. There is still hair grown and I thought I would have been gone!

Very Happy With Laser Hair Removal

Posted by JOSEPHINE S. on .
I was very happy I saw results right away

Have Repeated Growth In One Area

Posted by LAURIE L. on .
Regardless of how thorough the technicians are, I have repeated hair growth in one area.

The Zerona treatment is wonderful in Rochester, NY

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
The Zerona treatment is wonderful. I have seen the best results and have lost weight and inches. I have gone down 2 dress sizes as well. Family and friends notice how much weight/inches I have lost and it is so nice to hear people commenting on how great I look! There is no pain what so ever and no recovery time which is another amazing aspect of the Zerona treatments.

I love it in Latham, NY

Posted by JASWINDER S. on .
I love it. I feel clean and no worries before attending any occasion. Thanks to the new laser machine which is faster without cool gel.

Quick, efficient and easy in Rochester, NY

Posted by STEPH B. on .
Quick, efficient and easy. Monica is quite the pro!

Everything went smoothly and effortlessly in New York City, NY

Posted by SARI A. on .
Everything went smoothly and effortlessly. Sloane Farber was exceptional with details and Darcy was thorough and explained everything during treatment. I was beyond happy!

Pleasantly surprised in New York City, NY

Posted by SARI A. on .
I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the session was. I was informed step by step by the technician. She was very calming and very thorough.

Quick @@ Easy - Albany, NY

Posted by JULIE M. on .
Best aspect: I was always in and out of my appointments very quickly. Recovery time: After the first session, I healed quickly after each treatment.

Skin Treatments Exceeded My Expectations! - New City, NY

Posted by ESTELLE S. on .
The treatments I had with the New City NY, American Laser have exceeded my expectations. The laser hair removal has freed me from having to shave. The Photo-facial, Skin Tightening and Microdermabrasion has improved my complexion. The injectables have taken years off my appearance. The facility is a well managed and professionally maintain office. I am very please with New City American laser and will continue to use their services.

Been Going Two Years @@ Still Have Growth

Posted by LAURA E. on .
Next week complete my 2year (once a month) service for the hair removal of my upper and lower lip area. Regretfully there is a significant amount of hair that continues to appear even after so many treatments. I was not exceptionally hairy and was informed that all will be gone after treatment package with possible once in a while touch appointments. I don't see this as being the case since I currently have hair that grows in the treated area for removal at each months session. I am not particularly happy with the end results. It was far less than I expected.

Love the Payment Plans

Posted by KEISHA I. on .
I love the service there and the employees are great; I plan to get have further procedures there after I finish with my treatments. I'm already starting to make payments, and that's what I also love the payment plans.

Best Treatment Possible

Posted by DANIELLE G. on .
This service provider offers a great service, each of the employees are knowledgeable, and do their utmost to ensure that the consumer is not only comfortable, but understands the procedure, and that they receive the best treatment possible

Very good results in New York, NY

Posted by ANNA H. on .
I've had laser done for many years in different areas of my body. I first used them when the lasers first came out and had very good results. This is the first time I am using the new lasers so I expect the results to be even better. The first time I used them I had my face done. I still have a few hairs that grow back in, but it is nothing like it was before.

Very professional and nice in Latham, NY

Posted by BEVERLY *LAP* B. on .
everyone was very professional and nice

Very short and virtually painless in Latham, NY

Posted by BEVERLY *LAP* B. on .
The sessions were very short and virtually painless and the desired results were obtained.

Expecting Less Hair Growth

Posted by MARSHA H. on .
Still in the process, but results are not as expected. New and persistent hair growth is evident. I've had 3 treatments and am expecting much less hair growth.

Fast and mostly painless in Huntington, NY

Posted by PATRICIA R. on .
It was fast and mostly painless

My Skin Looks Great!

Posted by JENEEN S. on .
I only received three treatments due to my deployment but I can't wait to go back because I love the results so far. My skin looks great.

Quick @@ Painless

Posted by SOPHIA T. on .
I was surprised at how painless and quick the session was. I have great expectations of this treatment.

Two Out Of Three

Posted by KRISTEN E. on .
I had three areas done, lip bikini line and underarm. After two and a half years of treatment, I still need to shave my underarm every day to every other day. I was pleased with the bikini line and lip results, although very dissatisfied with the underarm results.


Posted by MICHAEL W. on .
it hurts. I have sensitive skin but once it's over I'm very pleased.

New Laser's Great

Posted by RACHEL Y. on .
Session length good, new laser better than previous

Noticing Slower Hair Regrowth Already

Posted by BEVERLY R. on .
I have had my first treatment and I feel better already. I notice a slower hair regrowth already. I have a tendency to get ingrown hairs of my face. I can't wait for future treatments so I can feel better than ever. Thank You.

Appreciated Reminders

Posted by ELIZABETH Q. on .
The customer service was great. I really appreciated the telephone reminders that usual come 2 days in advance.

New Machine's Better

Posted by IRENE C. on .
The new machine was so much better.

Going In For First Appointment Soon

Posted by SUE K. on .
Sure wish I could have had a treatment the day of the consultation, but it wasn't possible. The first treatment is now scheduled within the month.

Considering More Treatments

Posted by LAURA L. on .
I started treatments 2 years ago. The current equipment is so much better, not painful and far more effective. The woman who did the last treatment was very professional and very effective. I am considering another package for more laser treatments because of this experience.

Taking Too Long To See Results

Posted by RACHEL EXPIRED L. on .
Taking too long to get results. I am 4 years in treatment. This is the last 2 visits at American Laser

Amazing Machine

Posted by CATHY D. on .
The new laser machine is amazing, no pain and the results are fantastic

Not Seeing Quite Enough Results

Posted by MARIAN M. on .
I have been going to American Laser for over a year and I am seeing results, but not enough. I feel like I should see more results at this point in my treatment. The new machine they have is much quicker and It's more convenient because I'm not there for an hour just for laser and It's now gel-less so It's cleaner.

New Machine Makes Things More Comfortable

Posted by ANNAMARIE L. on .
I thought I would've had better results by now. I like the new laser machine much better, It doesn't hurt as much when turned on a higher setting, & I don't get the spasms in my neck, when my neck is being done.

Already Seeing Results!

Posted by KIM M. on .
The staff was very friendly easy going. The actual tech went slow with me, and double checked with the nurse practitioner as we went to make sure everything was ok. Upon rescheduling the same tech walked out with me and let the other staff know when rescheduling she would do it, so I maintain the remaining appointments with someone who knew how I was reacting and needed to go slow. Couldn't be happier. Already see results too.

So Much Better!

Posted by HELEN A. on .
the new machine is WAY better than the last... ie not so painful, and i really feel it'll take less sessions to become hair free!

Wish I Had Done This Sooner

Posted by SONAMJEET K. on .
I think it is a great experience. I wish I had done this couple years ago. I like how they schedule appoint according to my schedule. I would strongly refer their service to any of my friends.

Very Inconsistent Treatment

Posted by KATHRYN C. on .
I was told that no one was documenting my skin type which means I may have received different treatment each visit. Some people shaved the area, some people did not shave and there were inconsistencies in responses when I asked if I should shave or trim before the visit. I did not see anyone washing their hands in the rooms. I have never seen a doctor for evaluation of my skin, only assistants in which I question their knowledge of the product they are using.

Laser Hair Removal Working Wonders!

Posted by ARRIN H. on .
The results great! As an African-American woman I have been searching for a laser that would work with my skin for sometime. I found it! :)

First Place to Visit

Posted by MATT B. on .
I am a transitioning individual. When my girlfriend and I first visited the American Laser Skincare office, it was a little difficult to locate, but the staff was extremely friendly and kind. They were understanding about my situation and didn't judge, saying that "We have these types of clients all the time." If I were to have another procedure in the future, this would definitely be the first place I would visit for it.

Still Pleased After 4 Treatments

Posted by GINA A. on .
I have had 4 treatments for laser hair removal and have been pleased with the treatment and provider!

