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Spider Vein Removal

An Overview

Like their eight-legged namesakes, spider veins can elicit some rather unpleasant responses when they appear on a person's body. These small clusters of red, blue, or purple blood vessels serve no real function in your body's circulation, but they do create cosmetic concerns for many people. Not surprisingly then, there are some excellent treatments now available in the area of spider vein removal. Spider veins are much smaller and easier to treat than varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Treatment

Though spider veins occur in men and women, they are often more noticeable in women, whose shaved legs can draw attention to spider veins in the thighs, calves, and ankles. Some people also battle with the appearance of spider veins in parts of the face. Common facial vein areas include the nose and the cheeks. Some facial spider veins on the nose are associated with broken capillaries and rosacea, and can often go away on their own. If spider veins persist, to battle any of these conditions, there are a couple of different avenues of treatment from which to choose. One of the more popular ways to get rid of spider veins is through Sclerotherapy, a non-surgical procedure in which a fine needle is used to inject a solution into the vein, causing it to blanche (turn white) or collapse. For the best results with Sclerotherapy, as many as 4-6 separate treatments may be necessary for complete spider vein removal.

Lasers: The Next Leap in Spider Vein Removal

Another option in reducing or removing spider veins is laser technology. Laser Vein Treatment is a non-invasive procedure in which blood vessels absorb heat from a laser and safely dissolve back into the rest of the body. Laser spider vein removal is effective on small to medium sized veins, but might need to be used in conjunction with Sclerotherapy for tougher clusters.

To determine what type of spider vein removal treatment would best suit the specifics of your own condition, we can arrange a consultation with a professional skin care specialist.

Spider Vein Removal Reviews:

Completely satisfied with the procedure!

Posted by DAWN W. on .
Completely satisfied with the procedure!

Fantastic Vein Staff

Posted by ALYSSA W. on .
The Annapolis vein staff was fantastic!

Spider Veins Are Finally Gone!

Posted by ALYSSA W. on .
Very happy. I had spider veins after 2 kids and now they are gone.

Huge Difference in Spider Veins After Two Procedures

Posted by ANNA D. on .
The registered nurse who did the procedure was excellent and after the first two procedures, I could see a huge difference. I just completed my third treatment. Yes, I would recommend the procedure to others.

Would Love to Give Facebook Shout-Out to Helpful Nurse

Posted by SARA T. on .
I would definitely recommend it. Such a bummer that I couldn't tag VCA on Facebook and Instagram to show the actual procedure. Again, would have loved to give a shout via Facebook to my awesome nurse who performed my service.
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Definitely Recommend Dr. Harden and Sterling VCA

Posted by THERESE A. on .
Sonographer was exceptional. Made me feel comfortable. Was always very pleasant and professional! Office Manager/Assistant Was very Pleasant and professional. Explained whole treatment and procedures. Made me feel comfortable about getting my treatment done in this clinic. Great office and staff! I would definitely recommend this location. Procedure was not as painful as I anticipated. Dr. Harden made me feel at ease while doing procedure. He informed me of every step he was doing. I would definitely recommend it and location.

Few More Rounds of Spider Vein Removal

Posted by MARY H. on .
While I still have a have a few more rounds to go for my spider vein removal, I understand that it will take a few times before I truly see the results. So far, so good, though.

Blessing on My Feet

Posted by SUSAN D. on .
The Doctor, his techs, nurse and office staff were very professional. They also went out of their way to explain the procedures (when I asked questions). This has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend Dr. Todd Greer and his staff. I was pleasantly surprised at the conclusion of my visit today when Dr. Greer has a vase full of log stemmed red roses and the receptionist said please take one with Dr. Greer's compliments! I mean, really, how many doctors do you know that would do that??? I would strongly recommend this procedure to anyone who has legs that ache all the time. The comfort level was excellent. The only pain and throbbing that I experienced was with the removal of the spider veins today. Other than that my left leg (calf muscle area) aches, but I have been informed that that is normal. This procedure has been a blessing for me as I am on my feet every afternoon for 4-5 hours working in an aftercare program with children from 3 through 10. The immediate results of the laser treatments were great.

Well-Prepared for Spider Vein Removal

Posted by CARRIE W. on .
I was greeted with a friendly and professional office staff that explained all my appointments beforehand. The ultrasound tech, nurse, and Dr. Macomber were professional and helped relieve my anxiety of the procedures by preparing me for everything I would experience. My entire experience from the time I entered the office through all procedures was a pleasant and positive one. Every step of my procedures were explained to me thoroughly. I felt ready and prepared for all the tests, and procedures performed.

Great Results!

Posted by EILEEN P. on .
did an awesome job, was told I may need another treatment, and I think I will do that there is still a small spot on nose that is red but not as bright and big as it was

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

It depends on which vein treatment, but Spider Vein Removal sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes.

Spider Vein Removal Side Effects:

Most vein removal side effects are minor, such as itching, bruising, swelling, soreness, and rare allergic reactions.

Length of Spider Vein Removal Results:

Results of spider vein treatments are permanent, but all treatments must be completed. New veins could form over time, but spider veins treated during the procedure are gone for good.

Spider Vein Removal Recovery Time:

Down time is minimal with spider vein removal, but patients are asked to avoid direct sun and heat for a while, and sometimes, they are instructed to wear compression hosiery.

Average Cost of Spider Vein Removal:

$350 - $500 (per treatment)

Can Insurance Cover Spider Vein Removal?

Insurance won't cover vein removal as a cosmetic treatment, but it may apply in cases related to particular related medical conditions.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

With both Laser Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy, there can be minor pain and irritation. Numbing creams may be available with laser spider vein removal treatments.

Spider Vein Removal can be Combined with:

Laser Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy can be combined for excellent results.

Other Names for Spider Vein Removal:

Spider veins, aka telangiectasias, are treated through techniques that could be referred to as spider vein removal, laser spider vein removal, sclerotherapy, and spider vein treatment.

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