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An Overview

The eMatrix™ skin rejuvenation system from Syneron "goes beyond fractional" to offer patients a non-invasive, non-laser solution for acne scars, wrinkles, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, and texture irregularities.

Unlike fractional laser resurfacing, eMatrix uses sublative rejuvenation™ technology, a deep dermal heating process conducted with fractionated bipolar RF energy. This allows eMatrix to treat damaged underlying dermal tissue without burning, removing or disturbing surface skin.

Patients most commonly choose eMatrix treatments for their skin tightening and overall skin rejuvenation benefits. More specifically, eMatrix can correct loose, sagging facial skin, minor wrinkles, acne scars, poor skin tone, skin lesions, and skin texture irregularities. Depending on the severity of eMatrix patients' skin problems, they can choose from one of three eMatrix treatment programs:

  • Program A - Shallow impact: mild ablation
  • Program B - Mid-level impact: moderate ablation
  • Program C - Deepest impact: intense ablation

And since eMatrix is a non-laser, non-invasive skin rejuvenation system, it's reportedly safe for all skin tones and skin types. To learn more about eMatrix skin tightening, wrinkle removal or skin rejuvenation, or to find an eMatrix provider near you, contact our representatives!

eMatrix Reviews:

eMatrix Results Have Been Phenomenal

Posted by JUDITH H. on .
Ematrix has shown the best results of any treatment have purchased from American Laser. I am not crazy about the how swollen my face looked for about 6 days after, but it was worth it for the result.

So Far So Good

Posted by ELLEN P. on .
so far I am very happy with the services I have received.

Seeing A Visible Difference

Posted by JAYASHREE B. on .
Good treatment - see a visible difference

So Far So Good

Posted by BOB H. on .
So far so good. I will have to wait until December to see full results.

Clean Office, Professional Staff, & Great Results

Posted by MAGGIE H. on .
I find the staff knowledgeable and professional. The clinic bright and clean. The services just as described. I've had the right results for each treatment.
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Maria Gave Me Hope

Posted by SANDY BELLE V. on .
Ms. Maria did a great job... She's very pleasant and nice to me... I like her very much :) she explained the procedure to me and answered all my questions. She gave me hope :)

Great Results In Rochester, NY

Posted by MARIA W. on .
Nice job but I didn't expect the long down time. Turned out great. thanks

eMatrix Treatment Left My Skin Worse

Posted by BRISHNA W. on .
The nurse who took care of me was a wonderful lady BUT THE TREATMENT WAS TERRIBLE !!!!! I haven't seen any results on my face. I had very very clear skin .I just wanted some beauty marks removed and some minor things on my face. It didn't do nothing for me. Not remove a single thing. The only thing I got from it is VERY VERY BAD Pimples. My face is full of nasty little and big pimples. I believe I have been tricked. After seeing no results,I decide to do some research on ematrix. I read pages and pages of unhappy people leaving nasty comment of "American laser company " . That made me even more depressed. To much money and to much pain but no results. Maxes me very angry and sad.


Posted by MARIJA B. on .
Nurse was very nice and kind, cooperating completely with my needs and wishes and fulfilled my expectations. So far, I am very happy with treatment, it didn't hurt at all, and it's not burning --at all- the next day-today...and I am not even close red-skin like my girlfriend was after treatment, and like people are on online eMatrix reviews. I guess I am very lucky, and of course, the nurse's professional skills are evident. : ) Also, maybe I responded so well, cause last 3 weeks I'm on detoxes, full body cleanses, high quality organic vitamin C and multivitamins... My skin respond to procedure, and day after; really excellent. I hope it will continue to be that way, and outgrow my scars with new collagen. I'm 'feeding' it with a lot of moisturizer. Thank you.

Less Painful Now

Posted by SUSAN C. on .
I like the new machine better than the older one. It is less painful.

Misinformed & Overpriced

Posted by ANDRE L. on .
Overpriced compared to other places. No results at all from this procedure. Was misinformed by the clinic manager about what was to be expected from this procedure. Technician performing this procedure is missing areas of the face. I had to schedule another treatment to complete the procedure. Clinic is poorly designed with plan discussed with the patient on a desk placed in the middle of the waiting area. No confidentiality at all. Overall not satisfied with this treatment... $2600.00 for no results at all.

Honest & Knowledgeable

Posted by CASSANDRA T. on .
The specialist was honest answering my questions and I felt comfortable with her knowledge and advice.

Wish They Considered My Feelings

Posted by KRISTIN M. on .
The first treatment time I received the eMatrix treatment, the environment was enjoyable and relaxing. The nurse practitioner who was working with me was very accommodating for my needs. The 2nd treatment had a different nurse practitioner who was not that very accommodating. She was not vocal with her actions and I was unsure on what side of the face she would be working on until I opened my eyes. I asked if I could have the original nurse practitioner for my next 2 treatments and the employee said yes. When I arrived for my 3rd treatment, I had the nurse practitioner that I did not care for. I was upset because they did not consider my feelings for the amount of money i am spending on these procedures. I hope for my final treatment I will have a better professional working with me

Great Scar Removal Results So Far

Posted by JAGAN N. on .
Good experience so far. As promised by the consultant I want to get rid of at least 75% scars from my face. I appreciate if the specialist handles my case with lot of care as I have my wedding due in the next three months. Based on the results I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends too.