Really Enjoy the Austin American Laser Skincare Location

Posted by DAVID K. on .
I really enjoy the service providers. They are pleasant and call to remind me of appointments. There has been no wait time whenever I show up in their office. The procedure is always done in a professional and time efficient manner.

Great Service In Royal Oak, MI

Posted by LATRIECE D. on .
Great service! Was very comfortable and well informed me of the procedure and pricing. I already had my first treatment the day after the consultation and everything went great

New Machine Is Great

Posted by VASANTHA T. on .
The new hair removal machine is more user friendly. The pain associated with hair removal has significantly reduced. I look forward to my next session.


Posted by LINDSAY P. on .
New laser machine is great!

Thumbs Up For The New Laser

Posted by CARRIE A. on .
I enjoy the new laser that is less time consuming, less painful & less messy (no gel).

New Machine Is Great

Posted by MARY N. on .
The cryogenic machine that was recently provided to the facility I go to has yielded rapid results. It's unfortunate that this machine wasn't invented or available sooner.

Lasting Results

Posted by ASHLEY L. on .
The Alex machine is the best, I'm just bummed that I only started using it recently. Results are coming in after the 2nd treatment and I'm hoping that my remaining sessions are all booked on that because I think that it may prove to have lasting changes/results.


Posted by ANGELA R. on .
It was great I went to another company and the laser treatment was very painful. This laser was a lot less painful. Very happy with treatment.

New Machine's An Improvement

Posted by KARINA T. on .
I was told all of areas would be hair free, as the machines were changed the results improved. I wish the newer machines would have been used from the start.

60% Gone After Two Sessions

Posted by ALEXIS V. on .
The treatment has been very efficient. In just two sessions, I see that 60% of my facial hair is gone.

Great Experience

Posted by MICHELLE G. on .
Great experience with the new machines... much faster and less painful.

Quick @@ Effective

Posted by MARY L. on .
New laser machine is quick and effective

See A Difference

Posted by DENEIL L. on .
The yag laser is better than the ones that were used before. It's supposed to give you quicker results and I do see a difference with that laser, but I haven't reached my ultimate goal yet but hopefully with time I will get there.


Posted by YNGRI E. on .
They used the new laser equipment that is not painful. The session for all my body is just 40 minutes. The results are satisfactory.

New Laser Is Better

Posted by ANASTASIA R. on .
Newer laser equipment is yielding a better result.

Better Results

Posted by JOHN C. on .
New machine is much faster, more efficient, less painful, less messy & has better results than previous machine

So Far So Good!

Posted by CAROLINE S. on .
All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. I was a little nervous on my initial, but soon felt extremely comfortable. They went over everything with me regarding the procedure and were very informative. They made sure I understood everything and took the time to answer any questions I had. I can't think of anything that they could have done better! I'm very happy with the service that I have received so far. I guesstimated the amount of purchase and date of purchase - sorry! Also, I am pleased with the results so far, but have only had 3 treatments so far.

Still Have Hair After 13-14 Sessions

Posted by NANETTE F. on .
the experience has been a good one in terms of the people that work there, the facility. However I was hoping by now I would have completed the visits as I was told it could be as few as six sessions to complete the process and I'm at about 13 or 14 and still have to continue going

No More Pain!

Posted by SALLY C. on .
Love the new lasers. Very quick, less messy with no gel, and no pain!

Taking Awfully Long To Be Hair-Free

Posted by FRIEDA W. on .
When I originally came into American Laser, I was told that the length of time would vary depending on skin and hair type, although I did not imagine it would take this long to be hair free, the introduction was a little deceptive. The latest treatment I've gotten was the least painful of all and it felt much cleaner without all of that gel.

New Laser A Huge Improvement

Posted by KATHRYN F. on .
My 2 most recent sessions have been with a new laser which delivers a cold (cryogenic) blast with each laser pulse. This is a HUGE improvement over using the cooling hose and the ultrasonic gel.

Recommending The New Laser To Friends

Posted by MERIDITH S. on .
The new Laser is amazing & I recommend it to my friends

Still Have To Shave Daily

Posted by SUE W. on .
Firstly, the staff have all been terrific - polite, friendly, helpful. I have been coming for monthly treatments for a year. Two sessions ago, I began receiving treatment with a new laser, which I think may be speeding up the process. But overall, I have found that it has taken much longer than I was led to believe, and is still not finished. Also, as I was told, the laser doesn't remove white hairs, but it seems to have made mine thicker and spikier. The bottom line is that I still need to shave my face more or less every day, so the whole process has not really freed me.

Laser Hair Removal Going Well - Rochester, NY

Posted by SUE D. on .
The treatment is going well except I seem to break out with pimples after.

New Laser Is SO Much Better

Posted by PARMINDER K. on .
I was originally dissatisfied with my results. I have been there for over 4 years and do not like my results. Exp was very painful. I just recently went and had exp with the new laser. Staff highly recommended it and it was not painful. Looking forward to better results.

Disappointing Results @@ High Staff Turnover In NYC

Posted by NIKITA P. on .
Hair loss has not been up to my expectation and there has been so much turn with the management staff that promises that were made to me haven't been upheld which has been really disappointing.

Happy With Results

Posted by LIZ G. on .
So far I have seen great results from the new laser. The treatments have been much faster with the new laser. The bikini and underarm have done well so far. There has been little regrowth. The results were so positive that I purchased another package. I am hoping for results that are just as good.


Posted by KATHRYN F. on .
Very pleased that treatment does not take long... easily fits into my schedule. No pain or discomfort during or after treatment.

Still Have To Get Treatments After 2+ Years

Posted by SADIA I. on .
Results are very slow even after 2 years+ visit. I am still in need of more visits to get rid of all the hair.

New Lasers Are Great!

Posted by JACQUELINE C. on .
Results with new laser are great!


Posted by LISA H. on .
Not quite as painless as was indicated.

Better Results

Posted by INA Y. on .
I started out with the old machine and it took over 2 hrs to get my full body done but with the new machine it takes less time, it's less painful and I see better results :)

Very Pleased Now

Posted by TASHANA M. on .
I am very happy that the candela laser is being used. Laser treatments do not hurt so much and it makes having this type of treatment so much better. I used to dread the treatments because my hair is very coarse and I am a darker skin tone. Now I am very pleased

Looking Forward To Carefree Summers

Posted by GEORGIA N. on .
i was very happy to see that laser treatment improved so much by introducing the Kry gel laser. The treatment is now totally painless, faster and clean. Hopefully the overall result will be better also. So far I'm very happy with the results i have a few hair growing instead of a full leg covered with hair. By the end of the treatment it will be all gone. it is a wonderful thing.No more waxing, shaving, just carefree summers :) Thank you guys

Laser Removal Is Working Well

Posted by GABBY T. on .
Adele was very personable. My experience with the vela shape was a bad one since the head was shocking me, and I didn't feel I gained the best results even though I regularly watch my diet and exercise. I am also getting laser hair removal and it has worked great so far.

Like The New Laser

Posted by JONATHAN (SABINA) B. on .
The newer laser I feel has a much better result and I wish they started me with that one

Very Happy With Laser Hair Removal

Posted by RAINA S. on .
I am not seeing any results with the fotofacial or the skin tightening and I have been coming for monthly treatments over the past 4 months. I do see immediate results with the laser hair removal of my underarms and am very happy with that treatment.

Results Are A Mixed Bag - Rochester, NY

Posted by DEBORAH B. on .
Did not get the results I was anticipating with the body shaping. Also, taking a LONG time for the hair on my chin to disappear. The laser hair treatments on my bikini are working great and I do love the glycolic peels.

Hair Removal Going Well With New Machine

Posted by JENNIFER H. on .
Vela was very painful bc of loose skin from pregnancy. The skin kept getting caught. Also, the tech at that time (spring 2012) was very lax. This was corrected by management. The photo facials and microdermabrasion have been great for my skin acne and rosacea. Skin tightening was great when I could afford it. Laser hair removal on old machines was painful but the new machines are truly incredible and effective!

