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Mole Removal

An Overview

Moles are common skin lesions named Naevi. Moles come in either subdermal or raised growths above the skin. Moles are composed of melanin (the body’s natural pigmenting agent), this is what’s responsible for their dark hue. Most moles are benign and common types of moles include skin tags, raised moles, and flat moles. Most moles shouldn’t cause any particular health risk, especially if they’re circular or oval and not terribly large. Still if you find a mole on your body that’s unfamiliar to you, it’s best to have it checked out by a qualified dermatologist. Only a professional can determine whether or not a mole is malignant.

While not dangerous, you may find your mole to be unsightly or embarrassing. There are several mole removal options available to you today. Surgical mole removal involves freezing the mole with liquid nitrogen and cutting the mole off with a scalpel. A couple of stitches should be sufficient in closing the wound. Electrocautery is used only to remove the outermost moles like skin tags. It destroys the mole tissue with electricity, then cauterizes or burns the wound closed. Laser mole removal is another alternative for moles. In an expert hand, laser removal is effective against both flat and raised moles. However, many dermatologists don’t like laser mole removal because it can only remove moles on superficial levels. Most moles tend to do deeper than lasers can safely penetrate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Mole Removal times vary between individual patients and depth of mole itself.

Mole Removal Side Effects:

Mole removal is considered to be a safe procedure, however, possible side effects with mole removal include skin irritation or minor scarring.

Length of Mole Removal Results:


Mole Removal Recovery Time:

There is no downtime associated with mole removal. The area of excision may be tender for a short time, but there are no debilitating effects of the procedure.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$125 - $400

Typical Maximum Cost:

$125 - $400

Can Insurance Cover Mole Removal?

Insurance may apply if mole removal is necessary for health reasons (if the mole is potentially cancerous). If the procedure is being pursued for cosmetic reasons, insurance will not apply.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

There is no pain associated with mole removal.

Other Names for Mole Removal:

Nevi, nevi removal, mole excision

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