Lousy Service

Posted by ROXANE D. on .
I was not informed that I had to apply a numbing cream before the procedure. It was a very painful experience for me. On my second treatment, I came 30 minutes earlier as instructed so a numbing cream can be applied first but I had to wait for at least 20 minutes before I was accommodated. When I was finally received the nurse that handled me told me that next time I should buy my own cream so I can apply it at home prior to my appointment. She didn't wait 30mins prior to treating me. This time around she adjusted the laser to a lower setting (lower than my first treatment I believe) that I didn't get the maximum treatment. It was less painful than the first but the result was disappointing! I hardly noticed any improvement. I still have two more treatments to go but I don't want to go to that same outlet again. It's cheaper than the other place that does my Botox but the service is lousy.

Feel Overcharged By American Laser

Posted by ANDRE L. on .
Consultation done in the middle of the waiting area with no privacy or patient confidentiality. Cost of the procedure advertised as variable depending on settings used for e-Matrix, yet price given to me was done without consideration, seemingly pulled out of the top of the consultant's head with no personal consideration. Feel I have been significantly overcharged. The nurse practitioner who did the procedure was pleasant and careful but some areas of the face (e.g. chin) did not get done because she could not reach these areas with the e-matrix probe upon the first or second attempt.

LOVE The Staff

Posted by WENDE W. on .
Love Nicole, Cheryl, everyone so nice and always accommodating to all my needs, questions, whatever. They are GREAT. E-matrix OK, not quite sure if the the pain during treatments and burning afterwards are worth the result, or the $, however. I have had some results, but nothing like the pictures that i was presented... price is really an issue, the charges are really too much for me.

American Laser's Specialist Was Competent & Qualified

Posted by KATE M. on .
This is a Medical procedure, it would have been nice to have a doctor to speak with or one on sight(i thought there was one there) but the specialist was both knowledgeable and confident. With her schooling and experience in the field she seemed competent & qualified to do the procedure. She offered me 3 different procedures bundled into one somewhat affordable package (it was above what i hoped to spend) if i signed with her @ that time. So, with all 3 procedures included, i was satisfied with the purchase & i proceeded forward. She told me i needed to have my scar-type verified by a Dr. I did but in retrospect, i wish i had gone to a dermatologist first for advice. My Dr. gave me her consent and she & her staff are eager to see my results. So i do feel somewhat reassured having her monitor me should i need. i will see her following the procedures. I am hopeful that ALC is reputable and conscientious and that my experience ends as well as it began. We're going to do an everyday picture to see the process actually happening, I'll be excited to see it in the end. Thank you for YOUR follow up work as it gives me a better level of confidence in your company.

American Laser Helped With My Acne Scars

Posted by GLORIA L. on .
i saw a booth at a wedding show on sunday and called office at 9 and had an appoint my 11:30 got financing and started the treatment have told everyone i come across what i had done and they are anticipating the results. my face was had a lot of acne scaring i am hispanic so it showed up really bad. gone to dermatologist different doctors tons of over the counter products and this was my next plan! i am definitely excited i got the skin line and the cost was more then expected but if the results r there well worth it i fan club just waiting for the results.

eMatrix More Painful Than Expected

Posted by KELLY M. on .
E-matrix was more painful than I thought. Cream doesn't help 30 mins prior but later I was told benadryl taken before service would help.

No Results After Two Treatments

Posted by JENNIFER S. on .
I've had two ematrix treatment have not seen any results.

Next Time I'll Seek Out A Board Certified Doctor

Posted by VANESSA R. on .
The next time, I receive any sort of facial treatments, I will seek a board certified doctor. I see slight changes in the areas, that required treatment. I was under the impression that a, Doctor would be available until my treatment was given. I personally think, Board Certified Doctor's should be available for the patients. I only see slight changes in that areas that required treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

A typical eMatrix treatment takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

eMatrix Side Effects:

There are no known major side effects of eMatrix.

Length of eMatrix Results:

Patients can expect eMatrix results to be long-term after completing an eMatrix treatment package. Infrequent touch-up eMatrix sessions may be recommended to maintain the best level of results.

eMatrix Recovery Time:

No recovery time is needed with eMatrix.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$300 per session

Typical Maximum Cost:

$800 per session

Average Cost of eMatrix:

$550 per session

Can Insurance Cover eMatrix?

eMatrix is not covered by insurance.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Most patients report no pain or discomfort during or after treatment. Some redness and slight swelling may temporarily occur following treatment.

eMatrix can be Combined with:

eMatrix can be combined with other non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments like Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels. Consult with your skin care provider for top recommended treatment pairings with eMatrix.

Other Names for eMatrix:

ematrix skin rejuvenation, ematrix skin tightening, ematrix sublative rejuvenation.

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