Good Service, But Feel Like I've Been Taken For A Ride On Pricing

Posted by ZAINAB A. on .
Type of equipment - very good. Length of session - appropriate. Results vs. expectation - excellent. Operators are very caring and thoughtful, and efficient and well trained. Mostly great experience. The only thing that I haven't had a good experience with was the initial session and the price calculation. There was no transparency about it (I was told I was getting 50% off, and the rates seemed much higher than what my friend who referred me had paid 4 years ago. I asked for the standard rates (pre 50% discount), and was told that "it depends on what I get" basically wasn't given the pre-discount rate, which all appeared like the 50% off was a myth. And right through (and until now 5 months later), I get the feeling that I was being taken for a ride on the prices...

New Machine More Effective

Posted by WILLIAM G. on .
I like the new machine. I purchased the same treatment area in the past with limited results. I am hoping that with this section of treatments, that I will no longer have hair.

Like the New Machine

Posted by BARBARA M. on .
I like the new machine for hair removal. It takes less time.

Fantastic Machine!

Posted by JOIE A. on .
The new laser machine is AMAZING!! I have had more results in 3 session of the new machine, compared to over a year worth of sessions with the old one. I also saw no results with the Vela, but plan on trying the Verona.

New Laser More Effective

Posted by LESLIE S. on .
New laser is much more effective.

Love The New Laser

Posted by TARA M. on .
I love the new laser in the Huntington location. It is almost painless, faster, and less messy (previous one used gel).

So Glad They Got Rid Of That Miserable Old Laser!

Posted by JANET D. on .
The old laser was MISERABLE!!!!! Especially with burns and the sticky gel and VERY MINIMAL results. I JUST got to try the new laser last night...SO much better!!! and quicker!! No I am very anxious to see what the results will be like!

Much Better Results

Posted by PAM M. on .
The new equipment is working great! It is a great improvement over the old machine. It has much better results.

Great, Remarkably Easy Experience

Posted by JIM B. on .
Everything was great. The office was close by and convenient. I got scheduled very quickly at the time I requested. Everything was thoroughly explained. The procedure itself was remarkably easy with no after effects---it would be easy to forget I even had anything done.

Great Results!

Posted by MICHELLE LOUISE M. on .
Very please with the results especially the new laser. The results from treatments with the new laser are great!

Too Much Regrowth!

Posted by LORI B. on .
After 5 treatments, I am still getting so much regrowth on my lower legs! I expected better results!

Not Sure The Techs Are Thorough Enough With Hair Removal

Posted by MARIE A. on .
The treatment itself was fine. The new laser at WP is very fast. I'm not sure the technicians are very thorough though... I've had many sessions and am dissatisfied with the results so far.

New Laser A Huge Improvement

Posted by SHEILA E. on .
I have been doing hair removal for almost two years with the old lasers. they didn't work, they hurt, and i was not happy. The new lasers are excellent and are showing great results. What a waste of money and time with the old ones! I was going around telling everyone not to waste their $.. but with the new lasers, it has completely changed me


Posted by ANGELA C. on .
The new laser hair removal machine is amazing, less painful and faster results!

New Laser's Less Painful

Posted by ARIEL G. on .
the old laser was incredibly painful, now they have updated the equipment and the new laser is a lot better. it still hurts but the pain in manageable.

Exceeding My Expectations

Posted by JESSICA G. on .
Great results with very little pain. The new Gentle max laser is amazing, and the sessions are perfectly timed... not too long at all. Far exceeding my expectations so far.

Hopeful The New Machine Works Better

Posted by VANESSA D. on .
I think the new machine is much less painful but I do hope it is efficient in the purpose of removing the hair indefinitely.


Posted by BERNHARD M. on .
The treatment is less uncomfortable and faster than it was only a few years ago, and the results to date are more than satisfactory.

Good Results

Posted by BETTY L. on .
New laser machine is much better than the old. Wish the cold machine was still available though. Results are good with the new machine

Gentle Laser

Posted by CRYSTAL G. on .
The new laser is way more gentle

Significant Improvement

Posted by MICHELLE C. on .
The first laser hair removal machine did absolutely nothing. This new machine though has already shown significant improvement. It is much better.

Hurts But Worth It!

Posted by ANGELA P. on .
It hurts, but it's worth it!!!!

Experiencing Awesome Results!

Posted by EMILY T. on .
After 3 laser hair removal treatments, I'm very satisfied and am already experiencing awesome results!

Significant Results With YAG

Posted by CANDACE T. on .
I really like the new YAG laser. It is less painful and I am seeing results significantly faster.

Will Never Recommend ALSC To Anyone

Posted by THEODORA K. on .
I had an awful experience with management and I'm extremely disappointed! I purchased vela shape and tried it the same day that I signed the contract. Was not satisfied by it left me bruised and had no cellulite to remove. I tried to tell the manager, Christina at the time, that I. Was not satisfied and that I. Do. Not want to do it anymore and she told me that once I sign the contract then that's it. No refunds and no changes. I was devastating because now I was stuck with a treatment that. I did not want and have to pay. I've had over 14 treatments for laser hair removal and still not satisfied with the results. Additionally, I had to pay my full payment by November and since I did not pay it in full, I was charged an additional $1100! I can understand a little interest but an additional $1100. I had higher expectations and will never recommend American laser skin care to anyone!

More Comfortable Now

Posted by BRAD B. on .
New laser system with cryogenic gas is much more comfortable

New Laser's Great

Posted by HELGA H. on .
The new laser is so much better


Posted by BEVERLY B. on .
The results were wonderful and I am so glad I checked into this. I have had 6 treatments so far and there is such a noticeable difference in my facial hair.

Highly Recommend

Posted by MICHELLE K. on .
I would highly recommend American Laser Center in Ontario. The staff and nurses are just wonderful. My nurse was always making sure I was comfortable during the procedure.

Caring @@ Considerate In California

Posted by DAYSI YANELLI R. on .
I really like the results that I am getting with the laser treatment that is being offered here. I love how nice the people are here very caring and considerate.

Friendly @@ Professional Service

Posted by MARTHA R. on .
Very friendly and professional. A better description of the services or how large/small an area it would cover. Also, I was not aware of the referral program until I received a follow up call from Signature Forum.

Everything Was Superior, But the Price

Posted by RON M. on .
Everything was great, including the staff, who have been more than accommodating. The price was more than I expected. Other than the price, I would say everything went better than I could of asked for.

Intend To Receive Future Services At Columbia, MD's American Laser

Posted by HOLLEY M. on .
Jen (manager) and ALL of the office staff were very friendly and helpful and explained everything thoroughly. They were very open and truthful and helped me make my decision to proceed with the procedure. Danielle did my first treatment and was extremely informative and made me feel completely at ease with a potentially embarrassing procedure (bikini hair removal). I also did a second procedure (Radiesse in cheeks) with her after our consultation and she was very reassuring even when I got nervous and stresses after the procedure due to the swelling. :-) I am extremely happy with how it looks and my husband didn't even notice the small amount of swelling on the day of the procedure. Overall it was a very positive experience and I intend to receive future services at this location based on pricing and service. I intend to recommend them to anyone interested in the services they offer.

A Lot Of Money For A Lot Of Nothing

Posted by MENEZHA R. on .
I did have the procedure. The equipment seemed outdated. I felt no change to my face. This was not my first procedure. Meaning that I had received same treatment in other facility with so much results. Did not like what I got or did not get for my money. Felt cheated. Therefore will NOT return. That's a lot of money I paid for absolutely nothing! I really don't see how this can be good business. Once I walked out, I knew I would not make follow up appointment. I walked in with open mind with potential purchase of a package. One good thing was that I did not agree on full package. That would be highway robbery.

