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An Overview

Developed by Erchonia, the Zerona™ laser fat removal system is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

By using low level laser energy, Zerona treatments can penetrate the skin surface to emulsify fat tissue without burning or harming the epidermis. In fact, many patients claim treatment is completely pain-free.

Not recommended for obese patients, Zerona works best on those close to their ideal weight; helping them eliminate those extra stubborn inches.

Zerona laser treatments are typically used on patients' hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and stomach to remove any excess fat there. Most patients require around six treatment sessions to see the best results.

For patients with large amounts of fat to lose, or who want to see more dramatic results, surgical options like Vaser Lipo and SmartLipo may be more suitable.

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Great Results

Posted by MERCY T. on .

All Great

Posted by MONICA A. on .
Everything was great

Phenomenal Experience

Posted by MONICA A. on .
Everything went phenomenally

Satisfied With Zerona Thus Far

Posted by NONI K. on .
satisfied so far ..... only mid way done

Happy With Zerona Treatments

Posted by DAWN B. on .
happy so far.
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Sweet Staff, Thorough Treatments

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
The staff are sweet, friendly and do a very thorough job w/ treatments

Excellent @@ Considerate Specialists In Rochester, NY

Posted by HELGA K. on .
I think the length of sessions were good. The staff is excellent, they are very considerate. It was a relaxing session.

Zerona Has Yielded Fantastic Results

Posted by CHERYL B. on .
I had a few different things. I love Zerona, I am very very pleased with results.

So Far So Good

Posted by MATTHEW M. on .
Length was about an hour. The equipment was satisfactory. Measurements were up to date. I am so far pleased, with my results.

Loved Zerona!

Posted by JOSEPHINE M. on .
I loved the procedure and so did my daughter

Congenial and professional in New York, NY

Posted by YOLANDA S. on .
Melissa Oriol was very congenial and professional.

No Results Just Yet From Zerona - New York City, NY

Posted by YOLANDA S. on .
Hoping to see good results. don't see any yet after 4 treatments.

New Laser's Better

Posted by AIMEE R. on .
It's better now that they have a new laser. It wasn't as good as it was now.

Better Than Expected

Posted by BERNADETTE B. on .
I am definitely satisfied. The results I am receiving now are more than I expected. The treatments are less painful than the old machine.

Hair Removal Exceeded Expectations

Posted by VALERIE H. on .
The laser hair removal exceeded my expectations. The Zerona was disappointing.

Hair Removal Good, Zerona Not So Much

Posted by LORENA S. on .
Really satisfied with results for lhr. I saw an improvement on all areas. I didn't see results I expected I thought it would be more powerful. I got some results.

Pretty Good

Posted by OMID T. on .
It was pretty good. I don't have anything negative to say.


Posted by POLLY S. on .
My expectations are everything and more. The results were fantastic. The response time was pretty rapid as far as results. Very comfortable experience. The aestheticians are very pleasant especially the assistant manager- Vetvada David. She really explained the process as well as nutrition. It helped motivate me to look at it more as a process that will improve my health overall.

Hair Removal Is Perfect

Posted by TALINE K. on .
The laser hair removal was working perfectly. I still have a couple more sessions left. I got Zerona and I didn't do what I suppose to and I bet it would have worked. I can talk with Maria and she is always helpful. I like it better than the Rockville Center Office.

As Expected

Posted by PATRICIA S. on .
Expectations were what I expected but not what I hoped.

So Happy!

Posted by LORANN P. on .
I purchased the velashape along with the Zerona. I did six treatments. I lost an inch and a half on my waist. I also diet and exercise. I have six treatments left. I'm very happy with it.

New Machine Huge Improvement

Posted by DANA P. on .
The results are better now from the new machine. The results were bad before with the older machine.

No Results

Posted by CHENEE L. on .
I didn't see any results. My expectations were not met.

As Anticipated

Posted by SARA B. on .
I think mostly lived up to what I anticipated. I had laser hair removal and it's mostly gone.

People Were Great, Results Were Not

Posted by FILOMENA A. on .
The people were really great. Zamina was great, she was wonderful. The treatments didn't do much. I was given extra treatments. I didn't see many results.

Lengthy Session But Worth It!

Posted by SORAYA C. on .
The treatment length is a little longer than expected but I am not complaining already see a change and lost 5 lbs after only 1 time. The appointment times for afternoon (after work) get book very quickly. I could not do it on lunch break.

