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An Overview

One of the newest and most technologically advanced methods of cellulite removal, VelaSmooth™ is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for thousands of patients around the world. The success rate and safety of VelaSmooth™ have also made it the first non-surgical, non-invasive cellulite reduction procedure to receive the full approval of the FDA.

VelaSmooth™ differentiates itself from other cellulite treatments like mesotherapy and endermologie by utilizing elos (electrical-optical synergy) technology. A combination of bi-polar radio frequency (RF), light infrared energy, and tissue manipulation, elos technology borrows the vacuum and dual action rollers of endermologie, but helps them manipulate and smooth the skin more effectively with the help of the RF and infrared energies. These forces help increase the body's metabolism and shrink fat chambers, tightening the skin and helping you get rid of cellulite quickly.

Nearly eighty percent of women over 20 are affected by cellulite, and a fair number of men struggle with it, as well. When fat cells become over-inflated, they can protrude through your skin's protective tissues, creating an unsightly, dimpling effect. This can occur with any person, regardless of their age or fitness level. Many treatments claim to reduce or remove cellulite, but VelaSmooth™ cellulite treatments offer a safe, painless, simple solution that offers far better results that any cellulite removal cream, without the downtime associated with some other procedures.

VelaSmooth™ is not a weight loss procedure, but it does reshape and contour your body for a slimmer look and feel. A full VelaSmooth™ regimen consists of two 45-60 minute treatments per week for up to 6-8 weeks. You can expect to start seeing noticeable results after your third week. After the end of your original treatment plan, monthly maintenance treatments can provide long lasting results. Keep in mind, there are other non-surgical cellulite removal techniques available on the market, including Mesotherapy and Endermologie. During a complimentary consultation with a cellulite removal specialist, you can determine what cellulite removal method would work best for you.

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VelaSmooth™ Reviews:

Amazed By VelaSmooth Results

Posted by REGINA B. on .
I had treatments done in my legs this summer and was amazed by the results. Unfortunately the cellulite started coming back so I bought 6 more and am also having my arms done. I haven't noticed a change yet with two treatments but I am hopeful.

VelaSmooth Treatments Are Great!

Posted by TRACEY C. on .
Treatments are great - will continue to do them!

VelaSmooth Was Very Smooth

Posted by MALA C. on .
I was very happy and comfortable during treatment

VelaSmooth Was Very Smooth

Posted by MALA C. on .
I was very happy and comfortable during treatment

Like A Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage

Posted by RITA N. on .
Chrissy takes her time and is very careful. She makes the VelaSmooth feel like a warm deep tissue massage and is very thorough.
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VelaShape Treatment Is Done With Care

Posted by VANESSA D. on .
my practitioner is Genny in Huntington, NY. She is wonderful and takes great care, we used the velashape, length of treatment about 45 mins for different areas to treat.

Have Enjoyed VelaSmooth Treatments

Posted by NATALIE H. on .
I have enjoyed all my vela treatments so far and am seeing some results.

VelaSmooth Treatment Feels Like A Deep Massage

Posted by ADELAIDE Y. on .
I actually like the "feel" of the machine on the back of my legs. It feels like a really deep massage...

American Laser's Treatments Are Worth Every Penny!

Posted by KATHY B. on .
American Laser in Latham is awesome! The treatments are always worth every penny. I've been going here for years and recommend to everyone. The staff especially is why I keep going back. They are knowledgeable, honest and so easy to get along with. I could go elsewhere but choose American Laser because of products and staff. I'm especially excited that new products and procedures are being offered. Can't wait to try the new Silkpeel! And the Skinmedica TNS Serum is fabulous! Thank you American Laser!

Excited For A Slim Stomach!

Posted by KELLY T. on .
I am looking forward to my tummy being skinny! I had fun everyone was so nice, I feel they were very honest with me. I look foreword to going back and having my treatments done.

VelaShape Results Have Been Phenomenal!

Posted by BETHANN W. on .
I love the VelaShape - you have effectively turned back the age of my belly by decades.

VelaShape Really Flattening My Stomach!

Posted by BETHANN W. on .
So far so good- I should have taken photos of the before because the vela shape is really flattening out my tummy.

So Far So Good

Posted by JEANETTE G. on .
I think so far it is good. They did a good job explaining what will happen, with the procedure and after.

VelaShape Treatments Have Been Great!

Posted by CHRISTINE G. on .
I have been a customer for a few years and been doing Velashape. It's been great! I am now looking into Laser Hair Removal but just don't like the cost. Seems a lot for 1 body part. Got quoted $700 for underarms. Seems like maybe they should give their existing customers a better deal for other services. I would do it but a little steep for just underarms :(

Great Results

Posted by BARBARA V. on .
Great results


Posted by ANGELA C. on .

It was very comfortable in Huntington, NY

Posted by FADJEN B. on .
It was very comfortable the staff there are great I really enjoyed Tim glad I went especially being that this was my first time out if my comfort zone to so something different for myself which I thought was embarrassing at first

Very precise in Huntington, NY

Posted by FADJEN B. on .
Very precise to the point and easy instructions

Service Is Lacking In White Plains, NY

Posted by LAURA F. on .
much too expensive and service lacks. VelaSmooth does not work! Only satisfied with 2 technicians and the Laser Hair removal treatments so far.

Haven't Seen Any Results Yet

Posted by BRIDGET M. on .
I think the staff there is wonderful. They have always accommodated me. I have not seen any results yet from my Vela smooth treatments and I have had 9 of them already. I am two treatments each into the facial treatments. I don't see any results on my face yet either. I am hoping I will start to see results on both soon. If not, It was a ton of money to spend.

VelaSmooth Results Have Been Phenomenal

Posted by SCOTTANN S. on .
[Velasmooth] takes 14 -16 [sessions] to really see a result... At session 13 I began to see a difference and by session 16 I was thinking about purchasing more, by session 18 I could see results and committed to additional sessions for other body parts. The staff is wonderful. Sharon the nurse I see most often is a real asset to the business. She is very professional and personable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Depends on the surface area being covered, but usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

VelaSmooth™ Side Effects:

Redness, sensitivty, and bruising sometimes occur, but are temporary.

Length of VelaSmooth™ Results:

Monthly follow-ups are necessary, or Velasmooth results will start to fade after 6-8 weeks.

VelaSmooth™ Recovery Time:

There is no recovery time needed after a Velasmooth treatment.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$250 - $400

Typical Maximum Cost:

$1200 - $2000

Can Insurance Cover VelaSmooth™?

Because it's a cosmetic procedure, Velasmooth is NOT covered by insurance.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Some patients experience a mild pinching pain, but the majority find the treatment relaxing, like a deep tissue massage.

VelaSmooth™ can be Combined with:

Velasmooth is ideally compatible with Mesotherapy.

Other Names for VelaSmooth™:

Vela Smooth

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