Recommend to Friends

Posted by VALERIE L. on .
Very happy with results so far from my laser hair removal treatment. I would recommend their services to my friends. As I'm going to college in the fall, I am glad there are many American Laser offices to choose from. I will continue to go!!!!!!!

Highly Recommended!

Posted by DAVID W. on .
Parking is tough in the small area, but I wanted to get the procedure started and ongoing so I can live with this. Anxious for the next session for the hair removal (hurry up August), they explained what they were doing and asked if I was feeling any pain or discomfort, which I felt none. Highly recommended thus far. I was ready to have this done and want the hair removed so I was able to get the 1st treatment immediately after the consultation, thanks :)

Burned @@ Peeling

Posted by ITZELL R. on .
I haven't see any result at bikini area and it's the second round. With the peeling I been burn! and for 2 days with marks in my face. The latest bikini, also burn, and walk with precaution for 3 days!

Microdermabrasion Results Are A+

Posted by ROSEANN S. on .
Upper hair removal, not much change. Microdermabrasion, awesome feels and looks much better. Great service!

Good Experience

Posted by FRANK L. on .
Thus far, I've had a good experience with the laser hair removal procedure.

Suggested American Laser Skincare to Multiple People

Posted by BOBBY W. on .
Nice, clean facility. Very friendly and accommodating staff. I have already suggested to many people.

Kind Staff

Posted by VAIDEHI J. on .
The staff is kind and understanding.

Excellent Service. Better Value.

Posted by PABLO S. on .
The service has been excellent and the value, even better.


Posted by SHARON K. on .
I already started my treatment, it was wonderful.

Interpersonal Skills=Greatest Strength

Posted by DEB S. on .
I would say that their interpersonal skills would be their greatest strength. My first appointment for the consultation ran very late to the extent that I left without seeing anyone. Ever since then, the service has been very prompt.

Saw Immediate Results After Laser Treatment

Posted by DONNA U. on .
I was leery about receiving this service but after one treatment and in a few days I immediately saw results. I think it is pricey but I am happy.

Looking Forward to Working with Staff

Posted by SARA D. on .
It was a pleasant experience and I look forward to working with the staff.

Great Results After Three Treatments!

Posted by TRICIA T. on .
I was able to start treatments that day! I just had my 3rd last Thursday and have had great results!

Too Soon to Discuss Effectiveness

Posted by SANDY D. on .
The service is in progres. I've only had two treatments, thus far. Therefore, I'm unable to comment on its effectiveness.

Pricey But Worth It

Posted by LIBBY M. on .
Really liked the convenience of this provider. Everyone there is nice and friendly. A bit pricy, but worth it so far.

Great Experience So Far!

Posted by KIMBERLY B. on .
Scheduling process was easy. I was greeted promptly on arrival. Everyone was friendly and professional. I had done some research on the treatment desired (laser hair removal - upper lip), so I didn't have a lot of questions, but was reassured this was a common service. I live almost an hour from the office, and was given the option of starting treatment same day, which was a huge convenience. Christina performed the first treatment - she is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I felt like I had known her longer than 10 minutes based on her engaging and fun personality. I hope my future sessions are with her. Overall, it has been a great experience so far.

Skin Feels Soft @@ Smooth

Posted by ARTRESHA S. on .
I have only received 3 of the treatments so far and I am already noticing results. I no longer feel the "stubble" of my facial hair. My skin feels so soft and smooth. The facility itself is very clean and the staff is very friendly and always helpful. Thank you!

Highly Professional, Fun, @@ Knowledgeable

Posted by AMANDA M. on .
The staff here were highly professional, fun and knowledgeable. The deals here are amazing, and I feel very satisfied with this service. Thanks American Laser Centers!

Pleased With Laser Hair Removal Results

Posted by KATELIN T. on .
Pleased overall with the results so far. Looking forward to finishing the treatments. Realize that there may be touch ups after the scheduled treatments are completed.

Dreamed Of Doing This For A Long Time

Posted by KENTON F. on .
Megan was awesome; professional and considerate to my comfort. The price to me seems very reasonable. I'm very excited to have the laser treatment done. I've dreamed of doing this for a long time now.

Flawless Service From American Laser Skincare

Posted by LINDA Y. on .
The operator James Daniel was patient, prompt, professional, imaginative and helpful over the phone and email in scheduling my consultation. I really appreciated his help! The receptionist Irma was knowledgeable, patient, professional, genuine and simply amazing at the office. She made me feel comfortable and confident in discussing my options. My specialist Jamie was incredible! Already on my first session, the procedure was flawless. She was genuine, caring, comforting and a great support in an uncomfortable situation. She was warm and welcoming in getting me through the procedure and making sure I was happy. I look forward in completing my goals with American Laser Skincare. I am becoming a more confident person and am very happy with the procedures/business, thank you all!

Already Had 1st Treatment With The Nice El Paso Team

Posted by JEANNE B. on .
Liked the staff and my first treatment was already done. The tech really explained everything and made me feel very comfortable.

Hair Removal Results Slowing Down

Posted by CINDY B. on .
They people there were all very nice. My hair removal is going slow. At first visit there was great improvements, but now there isn't as much noticeable.

Laser Hair Removal Won't Work On My White Hair

Posted by RICK F. on .
I was going to have the procedure until i found out that it will not work on white hair, so now I will completely forget about it until someone comes up with a solution to getting rid of white hair as well.

Loren Is Wonderful!

Posted by KATIE S. on .
I enjoyed the consultation/conversation that I had with Loren. She made it feel like we were just talking. She explained everything very well during the signing process and I scheduled before I left. I was so excited I got in the very next morning and have already had my first treatment. I like the specialist too. She understands about my skin and actually, I upgraded my service already, adding only about $500 to my package.

Went With A Different Company

Posted by CAMILAH D. on .
Although I have had laser hair removal previously, I found the consultation to be a waste of time. The consultant didn't look at my skin and didn't go over my answers on the questionnaire to see if the type of laser was appropriate for me. Essentially, I could have gotten what I needed (the prices for the desired areas treated) over the phone. I happened to have two other consultations with other companies on the same day, and I ended up going with the company that I thought had the best displayed experience even though the pricing was similar.

Hair Growth Gradually Decreased

Posted by CAYIAN Z. on .
The painful level of laser treatment was a little higher than what I expected. The strength of this treatment was the fact it reduced the amount of hair growth gradually.

Think My Hair's Too Light

Posted by HEATHER W. on .
I was looking to get laser hair removal but after considering it I am wondering if it's worth the money because much of my hair is too light.

Love It So Far

Posted by ERIN S. on .
I purchased the extended bikini hair removal and I love it so far. The staff is very nice and generally on time. I do feel the services are costly and that is why I haven't purchased others.

Terrific Experience

Posted by CHRIS S. on .
Very good experience all around. While there is discomfort with the treatment, the staff were terrific. Would highly recommend to others.

Referred My Sister-In-Law

Posted by LORETTA M. on .
I already mentioned this procedure in this office to my sister in law. She would very much like this for her teenager son.

So Far So Good!

Posted by ASU B. on .
I had my first treatment a couple days ago. So far so good!

ALSC Proved Laser Hair Removal CAN Work!

Posted by LAURA W. on .
I had one laser hair removal treatment from Sleek approx 5 years ago. I did not continue because I was told that I had to let the hair grow out and I couldn't bleach it! The one treatment I had hurt a lot, too! Your program was comfortable - the staff were professional and very welcoming. They listened to me and respected my needs. I'm so happy that I tried laser hair removal again and that I found your company!

Love Laser Hair Removal

Posted by ELIZABETH C. on .
Way better than waxing.

Can't Afford It

Posted by SONIA B. on .
The prices were too high I was going to be able to push it but I wasn't qualified for a payment plan so I'm not going to do it the lady that explained to be was great but the payment plans and the prices were a bit high ... and they could work with me I mean I was going to pay but I guess it's just your rules...

Nice Staff, No Visible Results

Posted by TYISHA R. on .
The staff was very nice, but I have not seen any results from any of the treatments that I have received.

