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Skin Tightening

An Overview

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The Benefits of Non-surgical Skin Tightening

Today, there are more ways to combat the signs of aging than ever before. Aside from facelifts and other surgical procedures, many people are beginning to turn to safer, non-surgical skin tightening options like ContrAge, Thermage, Titan, Thread Lift, and Arasys. With each of these treatments, a different method is used to achieve the same basic goals—wrinkle removal, skin tightening, and rejuvenation. No one has yet devised a way to permanently tighten the skin or prevent any and all wrinkles from appearing, but technology is certainly giving Father Time a run for his money.

Skin Tightening Reviews:

Great Staff, Iffy Results

Posted by ALBERT V. on .
Staff was extremely courteous and the service was very accommodating and friendly. My "negative" review is based ONLY on the final results of my procedure. I was promised at least 50% improvement in my jowl and neck sagging, however, only 20-30% improvement in skin "tightening" was indicated after six treatments.

Worth the Distance!

Posted by WENDY S. on .
The salon is completely out of the way for me, but worth the distance! Definitely will tell all my friends and family about this place!! Amazing service! The entire staff is professional and so nice. Always feel completely comfortable and welcomed.

Megan @@ Kelly Are So Knowledgeable @@ Wonderful

Posted by JONI I. on .
Megan and Kelly are one of the reasons I joined American Laser. Megan took so much time with me explaining the meaning of "skin tightening" and answered every question that I had. I don't think I could have been any luckier that having Kelly to do my treatments. She explains everything she is doing and has such precision with her skill. I am hoping and praying that I see the results I have wished for because it took me a long time to decide to have this done because it is a little hard financially for me but with your financing program it has helped so much.

Very Happy With Skin Tightening Treatment

Posted by TRACY P. on .
The technician was very thorough and focused on the areas that I had mentioned I was most concerned with. I was very happy with my treatment

Thorough @@ Effective

Posted by ROBERTA K. on .
Good session. Thorough and effective.
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Thorough @@ Effective

Posted by ROBERTA K. on .
Treatment was thorough and effective.

Accommodating @@ Pleasant Staff, Relaxing Treatment

Posted by PHYLLIS T. on .
The staff can't be more accommodating and pleasant. The treatment is comfortable and I was very relaxed. Looking forward to my next treatment.

Diligent, Caring Treatments Give Lasting Results

Posted by ROBERTA K. on .
Linda the nurse is extremely diligent and caring with her treatments. My skin tightening treatment last for almost one month.

New City Staff Is A Pleasure

Posted by PATRICIA S. on .
I am a fan of the service, no question, but the staff at New City promote the service and make the experience truly a pleasure.

Addicted To Skin Tightening!

Posted by PATRICIA S. on .
Laser hair removal: It has been sometime since I had the treatments for my chin and lip and I can attest to the permanence of the success of the treatments; however, it did take the entire two year "guarantee period" (monthly visits) in addition to the package of six treatments to subdue very tenacious whiskers. Skin Tightening: Many packages, I am addicted! I am very happy with the results; my face no longer feels like it is dripping off my skull! The staff in New City is delightful and the treatments are very relaxing.

Good Job!

Posted by LINDA F. on .
They did a really good job!

Jenn Is Thorough @@ Informative

Posted by MARIA K. on .
I enjoy coming to the white plains, ny office. They are very professional and I always feel like they are truly interested in giving me a good session, jenn takes her time and explains things to me, she makes sure that I am not in pain etc.

Skin Looks Better @@ More Hydrated

Posted by ILENE S. on .
My skin looks good. The technician commented that my skin looks better and hydrated.

Skin Looks Smoother @@ Younger After Skin Tightening

Posted by NILDA P. on .
My skin looks smoother with no signs of age. This effect lasts approximately 2 months after, after that, the procedure has to be repeated.

Noticing Improvements After Each Session

Posted by KIM A. on .
I'm still in the process of have treatments done, so far the service has been great. I am noticing an improvement in the areas being treated, but still have two left and was told that improvement will take place up to six months after the treatment is finished. So far so good. Glad I took this step for self-improvement.

Some Improvement

Posted by NANCY B. on .
I am basically happy but I just wish people would stop leaving. I just get comfortable with someone and they leave. I've had 4 different people work on me, and they have all been very different. I hope the new folks are as good. As far as how I look, I think I expected better results than I got, but I did notice an improvement.

All Falling Into Place

Posted by BRENDA M. on .
So far everything is falling into place. The stockings that I purchased fall down and I'm going to return them. The elastic doesn't hold.

Fewer Wrinkles

Posted by ROBERTA K. on .
I get the skin tightening. I noticed my skin has fewer wrinkles. I go back once a month.

Seeing Results

Posted by TANIA S. on .
I think they take time. I do see results after several treatments. I had several treatments done. The recovery time is exactly what they told me to expect.

Good Results

Posted by JENNIFER S. on .
I've lasered my whole body. I have not had any problems. I'm very light and my skin is dark. I get good results.

Met My Expectations

Posted by MARY B. on .
I'm happy. It met my expectations.

Bye, Razor!

Posted by STACY A. on .
It was the best thing I ever did for myself, I don't have to worry about shaving anymore. Thank You.

So Far So Good

Posted by CYNTHIA M. on .
I am not finished with the treatments, but so far I am seeing some results with the treatments I have had.

Quick @@ Painless

Posted by ROBIN D. on .
Very quick and painless. Very satisfied.

No Results From Skin Tightening

Posted by SHELLEY G. on .
I don't really see any effects whatsoever but don't think it can hurt

Definite Lessening Of Lines After Treatment

Posted by ROBERTA K. on .
Notice definite lessening of lines around my mouth and eyes and tightening around chin after each session. Find these items re-appearing after 3 weeks, so I know it is time for my monthly treatment.

Not Seeing Any Results

Posted by LA TASHA A. on .
I don't have much of an issue just that the results wasn't totally satisfactory. It seem like an illusion that this method works because with exercise is the only weight loss I see but the main issue is my stomach and with this I don't see a difference.

Skin Tightening Showed Instant Improvements

Posted by REBECCA W. on .
I already had the procedure right after the consultation. Everything is better than I hoped for. I saw results right away and cannot wait until my next appointment.

Skin Tightening Treatments Seem To Be Working

Posted by ESPERANZA J. on .
Adela, the office Manager, was very inclusive with the information. Angelina and Xotchil who have provided the treatments have been very accommodating. The treatment seems to be working...

Fantastic Results!!!

Posted by CARLA T. on .
It was fantastic and the results are exactly as they promised! I am a skeptic and have tried many other products and procedures, but this by far surpassed any and all expectations. The cost is very expensive. The staff is a plus, professional and super friendly.

Friendly Staff But No Results

Posted by PEGGY R. on .
I did not see any results. The staff were extremely friendly. I let them know that i wasn't satisfied, and they ensured me that i would see results... however, i did not. The cost was too high for this service.

Still Not Seeing Any Results

Posted by IRENE F. on .
I was told the service last about forty five minutes to an hour. Every time I go to my appointments I am out the door within Thirty minutes. I still do not see any results. I am not happy with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Depending on type of procedure, from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Skin Tightening Side Effects:

Slight redness and occasional blistering.

Length of Skin Tightening Results:

Depends on procedure and patient.

Skin Tightening Recovery Time:

Very little, if any, down time is typically required.

Typical Minimum Cost:


Typical Maximum Cost:


Can Insurance Cover Skin Tightening?

Because Skin Tightening is a cosmetic procedure, insurance does not cover it.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Depends on procedure, but pain is typically mild across the board.

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