Much Better Results - But Itchy!

Posted by STEPHANIE S. on .
with the old laser machine it was not that bad, you get the usual bumps but the itchiness was not that bad. with the new machines you see much better results but the reaction that my skin has to the new shot out gun has a different affect to the area that is treated, the skin blows up a bit and gets very itchy and i have to take Benadryl to help with the healing process.

Little Regrowth

Posted by MAGGIE H. on .
I've recently had laser hair removal done, by the second out of 4 visits I already noticed almost no re-growth. Which exceeded my expectations.

So Happy

Posted by ROSE C. on .
My treatments are still ongoing but I feel a difference. It does take a little more time than I thought to actually see results, but I am happy so far. The woman there are wonderful, helpful. I enjoy seeing them each time. I can give you a better review when I am done with my treatments


Posted by CHRIS ANN S. on .
quick and easy, actually relaxing

Well-Trained @@ Pleasant

Posted by MAGGIE H. on .
I've had many treatments offered. Each one was just as described, with no surprises. I find the staff to be well trained & pleasant.

Great Success

Posted by LOUIS P. on .
I started with the Laser Hair Removal package for the full body at $7500 and am having great success with this. I particularly like the new laser that is being used over the first two lasers that were use in my sessions. I also decided to purchase the Zerona package just yesterday and while I have only had one treatment thus far and will see how it goes. I hope that this works just as well as the hair removal and the photos that I have seen on your site and in the place of business.

Enjoyable @@ Encouraging

Posted by MARTHA B. on .
So far it has been very easy and enjoyable. The staff is very friendly and encouraging. It also helps that they have also had the treatment. I look forward to the results.

Too Much Money, Not Enough Results

Posted by DIANE F. on .
i didn't get the results i thought it should of been. The people were very nice . Wouldn't do it again. Too much money for the 1% results.

Exceeded My Expectations

Posted by EILEEN H. on .
Zerona had a great 2 day sale... 20 min session per area. Results were wonderful and exceeded my expectations.

Nice Results From Zerona - Albany, NY

Posted by BETSY R. on .
I am currently having Zerona treatments and I like the results. I previously had Velashape and found it to be quite painful and had significant bruising. Wish the Zerona treatments were a bit longer and that I was measured to see if there were results. Was measured the first session but now I am going on the 9th treatment and have not had pictures or measurements taken again.

Superbly Skilled Staff

Posted by SHERYL F. on .
I have purchased several Zerona treatments, Botox, fillers, photo facials, eMatrix, vela and facial products. The team at the Lakewood location are very professional and I am very comfortable with them. I also think Sharon Higuchi is a wizard with needles when it comes to Botox and fillers. I have never met anyone that has the skill that she has with injections! She is simply amazing. Darcy is a wealth of knowledge for me. She is always willing to take the time to speak with me and help guide me with choosing services. I can't tell you how important this location is to me since I live in the mountains. It is most convenient to only have to drive to the West side of Denver - saves me tons of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Zerona sessions can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on what areas the patient is treating.

Zerona™ Side Effects:

As of now, Zerona laser fat removal poses no major side effect risks.

Length of Zerona™ Results:

Zerona results are not permanent, but can be maintained with proper diet and exercise. Some patients choose to undergo touch-up treatments once in a while after the initial sessions have been completed. Obviously, dramatic changes in weight and body type post treatment, such as during pregnancy, can alter and negate prior Zerona results.

Zerona™ Recovery Time:

No recovery time is necessary with Zerona.

Typical Minimum Cost:


Typical Maximum Cost:


Average Cost of Zerona™:


Can Insurance Cover Zerona™?

Since Zerona is primarily a cosmetic procedure, and doesn't require surgery, insurance will not cover costs.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Most Zerona users report that treatment is completely pain-free, but sensations may be different from patient to patient.

Zerona™ can be Combined with:

Zerona laser treatments can be combined with other body shaping procedures like VelaShape, or cellulite removal injections like Mesotherapy and LipoDissolve. For patients who have previously undergone liposuction surgery, Zerona might be a nice treatment for maintaining their post-op results.

Other Names for Zerona™:

Zerona laser fat removal, Zerona laser lipo, laser lipo alternative, laser body contouring, etc.

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