Early On, But Treatments Seem To Be Working

Posted by JIM H. on .
I am pleased with my services at this time. I have been in for a couple of visits and the treatments seem to be working. I look forward to the final results, but know that will take some time to achieve.

American Laser Is Helping Me Regain My Confidence

Posted by JOANN H. on .
This is a new beginning of confidence for me! :)

Felt Welcomed @@ Cared For In Plymouth, MI

Posted by MANAL H. on .
I was very Happy with my consultation I felt comfortable and left there with trust that I was going to get everything I was looking for. I had my first procedure today and I loved it. I felt welcomed and cared for. I am happy I went with American Laser and the Plymouth office. Everybody there is welcoming and willing to take the time to answer all my questions. Over all I am very Happy with my decision.

Seeing Significant Results

Posted by BRADLEY S. on .
Great service provider. I'm about 1/2 way through the treatement, but I've gone through 4 sessions and see signficant results.

American Laser Made Me Confident In My Decision

Posted by ANNA S. on .
Was great of the telephone operator to call me back on a Sunday. I was not sure what to expect during the consultation but Kristin was professional and what she talked to me about made me feel confident about my decision to pursue the laser hair removal treatments.

Very Satisfied Thus Far

Posted by ROBERT S. on .
I purchased a package for 4 Laser treatments. I had the first session in Hoffman Estates, and the second so far in Lakeview in Chicago. I have been very satisfied with the results.

Not Seeing Any Results Yet

Posted by TRACY T. on .
Not sure if the photofacial laser is the right treatment for age spots on arms legs chest....did not see any results from treatment. Also, have only had one laser hair treatment but have not seen any results.

It Works!

Posted by CINDY B. on .
strength: it works, and it is very short treatment [individual visits, not duration of treatment]. weakness: schedule so busy it's hard to get an appointment.

American Laser Is A Good Fit - Skokie, IL

Posted by SUSIE C. on .
This facility seemed like a much better fit for me. I was not offered the opportunity to review any before/after photos, however the consultant used herself as an example saying she had received the treatment herself. The credentials and certification of the technicians were explained verbally only. I was pleased to have the opportunity to take advantage of their 0% financing.

Good Results So Far

Posted by DENISE L. on .
The price of the service was made affordable for me after it was originally not affordable. I am not done with all of my treatments yet, but am having good results so far. My only concern is that during my very first treatment (which was separate from the consultation appointment), the technician was already trying to sell me other services. That seemed a bit pushy considering I didn't even get to see how this treatment was going to work.

Price Too High For Such A Small Area

Posted by LISA E. on .
I really want to have the procedure but the area in which i want to be taken care of is really little and i think the cost is way too much. is there any way you could knock that number down some?

Started Treatment Right Away!

Posted by REMA M. on .
They were able to fit me in on the spot and I booked my next appointment. Dolly was extremely helpful and as a customer herself, she was able to show me some of her results which was very helpful. Natalya was great - it was quicker than I thought it would be and I booked my next appointment with her.

Too Costly

Posted by MARTINA M. on .
Price was too expensive.

American Laser's Service Has Been Great

Posted by MARK H. on .
Everything that has been done at ALC has been great. I had a slight burn after the third visit but everything was taken care of in a timely manner and the redness was gone in a few days.

Enjoyable Rochester Specialists

Posted by KELLY H. on .
I really enjoyed the staff at the American Laser center in Rochester. I did feel that the price was a little high but seeing as the product was at a "buy one get one" level at the moment and I also had $300 off because I signed up to check it out online, it seemed like a good deal. I haven't noticed much hair removal yet but I was well informed about how the product works so I am looking forward to it.

Pleased With Results

Posted by SOPHIA R. on .
The whole process was very pleasant and informative. The specialist was patient and very knowledgeable. I was put at ease about the procedure even though I had some apprehensions. I had the procedure that day because I was satisfied with how my questions were answered. I was worried about my sensitive skin but after the procedure my skin reacted like the specialist had mentioned and I was very happy with the results.

Wish Numbing Cream Was Used

Posted by NATALYA C. on .
I wish the person doing the treatment would apply some sort of "numbing" cream to the area being worked on... and also to be more attentive to areas and not too fast.

Nice Staff, But Lack Of Results Makes It Feel Like A Scam

Posted by VIKKI A. on .
The staff at the center are excellent and very professional. They always make me feel very welcome and schedule the appointments around my schedule. However, my biggest complaint is the results of the procedures. I had 7 velashape procedures done but do not notice a slight bit of difference. Even the lady who reviewed my photos said that she didn't see much of a difference. My husband commented that it was the biggest waste of money ever. I did not have severe cellulite before but it still failed to remove anything. I kind of feel that it is a bit of a scam and feel like there should be some kind of money back guarantee. I have also had 2 photo facials and 2 microdermabrasions to remove or at least minimize some melasma from my face. There is also no difference what so ever. I still have 2 more treatments but with no noticeable affects this far, I am starting to think that this might be another waste of my money. The permanent hair removal on my legs, under arms and bikini will be something I have to wait to see if it works as I have only have 2 treatments. All my friends and family are keen to see how the treatments work as are interested. I feel embarrassed that nothing has worked so far. I would not recommend these treatments to anyone and would actually make sure people know that you could be throwing away your money.

Put Me At Ease In Orland Park, IL

Posted by ANNA G. on .
Person I met with put me at ease and answered all my questions (no matter how many times I asked the same question). She was clear about the necessary commitment and my treatments so far have been great. I have only had three treatments on my face and will have treatments on my feet soon. My answers and comments are based on the results so far.

Seeing Some Improvements

Posted by LORI R. on .
I have only had 4 treatments so far. I have seen some improvement in the chin area but not much in the upper lip area. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon only time will tell.

So Far So Good

Posted by SHARON F. on .
It's an ongoing service for the next year. So far so good.

The Tech In Skokie Was Phenomenal!

Posted by IZZA K. on .
Very professional! The tech was amazing- she walked me through the whole procedure.

Too Expensive For Me

Posted by LAUREN S. on .
When I went to the office the lady told me the manager was supposed to call me to cancel the appointment because she already left which was ok because they still could give me prices. I wish they were able to tell me the prices over the phone because they were so high it was a waste of time for me.

Impressed With Woodlands Office

Posted by VIKKI A. on .
I received my first Foto facial treatment and hair removal treatment yesterday! I bought packages in them both! I also bought a velashape package and my first treatment is today! I am excited and am impressed by the woodlands office!


Posted by CHRISTEN ROSE H. on .
So far i have had a mostly fantastic experience at the Torrance facility. The only thing that was a bit odd was that on(i have had 4 procedures so far) the first procedure the person administrating it didn't do everything the way they normally do it and it was more painful. Since then everything has been fine. I know better now and will just make sure i get the ice pack before the procedure etc. Other wise as i said everyone has been fantastic and the experience is great!

Wonderful Results So Far!

Posted by SAMANTHA W. on .
I can't rate my final results, because my treatments are not finished yet. I have at this time received 3 treatments to this date, and the hair loss to date is wonderful. Looks like it will be much better than working with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

Amazing Staff In Chicago!

Posted by KHYATI P. on .
The staff at the facility is amazing! Very welcoming, accommodating, and helpful! The only 2 things got to me is the cost for the entire treatment and after my 3rd treatment I am still having some hair growth back that needs to be removed every couple of days at home.

Have Been Pleased With Treatments

Posted by CORA J. on .
My first treatment was done too quickly and the technician pressed into my face strongly. My second treatment and treatments thereafter were provided by a more skilled and knowledgeable technician. I have been very pleased since.

Too Soon To Say

Posted by NAZNEEN B. on .
I did purchase the service but it is too soon to see any results - I probably won't know until 6 months out from my initial start. I haven't see much improvement to date. I've had 3 treatments thus far.

Hair Growth Hasn't Lessened Yet

Posted by EMILY M. on .
The experience has been fine. But after three treatments I'm not seeing any less hair growth in the areas I'm having treated.

Very Pleased With Everyone At American Laser In Skokie, IL

Posted by DIANA W. on .
I was with HTGT for 5+ years. On conversing with my consultant, she clearly understood what my needs were and a very reasonable package was presented to me. I decided to stay with this Facility. My procedure was started immediately after and I am very pleased with everyone involved in making this happen.

Rochester Staff Is Excellent

Posted by DONNA M. on .
I scheduled the consultation and procedure for the same time, so I have already gone through the first session. I went ahead with the procedure based on the professionalism of the staff and my comfort level with them. They did an excellent job.

Decided To Treat Even More Areas After First Treatment

Posted by KEVIN W. on .
The entire staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. They answered all my questions. I have since had my first treatment and I have decided to have other areas of my body treated after I complete my first areas being treated.

Seem To Rush Through Treatments

Posted by DEBRA R. on .
I received a call twice saying I was late for my appt even though they wrote an appt card stating the time. I was told I would be given a 1 hour appt but I have been there 3 times and all appts lasted no more than 20-30 minutes. Disappointed with this overall.

So Far So Good

Posted by KIM L. on .
i have been very happy so far. I'm just waiting to see results. I only had 2 sessions and so far i haven't seen any results yet.

Don't Want To Have To Buy A Package

Posted by YEVGENIA K. on .
Since I have different areas to treat, I would like to have treatments for different areas when needed (e.g., some monthly and some quarterly), and not to buy a package to treat all of them simultaneously once per month.

Extremely Disappointed Right Now

Posted by DAN R. on .
I was a long time customer to remove my chest hair of Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (HTGT), and was referred to American Laser as HTGT went out of business. I've been in maintenance mode with HTGT for 3 years. My ala carte price per maintenance visit was $75. I explained this to the specialist, Ruth Ann Stigler. She pretty much ignored this explanation, and said she never heard of HTGT and did not know what kind of laser methodology HTGT used. She then tried to sell me a whole new chest hair removal plan!!!!!! I told her NO, and desired to continue on my 2 times per year maintenance visits. She told me that the ala carte visit price is $516! No way! I'm willing to still consider American Laser, but not with this specialist, and not at this specific location in Indianapolis. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and drove 2.5 hours specifically for this appointment. I'm extremely disappointed right now.

Laser Hair Removal Results Instantly Visible

Posted by LIISA N. on .
Immediate results

Excited To Be Hair Free!

Posted by KIM L. on .
i look forward to being hair free. I had my free trial and it helped alleviate my initial fears. It really does feel like a little pinch. At first i was scared but then i got used to it.

So Far So Good

Posted by JOAN M. M. on .
I was offered to begin immediately, which I did. So far, so good.

So Far So Good!

Posted by JEAN A. on .
I am still receiving services from this provider and I'm happy with the results so far. I have not completed the amount of sessions required for complete hair removal yet and that is why I rated the way I did.

Nice Results @@ Minimal Pain

Posted by CRUZ C. on .
I was very pleased with the results after my first visit. There was very little pain afterwards and I plan to be there for my following appointment on May 26th. I am excited and plan to do other areas of my body as well.

Very Happy With Hair Removal Results

Posted by HEATHER Q. on .
I've had my second laser treatment and so far I have been very happy with the results. I originally only purchased the bikini laser hair removal, but on my second treatment I purchased the upper lip hair removal too.

I'd Do It All Over Again

Posted by ROSCHELLE K. on .
Being African American, I was very hesitant about scarring from the lasers. Mariana Luna at the clinic was very helpful in answering all my questions and giving me extra information about my options in permanent hair removal. I left the clinic that day still uneasy about laser use on my face (since I'm getting ready for my wedding) but within 3 hours, I called back and signed a contract. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received at the clinic. If I had to do it all over again.... I would. I've even recommended other friends of mine who are also African American.

Consultant Was Knowledgeable @@ Helpful

Posted by TRISH S. on .
I met with the assistant manager that evening and had my consultation. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did she answer all my questions, but I had the procedure done right after my consultation. I found the service and procedure to be excellent and I will recommend this clinic to all my friends.

Wish I Did This Years Ago!

Posted by DAVID T. on .
After two treatments i'm extremely pleased with the results. The only thing i regret is waiting so long to research the laser removal method. Wish i had done this years earlier. The Laser tech that performed my two procedures to date is wonderful. She's knowledgeable, personable and i enjoy her way. Puts me at ease.

Would Recommend American Laser Skincare To Anyone

Posted by GIDGET L. on .
The American Laser center is Woodbury is very friendly and helpful.. I purchased my hair removal package for my chin and I know that I will purchasing another one. The two times I have been there I have always been put to ease and treated very well. I would recommend them to anyone. And have already told my family about it.

This Is Going To Change My Life

Posted by RACHAEL H. on .
I am so excited for laser hair removal. this is something I have wanted for a very long time and had no idea how affordable it truly is. I will be saving over the coming months to have laser hair removal on my bikini area. I really feel that these procedures will change my life and give me more confidence. Thank you!

Can't Wait To Be Hair Free At Least

Posted by STEPHANIE M. on .
I really enjoyed the entire process of setting up my appointment. Even after arriving late at my consultation due to some bad online driving directions, a specialist still sat down with me and explained the procedure, and we even started the procedure the same day! I have always wanted laser hair removal and thought it would be something I needed to save up for, and yet I was given a deal that even a graduate student like me can afford. I was super impressed with the service and the people helping me. Their patience and kindness made the procedure easy, near painless and fast. I look forward to my other appointments and can't wait to be hair free at last!

Love My Results

Posted by EMILY R. on .
I love my results so far.

Wasn't Able To Go Through With Treatment

Posted by MARTHA E. on .
I was very content with the service, so after the consultation, I gave a down payment to start a laser treatment, but after the front desk manager looked at my paper work, she realized that I scar keloid, so the service was denied and everything had to get canceled. The consultation and service was great, but I suggest that next time they look at the patients' paper work first because I was there for two hours, and got very excited about starting my treatment, so it was disappointing not being able to do it after all.

Clean @@ Modern Facility, Professional @@ Friendly Staff

Posted by MARGARET V. on .
I had had a bad experience at a shopping mall laser company. I researched & found Am Laser ... I find them to be very professional, friendly and the facility is clean, modern & I am in the process now - I have 4 treatments left but at this point of my program, I am pleased. I do hope by the time of my final treatment, the results will be exactly what I bought into.

Loved Everything About It!

Posted by KATIE G. on .

Experience Thus Far Has Been Good

Posted by EVETTE S. on .
My Experience has been good so far. I am not seeing the results as fast as I would like but I will wait until all of the appointments have been done. Also because I am in Puerto Rico most of the technicians that are working don't speak english so the language barrier is a slight problem.

Good Results, Bad Reception Staff

Posted by PATRICIA H. on .
Had no qualms with the specialist. The reception staff was rude and I was ignored for a long time. She never said they will be right with you, she just gave me the standard forms to fill.I filled out the top form, and didn't realize that there were other forms, so when I turned it in, she said to me verbatim, "what you couldn't fill out the other forms" in which she said in a condescending manner. I turned in the forms and she never said that anybody would be right with me. I waited an additional long time and was ready to leave when the specialist came out. The procedure was approx. 30 minutes, but I was there for almost 2 hours. I'm happy w/ the results, but not the manner I was treated. I have been to burger joints and movie rental places where the employees have better manners than a professional establishment as yours. I am looking out for your companies vested interest, and feel you should know what is going on. The procedure was not something that was easily affordable to me, and I did have some trepidation about going through with it. I hope you remedy your front line, because that is where your business will either flourish or flounder.

Wish The Prices Were Lower

Posted by GEKEETAH W. on .
Very nice Consultation but very pricey for the actual hair that I want removed. It is not a lot of hair and I feel that the price doesn't meet the need. I really wish that it was lower because I would love to have the procedure soon.

Specialist Was Kind @@ Put Me At Ease

Posted by EMILY R. on .
I had my first treatment on Sunday, October 28, 2007 and it was great. I went in nervous and scary but the specialist made me feel comfortable and happy. Thank you!

Technician Was Thorough @@ Polite

Posted by LORAMARIE C. on .
I was very impressed with my technician at my last visit. She was very thorough and polite. I felt very comfortable during my entire visit. I am slightly dissatisfied with the progress of my laser hair removal. I have had two treatments so far and I feel like I should see more results. I mentioned this at my last treatment and they said that I should see more results with that treatment. It's been almost a month and I still don't see the results I feel I should. I've very pleased with the service I've been given but I'm dissatisfied with my results.

No Visible Difference Yet

Posted by JEREMY S. on .
Strength is convenience. Perhaps they are experts, although frankly I don't have anything to compare them to. My second treatment was definitely handled more professionally than my first. I felt much more confident with this service provider. Weakness - they are so busy I always feel like they are in a hurry. Do they rush my treatment? I have had two treatments now, and I am still unsure as to whether it is having the desired affect. I was told after 2 or 3 treatments I should be able to see a difference. I hope this will be the case after my next treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Session Was Relaxing

Posted by JENNIFER C. on .
I have gotten my legs waxed before, and it was so painful. My laser hair removal treatment was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. I have only had one session so far, but look forward to the final result!

Satisfied With American Laser Skincare

Posted by NEDA T. on .
The staff were nice and they made me feel comfortable. I am about mid-way through with completing my procedure and i am satisfied with how it was performed and my results.

A+ For American Laser Skincare

Posted by KATHIE N. on .
I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness and skill levels of everyone I have come in contact with at American Laser Center. Without exception, they have been wonderful! I believe it will be money well spent when all the treatments have been completed and I no longer have to shave.

Quite Disappointed In Service

Posted by SUZANNE D. on .
My initial consultation left me with the impression that the provider was professional and competent. During my first appointment I appreciated the professionalism of the staff as she spoke with me. There ended up being two concerns during this visit, however. The first was that the laser kept over heating, which made the appointment last somewhat longer. The time wasn't a factor as much as my questioning about the reliability of the equipment. The staff apologized and did the best she could. During this same visit a number of different staff entered the room during the procedure (no fewer than 4 or 5 times). Also noteworthy is that during these interruptions I was laying on the table in my underwear, partially exposed for those in the lobby to see. On my second visit I felt that the particular staff member this time wanted to do things in a manner that was more convenient for her and not for me as a patient. Somehow the same procedure that before took over 2 hours this time took no more than 25 minutes. This leaves me uncertain about the quality of care that I'm receiving. During the initial visit I was told a photo would be taken of the area at every visit to monitor regrowth. This was not done at the second visit. Unfortunately, I have to say that I've been quite disappointed in the service provided. From these more significant concerns to smaller things like leaving names of clients on computer screens accessible for other clients to see. I have at least four more visits at this facility. I'm afraid I may be holding out unrealistic hope that the third appointment will be better than the first two.

Already Seeing Less Hair Growth

Posted by BRYAN L. on .
Have have gone to 2 visits already and do notice an improvement in my reduced amount of hair. I have 4 visits left, so far I'm very happy.

Totally Pleased With My First Treatment In Chicago, IL

Posted by ANGEL T. on .
I had my first appointment with Cynthia on Saturday. And I felt very comfortable and at ease with all of her explanations. The laser was not as painful as I anticipated. And I was surprised that the visit lasted only an hour (as I had had previous experience with another office taking about 3-4 hours to complete the procedure. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the suites. I wish I would've had this experience with the previous firm, as I had invested a lot of time and money into getting just mediocre results. I love the fact that there is a 2 year guarantee in writing. I am looking forward to seeing the results! I just wished that I had heard more about your office through advertising or word of mouth, as I just happened to search the internet and stumbled upon your website.

Slow Down!

Posted by ANNA I. on .
I think the people can take more time and make sure they get all the area they are working on.

Tracy Put Me At Ease In Stone Oak, TX

Posted by SANDRA G. on .
Tracy is the person who explained the procedure and she was excellent. She answered all my questions. I decided to have the treatment the following day & the continuity of care was great. Tracy did my treatment and was very professional. I was very nervous going in, but she made me feel at ease.

Well Worth The Cost

Posted by SHERYL N. on .
The personnel in the office are very friendly and make me feel very comfortable. I have purchased additional items from the same office as I felt the initial procedure was well worth it.

Very Positive Experience In Roseville, CA

Posted by GINA G. on .
My experiences were very positive. The staff are all very professional, helpful, and friendly which I really like.

Thank You For Giving Me My Life Back

Posted by DIANA W. on .
I have suffered for twenty years with embarrassing facial hair. I have had to wax three times a week and pluck in between waxes. I always tried to avoid looking up so that people would not see the dark hair that seemed to grow within hours... Then one night I was searching the internet for help and found American Laser Center. A consultant called me the next day and I had an appointment within the week. I felt very comfortable and they answered all my questions. They even gave me a "warranty", so I began a new journey to self esteem! With the first treatment I no longer have a mustache and after my second treatment I am beginning to see a huge difference in my face and neck. I no longer hide behind files and papers and I look people in the eye! I have my life back and my husband loves my face. Thank you so much for all you have given to me.

Dissatisfied With Procedure

Posted by SOUMYA S. on .
When I came in for consultation, I expected them to test the machine on me to see if it works or not. That wasn't done. I had a limited amount of time to sign up for the deal or else i wouldn't get it, like 4 hours. I was rushed into making a decision. I told them I had been on the Light Sheer Diode earlier on and didn't like the machine. It didn't provide me with good results and that was the reason I wanted to switch from my current provider. They still put me on Light Sheer Diode and once again it didn't work for me at all. I was finally put on the Aurora and it worked okay. It didn't give the results I was looking for but it was a lot better than the Light Sheer Diode. However, my face broke out every where and hasn't gone away till now. As of now, I am not satisfied with the product at all but I am willing to give it one more try since I have so much money invested in it.

Nice Staff @@ Clean Facility

Posted by ANGEL R. on .
I purchased this service, which is a 6 week service. I've had two treatments and can't wait for future treatments, so I can start seeing the results. The staff is very nice and the facility is very clean; two things that continue to impress me. The only thing I would suggest is the ability to make a follow-on appointment with more than one person. There is only one person at this location that makes appointments. If she is in a consultation with another customer, there is no one to make an appointment. To make an appointment, one has to call back to the office or e-mail her. It's just not as convenient as making an appointment in the office.

Too Early To Tell

Posted by STEVEN S. on .
So far I only had one of my 4 treatments so it is hard to provide you with the strengths and weaknesses. So far everything is going well. There is some hair coming back, but again it was only my first treatment and I was told that it could come back.

Friendly, Compassionate, @@ Helpful

Posted by ELISABETH J. on .
You have excellent equipment. Your staff is friendly, compassionate and helpful. There lacks some organization, my first appointment was never put into the computer, and the staff was not at the location for my second appointment. They were courteous, but were perhaps just a touch disorganized.

Very Pleased With Laser Hair Removal

Posted by KATELYN O. on .
I wanted this for my daughter because she is modeling and it can only improve her skin and enhance her face. She is very pleased with the results so far but we are not yet completely finished with the Laser hair removal. We are very pleased with the center and their employees are very friendly and knowledgeable about there work. They have been more than helpful in scheduling around our schedule.

Very Satisfied With ALSC

Posted by DIVYA S. on .
still i am going for my services and so far very satisfied with the outcome.....

The Sales Pitch Is Good...

Posted by TAMMY M. on .
I have had 2 of 6 sessions and I am very disappointed by my my results thus far. I am not a hairy person, I have completely avoided all sun exposure ( I used to tan- and I hate my new pasty look) and I only have one small area where the hair isn't growing back in. I've been told I should see MARKED improvement on my third visit- but I seriously have doubts. The initial consultation was a little bit misleading about the rate of hair loss and I probably should have done more homework on the procedures and prices. I never saw any set price guide so the "deals" and "discounts I was being offered really made me feel a little bit taken after the fact. Soon after I'd committed the $2600 I won an "On-line " contest for $500 of free services- BUT I couldn't apply it toward what I just bought (I hadn't even had my first appointment yet) and it had to be used toward another package service- not a single procedure. I hope I see a big difference after my next session because I would not recommend it to anyone with the results I've gotten so far- as well as the price. I guess the greatest strength is the sales pitch and the nice office location.

Look Forward To Each @@ Every Visit

Posted by DENISE S. on .
I think some of their greatest strengths are that they are very friendly and make you feel comfortable all the time you're there. I've had 3 visits so far out of 6 and I look forward every visit to seeing the results. I've been very pleased so far and the hair removal is coming along just great. They also are very professional and I totally trust that they know exactly what they're doing.

The Whole Philly Staff Put Me At Ease

Posted by KELLY M. on .
The office manager at the Philadelphia location Lauren was a huge help to me.. She explained every little step to laser hair removal and it definitely calmed my nerves. I have already started the hair removal procedures and the nurse who did it Jenny was also a very nice person. She made sure that I wasn't in any unbearable pain and made my nerves subside.. The whole office was wonderful and I look forward to going back and completing my 6 sessions.. and than some.. Thanks again!!!

Eager To Start Hair Removal Treatment

Posted by LAURA C. on .
i look forward to having NO HAIR on my face (for the most part). Great atmosphere, great people, very positive and friendly. Had the first procedure done, technician was very calming, manager has a great attitude that obviously influences the staff.

Truly Believe It'll Be A Success

Posted by KORIE W. on .
Amy made me feel comfortable about my decision and I have already had my first treatment. I really believe that this procedure is going to be successful.

Interested In Hair Removal

Posted by DIANA H. on .
I have have hair removal procedures done in the past that DID NOT work so I am a bit skeptical about this procedure. Additionally, I went into the consult asking for the cost of chin/neck and was quoted for the entire face because it was the October special. I do not require all areas so I don't know why they thought I would think this was a good deal. I am more interested in a discount for my targeted areas, not getting my eyebrows or sideburns done.

Will Move Ahead If No Reactions To A Test Patch

Posted by KALPANA K. on .
I was hoping to get a test patch done first, but there was no mention of it. I think you cannot expect someone to begin the procedure on the face without a test patch being part of the package! Also, there seemed to be rush in explaining the discount of cost the package offered only on the first time consultation. I was asked if I could schedule an appointment the same day I went for the consultation. I have asked them for a test before I can do this procedure just to be on the safe side to see how my skin will react to the procedure. If I do not have any issues after a week, I am thinking of going ahead.

Great Hair Removal Results

Posted by CAROLINA C. on .
The staff is very nice, and I am seeing great results with my treatment. Thank you.

Notice New Improvement With Each Session

Posted by PAT T. on .
A very friendly staff who make you feel comfortable with this procedure, which can be embarrassing at times. I have completed 2 sessions, soon to go in for my 3rd, and I notice a difference each time I go.

Excited For Results

Posted by MARIA M. on .
Everyone was very nice and they took me in the day of my consultation. I'm excited to see the results!!!

Services Were Meh

Posted by SUJANA Y. on .
I thought a dermatologist would perform the procedure and i felt i was not given utmost care... strongly felt i did not receive the treatment worth my payment.

Trust That American Laser Will Give Me Good Results

Posted by RONDA S. on .
I was very happy with my visit and I have already started the procedure. I had this done before in another State and by another company. They only did 3 visits, and needless to say it didn't do very well as that was not enough times to get rid of the problem forever. I trust that the 6 visits will take care of this and I really appreciate the fact that they guarantee it with follow up visits free, if needed after the six visits. I moved due to my job and have been looking for a place like this one for over a year. I am so glad that I found this place. Thanks for asking me about this, as I have blonde/gray hair and fair skin and this seems to be the ONLY place that will guarantee this procedure for this type of hair and skin.

Very Satisfied With Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Posted by SHANNON K. on .
I had done a great deal of research on the procedure, so I did not require additional information in this area. I was looking for price and scheduling information in the consultation. The staff was friendly and courteous, and my first procedure was completed immediately after the consultation, so I am very satisfied.

Price Was Too High For A Simple Touch Up

Posted by KELLY S. on .
I made a consultation appointment with American Laser Centers because I needed a touch up for an area which I had laser hair removal preformed 18 months prior. My initial treatment was preformed at a clinic which is no longer in service. My reservations with completing my touch up appointments with American Laser Centers, is that you build the price of touch ups into your packages. However my previous center did not. My touch ups at the previous place were only $100. Your office would charge full price (in other words: a full treatment). I did not feel a touch up was worth the price of a full treatment, over twice as much as what I paid for previous touch ups. I am looking into other offices, which charge a fee for a touch ups.

If I Get A Photofacial, It'll Be At American Laser

Posted by DAVE P. on .
I met with Natalie Roach. She was extremely cordial and took the time to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. I'm undecided at this point only because I'm not sure if I want to spend the money for the procedure. I felt comfortable enough after my consultation that if I decide to have the procedure done, I would most likely go with your facility.

Started Treatment Right Away!

Posted by DIANE C. on .
I actually had my first procedure right after the consultation. They had an opening, so I grabbed it. The procedure went well and I am very excited to continue and finally get rid of my unwanted hair. I was also pleased that the laser location had MDs and was located in a medical facility.

Excited To Begin Treatment

Posted by JULIA G. on .
I was very comfortable, satisfied and excited about my chosen treatment. I am looking forward to following it through to the end. I had no problems or issues at all with either my consult or my first treatment. And I appreciate being given the opportunity to tell you this.

Excellent Experience!

Posted by TERI J. on .
The only thing missing from my consultation was an explanation of the qualifications of the laser technician. Although she was excellent--extremely professional and patient-friendly, I would have appreciated knowing how she was trained prior to the procedure. All in all, an excellent experience and one I have already recommended to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

The amount of time one LHR treatment requires simply depends on the size and of the area being treated. Bikini LHR, for example, takes about 15-30 minutes, while back laser hair removal can take up to an hour. If you're having a full body treatment, you can expect to be at the laser clinic for at 2-3 hours. Many times, your provider will complete your treatments in sections, rather than trying to perform all areas in one sitting.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects:

Side effects from this procedure are mild for the most part and usually involve redness after treatment. In the hands of an ill-equipped or inexperienced provider, there is a risk of burning or hyperpigmentation of darker skin tones. This is precisely why having a consultation is so important. Your provider will match up the right treatment with your skin tone and hair color. And remember, if you're still unsure of the process after your consultation, arrange another one to compare providers.

Length of Laser Hair Removal Results:

If you go through the prescribed number of treatments recommended by your local laser clinic, medical spa, or medical professional, results are usually permanent. However, the FDA only claims lasers offer permanent hair reduction, rather than permanent hair removal. While most patients see fantastic results with treatment, keep in mind, there may be stray hairs that return after your treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery Time:

There is no recovery time needed with this procedure.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$300 (individual treatment)

Typical Maximum Cost:

$3500 (full treatment package)

Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal:

$331 per treatment session (average cost may vary by treatment area and provider)

Can Insurance Cover Laser Hair Removal?

In some circumstances, usually in the case of a hormonal imbalance like polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), your provider could cover your treatments. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you are eligible for coverage.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Pain is rare after your laser hair removal treatment, but if you notice some swelling or mild stinging after treatment, ibuprofen should help alleviate your discomfort.

Other Names for Laser Hair Removal:

Permanent Hair Reduction, Lazer Hair Removal, LHR, Laser Epilation

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